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Vote Now for Leeds Utd’s “Marching On Together” as Top Football Anthem

Radio station TalkSPORT want to know what is the top football anthem of them all.

We know the answer – it’s obviously our very own “Marching On Together”. Now we have to make sure the world knows, too.

So VOTE on the link below. Ask your Leeds-supporting friends to vote, too. Get them to ask their friends. Keep it going and let’s show everyone else what’s what. The link is below:

“Marching On Together” is an anthem that gets you right there. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Let’s make sure it’s rightly recognised as Number One.

PLEASE – vote, share and get your fellow Whites to do likewise!!

Thank you. MOT


Leeds United MD David Haigh on Transfers and Stadium Development

Click here:  Leeds United MD David Haigh on Transfers and Stadium Development

An upbeat interview from the charming and urbane Mr Haigh, who promises an exciting time ahead and commits to supporting manager Brian McDermott in the January transfer window.  Well worth listening to – and even an unabashed cynic such as myself couldn’t fail to be impressed by the enthusiasm in the man’s voice when he talks about the club which he has, apparently, supported since boyhood.  Developments in both the stadium and the transfer situation will be awaited with bated breath – and a certain amount of that very unfamiliar commodity as far as Leeds United fans are concerned – optimism.