Leeds Fans, Have Your Say: Cellino or Consortium for TOMA?? – by Rob Atkinson

Have your say below

Have your say below

Simple question – Cellino or a consortium?

This blog is leaning towards the Italian as being the best chance for a minted future.  Other options seem fraught with caution and the prospect of mediocrity.  I’m well aware of the possible drawbacks to the Cellino way – the man does seem to be a “character”, for want of a better phrase.  And I’ll say again that I’d rather see Brian McDermott left to conduct the football business of the club.  But great change is bound to bring smaller changes in its wake, and the future will be uncertain at first.  But I believe that Cellino should be given a chance – and I doubt, from a sanity perspective, that he’s trying to buy the club simply to be also-rans, or indeed to court confrontation with the fans.  Which is more than we could say of a certain Monaco-based ex-Chelsea owner…

So please indicate which path you favour for our immediate future.  More detailed expressions of opinion can be submitted via Comments in the normal way, and will be moderated as normal.  All shades of opinion though, are welcome.

Many thanks


49 responses to “Leeds Fans, Have Your Say: Cellino or Consortium for TOMA?? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Compo's Style Guru

    Cellino by a whisker (if only to end this present farce) although I’ve got the proverbial spinters in my arse from all the fence sitting.


  2. Yes Rob, deffo the Italian, he has ambition, and if him and McDermott sit down, go out for a nice dinner and both work together, then it will be win, win for everyone including the fans. The fans need Cellino, he needs us.


  3. If he succeeds this will all end in tears mark my words……


  4. What choice do we have ? For the first time in many years it actually looks as though someone with serious cash will take over the club. I saw people arguing on Twitter today that GFH should put us into administration so they won’t have to pay the loans back and prevent Celino from taking over and that it would be worth taking the 10 points reduction for next season – complete madness ! From what he subsequently said, Celino was obviously taken aback by the fans response to Brian’s sacking, so he’s unlikely to go there again in a hurry – Brian will get more time. It might not be what we want but we should welcome him and judge him on what he actually does.


    • Agree How stupid is that. Maybe they would stop paying their mortgage because they didn’t like the mortgage company and have their house re-possessed!


    • Of course it would be worth it. Bad, but worth it. Brian will get no time unless he agrees to follow Feste’s orders. Or do you believe Feste was is there to translate?

      Choice. Try this: we owe about 25 million (thanks to the last person people like you said would be better) and were losing 11 million a year before Flowers pulled the sponsorship. We also have to pay Bates if we’re promoted. The losses are due to wages and liabilities. There are these contract things LUFC signed up to under Bates. No doubt some of them are secret and no doubt mosr or all, secret or not, involve him getting consultancy fees each year. So bills we can’t be told about and bills that are larger than we can be told.

      Cellino wants the club and Elland Road. (I don’t think he’s said anything about Thorp Arch). He’ll have to pay bills, and in the light of TWENTY YEARS of ownership of Cagliari we can see that he takes money out, commits crimes, gets charged with more crimes, gets up to stuff with stadia, and so on. We’ve seen how he does things already.

      Tonight comes the news that loveable Chris Farnell, the choice of many of you as CEO of our club and the model of propriety who sacks people illegally, is facing a day in court, accused of assaulting his wife. He’ll be REALLY GREAT, miles better than scum like Flowers, putting millions in non-refundable sponsorship in. (The loan he wants repaying is nothing to do with sponsorship).

      So maybe this gang will get ‘us’ promoted, but maybe they’ll get us into more trouble, with their loan players no one else wants, and any money put in will be taken out. Cellini hasn’t spent a single Euro on Cagliari and their situation is awful.

      Now some of you will moan about transparency (re-read that bit about legally binding confidentiality clauses) and yell ‘Spend spend spend, live the dream!’ but I beg to suggest breaking the law and living the dream are not good methods for taking Leeds United forward.

      I’d rather have Together Leeds. Same thing with money, very few owners will just hand over money. So what difference (apart from those decency and honesty things). Management by local people for a start. They say they’re fully-funded, they say they can cover our overheads. You lot moan about jam and bread millionaires or something but do we want more debt? Suppose we do spend as much as a parachute payment club, well there are 5 or 6 of them already and we can’t all go up!

      The alternative is to build, and I see us doing that under Together Leeds. Brian has had bad results because he inherited bad players. Compare with Revie’s first year, which was similar. Now look more closely. A year ago, it was Warnock’s Winkers, Byram and Lees. Now we’ve added Stewart, Smith, Mowatt, Murphy and Wootton. I reckon Zaliukas will come good. Ross is banging in goals and wants to spend the rest of his career here. Might that lot be the nucleus of a team to take us up next season or the season after? Remember that they will get better, unlike the shower who were already here.

      Take that 11 million a year loss. I think we’ll get sponsorship back with Together Leeds, so it won’t increase unless we live the dream. Next year we get to keep our 3.3 million season ticket money, and our wage bill is cut by at least 2 or 3 million. We’ll need to replace Kebe and sign a striker, but if we can sell Morrison we can do that. So Together Leeds have to find 6 million to cover losses next season (assuming we do nothing in the cups). At the end of next season our players are 2 seasons better and we get rid of Kenny, Warnock, Austin, Tonge (if not this time) and I think Peltier (who’s probably a high earner.) So in 2016 – or sooner – we get promoted with a team, a squad, that is ours. Not a load of loanees. You do realise, I hope, that if Gibbs and Haigh hadn’t stood up to the bullies on Saturday we could have fielded the player who did come in – and turned out to have been improperly registered? How about a fine and points deduction for fielding ineligible players as a golden handshake from the new owner?

      That’s what you’re advocating.

      Which of those 2 roads is better?


      • We’ll get catering money back soon too, that’s a million or two a year, and TL say they can buy Elland Road back, so we won’t have to pay 1-2 M a year in rent.


  5. Personally I think Cellino will be fantastic for the club. He seems ambitious from what he did at Cagliari and from what I’ve heard attributed to him in the press. Hopefully he’ll have some corn money to spend on some good players! I hope Brian McDermott stays and we have some stability with him in charge. The other thing to bear in mind though is that in Italy there is a tendency in a lot of clubs to change managers often. The reason for this is because the clubs don’t actually sack some managers but keep them on a low paid ‘gardening leave’ thus not actually having to pay out big fees to terminate contracts. It’s not likely that kind of thing would happen in England so hopefully Cellino will realise this and allow for the stability and investment we crave!



    • Cellino doesn’t have any corn money mate, that’s his family, who don’t have anything to do with criminals and won’t deal with him. His only interests are his existing bank balance, Cagliari, and an iffy pile of rubble.


      • Actually I should say:
        Cellino doesn’t have any corn interests mate, his corn money came from his family, who don’t have anything to do with criminals and won’t deal with him. His only interests are his existing bank balance, Cagliari, and an iffy pile of rubble.


      • You say he hasn’t spent anything at Cagliari but what about the minimum 8million he spent on 2 players last season? Or the season before? Just sounds like you don’t like him and being a bit biased to the English lads. The ones that had to drop out of the bidding process cos they can’t afford to run the club! Cagliari are a small team in Italy cos of their stadium and they’ve spent a lot of time trying to get that sorted. Regardless of who has the money in his family I think your buying into the misinformation the xenophobic British press are pedalling about him. The mans not even taken over yet and there’s people whinging about what he’s going to do but no one has a clue. All I would say is he’s better than bates, better than GFH who talk a good talk but that’s it, better than Flowers who has responded to not being able to afford to bid and now has thrown his toys out of the pram. If rather Cellino over all of those as he has money to invest and has put his money where his mouth his unlike all the others. If Haigh and flowers and anyone else could afford to buy the club they would already have done in the last 2 months. But they haven’t so they don’t deserve the club.


      • Oh and why such a big deal about his criminal past. Lots of millionaires are criminals. Look at Roman Abramovich and how he allegedly started his business in Russia. I don’t hear any Chelsea fans complaining about it while they’re winning European trophies. Have you never heard of the rehabilitation of offenders act? You know, giving people a second chance? Especially when you actually look into his alleged crimes and realise one is for accountancy (possibly his accountants fault) and the recent one for trying to do something better for his football club with their stadium. I’d love that loyalty from a Leeds owner.


      • Mars: the total amount Cellino has spent on transfer fees is lower than the amount total amount received from transfer fees.

        That’s over 20 years. We can see what he’s like – don’t buy into fantasy!


      • John, do you have any theory as to what Cellino’s aims and ambitions would be upon becoming owner of a higher-profile club such as Leeds United? Are you assuming that his intentions are malign, his aim to keep us out of the Premier League by refusing to invest? What do you feel he would have to gain from such an approach – if that’s what you feel he would do?


      • And you’ve gone through every transfer Cagliari have done over the last 20 years to work that out john? Even a the undisclosed ones? Now that you’ve done that factor in all the wages that he’ll also have paid for the players. Or look at the near 15million he invested back into the club after they sold Matri to juventus for the same figure. Or look at players like Matri, Suarez, Radja Naingolang as well as plenty of other international class players. Who was the last international class player GFH signed. No one else has come forward with the money to buy is. What is your problem with him john? It sounds to me like it’s just because he’s Italian because so far all your saying is mild conjecture and you haven’t actually provided anything in terms of evidence to back up your opinion. As I said before, any other consortium that could buy us would have already done do. No one else has put their money where their mouth is except Cellino.


  6. jim mullins

    prob should take a gamble on cellino, other crowd havent enough money if they takeover we will be back in trouble in months, bates decision to use season ticket money to pay for exec boxes was a disaster,


  7. He has spent 22 years at cagliari so I don’t think he is here to flip the club like everyone else is trying to do he should be giving a chance to try and restore some good times God knows we need it would you agree


  8. lets face it , if Bmac doesn’t come up with the goods then he’ll be history whoever is in charge , at least with cellino he might just get the funds he craves and we all what him to have , if it all goes tits up for him with the backing of cellino then brian can have no complaints and we move on


  9. Life. Leeds ,

    A very nervous nod to Cellino and only if he promises to give McDermott a fair chance and not fill our team full of Italians. I fear the consortium would be no better than having GFH at the helm – we wouldn’t have a pot to piss in (again).


    • What’s wrong with a team of Italians if they are the right ones?


      • I think it’s better to have Yorkshire people, because LUFC are a Yorkshire club, though I don’t mind one or two who aren’t, in a consortium (like Lucas Radebe, who a lot of you think is just a chancer, etc, etc – he’s one of TL, and they’re all chancers, remember?).

        If you’re implying racism, that may be there from some of the anti-Cellinis, but here’s how I think of it: the suggestion from some quarters that Cellini’s criminal convictions aren’t real because they came from Italian courts stinks of racism.


  10. Whoever takes over the club ? The main thing we need is an end once and for all to all the uncertainty. There are alot of fans including me who have no clue if cellino will be good or not for us. However the question is can anybody treat us with the same contempt as kenneth . Also as now seems certain ! how can a so called Leeds supporter (Flowers) take a club he supposedly loves to court to have them wound up ? Cellino may not be whiter than white but if he has a few quid and can pacify the vast majority of the fans who want to keep brian mcdermott (after all his jaw must have dropped hearing 30.000 singing for brian) then he may yet have a positive bearing on our future ? After all what future do we have under gfh with the total embarrasment that they have put upon our great club over the last 7 days to make us the laughing stock of english football .Oh that is apart from our twelve fingered friends in Huddersfield (that was sweet hey Ross). At least cellino it would seem has a pot to piss in. Just my thoughts….. Andy L ….M.O.T


  11. I agree Life Leeds we don’t want a team of Italians and McD is a must


  12. Phil Saunders

    Cellino he is the ONLY party with the funds to give us a finactially viable chance of a return to the top.All other parties have had long enough to come up with the goods.10 years is to long to wait to regain top league status


  13. Ropey Wyla

    If/when chellino takes over methinks it will only be a matter of time till mcdermott is fired (for good) and i would go as far as to say the same of his replacement,…. and his replacement,……and his replacement,……and a worryingly familiar pattern begins to emerge, seems as though chellino will be the owner anyhow so i guess it matters not what we want.


  14. Difficult one is’nt it? No money and uncertainty OR minted,stability,Cellino picking/buying the players,different managers, own our ground / Thorp Arch and a contravertial rocky ride. Go on then,Cellino it is!!
    Ps: I think the fans will grow to like him in the end (unlike Bates),he just didn’t make good decisions to start with!


  15. AllWhiteNow

    Its done – its Massimo. No ordinary owner by all accounts. But LUFC is no ordinary club. We are extra-ordinary. It may just be a perfect match. Stranger things have happened and this may be the latest…. Bella!
    Now lets turnover the yokels at Yeovil.


  16. It’s amazing how the opinions of people change in just a few days.
    Cellino was the big bad wolf over the weekend, but from the moment that the possibility of administration was mentioned, everything has changed.
    The sooner Cellino is allowed to buy Leeds, the better, because the football club will go into administration without his money and as we all no, the only people who really suffer when a club goes into administration, are the fans and club suppliers.
    I strayed onto one of the Hudds fan forums by mistake and they are unbelievably wetting themselves in excitement, with the possibility that Leeds could go into administration, which is the only way that they will ever finish above Leeds in the league, in the last 50 years.


  17. quite frankly i dont trust anybody involved anymore.. looks like we are getting cellino anyway.. not happy about that as i dont think he’s rite for the club but as already said its not like we have a choice in the matter. as for farnan n co that 1 is simple, he’s a dirty manc and id rather have the italian nutjob.. its like saying syphillis is better to have than
    aids.. well yeah but….


  18. Are you mad? What on earth makes you think that the behaviour Cellino has displayed in 20 years (i.e. at Serie ‘A’ bottom feeders Cagliari) is going to change??!! He’s overseen the demise of a club which doesn’t even have a safe, suitable ground to call its own anymore; a club which, at one stage, was reduced to playing hundreds of miles from home in front of 200 fans.

    So, Rob (and anyone else who is warming to this ‘rebel’ with a bit of ‘character’) do not be surprised if he moves us from Elland Road because of the amount of rent we pay or due to fall-outs with the landlord or other authorities; or if we are re-branded, or whatever it might take to satisfy his eccentric ambitions for the business. This man may not be as rich as you might think and, even if he is, history will tell you that he has not ploughed his wealth into Cagliari. And even Sheffield Wednesday saw him off.

    The only thing for certain is that we will lose a good manager; Cellino will buy and select his own players, and he’ll sack one coach after another, ad nauseam. His behaviour alone, last weekend, ought to tell you that his ownership will be a disaster.

    Our soul has been sold by the current owner, in a state of panic, desperate to cut and run. We’re finished. We’ll be playing Portsmouth within 3 years, and I don’t mean in the Premiership.

    I have supported Leeds United since 1965. I was at Wembley in 1968 and our first European final in 1967. I am Leeds born and bred, it’s in my blood, my heart and my soul.

    And tonight I feel sick.


    • Exactly – I can’t believe the amount of people who can’t see this. I’ve been supporting Leeds since 1969 this is too horrible.

      If only we could play Portsmouth in a couple of years! I think we’ll either fold or suffer for a decade sinking that low.


      • No offence but just cos you’ve been supporting Leeds for a while doesn’t make either of you right. I’ve been supporting Leeds since 1992 but I can do my research and make an opinion based on the facts that I see. They had to move from their stadium in Cagliari because it was falling down and local government planning in Italy is much different to the UK hence Surely some money is better than no money. Sure he goes through managers but like I said in an earlier post he won’t be able to do that as easily in the UK. If he’s really not got any money do you think he can afford to spend £30 odd million on buying us to watch us fail? I’d love to throw that kind of money away but I doubt he will. Even if he wants to flip us I’d be happy to see him buy us and then sell us for £150mil or whatever because it’ll mean he’s invested in the squad and that’s something we’ve not had in years. I’m sorry to sound like a dick or a broken record but at the end of the day I think he’s a much better prospect than anyone else and we should get behind him at least at the start to see what he brings to the table rather than reading too much into certain aspects and overlooking others. Great article btw rob


  19. The imminence and sheer blackness of the financial clouds suddenly gathering over Elland Road fill me with dread. So, unless Farnan can prove pdq that his crowd have at least as much money to invest as Cellino, that’s it for me. I do a self-conscious about-turn and go with the Italian.

    There is a very important proviso. BMD absolutely must be retained as Manager, with sole and complete control of team matters, for at least the rest of the current season. I very much like his holistic approach to managemernt and have been impressed by his unfailing good grace and professionalism in all circumstances. Indeed, if he wishes to really enjoy football and its culture in this country. Mr. Cellino could do worse than have a few fireside tutorials from BMD, over a bottle or two of Chianti, as suggested by an earlier poster.

    One last point. Nice to see so many of those much-maligned shoestring signings finally coming good.


  20. Just a few points.
    My reckonin is Mr Cellino the Italian nutcracker, will first buy the club & Elland Road back, once that’s done he will then, look to take out a loan against the club for wot it’s cost him, over a period of 25 years, by doin this he instantly gets is money back he’s paid, & therefore gets Leeds for free.
    I do think he’s the right choice right now, has the only other option is sink… Deeper & Deeper into trouble,
    Give the guy a break & see wot happens, I’d rather be a stable premier league team who sells the odd players ,but finish mid table, (Newcastle), springs out at me,.
    Would lov to see B Mcdermot stay & give it a good try, even he would have no regrets then if he was to leave. Hope the Italian & the Scot can work together, it could be a good match given time , ( Lets hope so) .
    I also read on a few sites & from press posts that he originally wanted to buy 100% of Leeds not just 75%, but 75% is enuf for now as Mr Cellino & gfh have already made arrangements for the other 25% to follow in the near future, now ask yerselfs, could that be a Arab ,Russian another Italian , who cares , so long as they have money to spend.
    Nice to see us on sky for 3 of our next 4 games away, by the time Leeds play at home next , will be settled & B Mac will have got us 9 or 10 pts, I believe then you,’ll see a different atmosphere at elland road.
    Uncle Festa was a translator, that’s all , he’s made it clear Cellino. He’s not qualified enuf to manage a big team, .


  21. ellamforengland

    As the Specials so aptly put it. “It’s all a loada bollocknese”


  22. Those who have voted for Cellino will live to regret it. Leeds will improve with the Family’s money but it will be short lived. There will be controversy upon controversy and trouble in the camp! Then Leeds will be the poor relations of the PL and the laughing stock international football. We already have the sacking and dugout debacle. More humiliation is on its way! Sacrifice your Leeds principles and face the consequences.


  23. Counte Of Monte fisto

    Rob, for me we have to have a takeover by someone.
    GFH have zero credibility & have made it clear they have no interest in the club. Staying as we are means administration & more turmoil so we need someone to put cash in.
    I wanted the consortium with Flowers / Haigh but they’ve gone now. The Yorkshire forward consortium would seem to be better football men but from the outside don’t look like they have the cash to buy the club let alone buy back ER/TA & invest heavily in the squad.
    So to me that only leaves Cellino as a viable option. Hopefully last weekend will have removed some of his arrogance & if he comes in he can start slowly & get to the know the club & its ways before acting rashly.
    What I would like someone at the club to explain is why after nearly a year of due diligence GFH take over then run out of cash, make a huge loss (apparently) & needed loans from every man & his dog just to keep going.
    Did I miss the month where we bought Messi, Ronaldo & Ozil or are the few mediocre players we scrounged in the summer that well paid.


  24. Cellino without a doubt,how many billionaire’s in the last 20 year have wanted to buy Leeds? Managers come and go,plenty to choose from.Billionaires are as rare as hens teeth,grab this opportunity now.


  25. Looking good!

    The Corriere dello Sport has printed a series of text messages it claims are from Massimo Cellino, explaining his sale of Cagliari.

    Sardinian entrepreneur Massimo Cellino is close to agreeing a deal to buy Leeds United and looks set to sell hometown club Cagliari.

    The Miami-based businessman is awaiting Football Association approval as a ‘fit and proper person’ to own Leeds, but his opponents seem to be falling away.

    Cellino has owned Cagliari since 1992 and has had a tempestuous time at the helm, clashing with fans, the Italian Football League and the authorities.

    But now he looks to be ready to leave the Rossoblu behind and the Corriere dello Sport insists that he announced his imminent departure with a series of text messages send from the USA that arrived just before 6am in Italy.

    “For 22 years I dreamed the impossible,” he says. “I am a poor romantic dreamer, excuse me if I didn’t succeed.

    SEE ALSO: Report: Cellino gives Leeds a loan

    “I have practically sold Cagliari and the buyers’ lawyers are securing the go-ahead from the authorities. They are good people but I’m worried they will baulk at our sad reality. Good night.”

    The buyers are as yet unknown and a source of intense speculation in the Italian media with some suggesting it is a buyer linked to the Qatar Foundation, who sponsor Barcelona, and others claiming it is an American group.


  26. “John, do you have any theory as to what Cellino’s aims and ambitions would be upon becoming owner of a higher-profile club such as Leeds United? Are you assuming that his intentions are malign, his aim to keep us out of the Premier League by refusing to invest? What do you feel he would have to gain from such an approach – if that’s what you feel he would do?”

    I’m not assuming anything, Rob. I’m saying, first, that we can see how Cellino behaves and that it isn’t good, and that we haven’t seen TL in action, but we do know that they run above board businesses. Second, I’m saying I want decency and no more debt. Because of those I say that ‘Give him a chance’ doesn’t stand up as a reason for supporting him.

    I don’t know what C’s aims and ambitions would be. Either 1/Feed ego by getting a Premiership club. 2/ Get Elland Road and redevelop it. 3/ Both at once. But I do know, not suspect or fear, but know, that he hasn’t subsidised Cagliari. I know that he doesn’t behave even remotely like, for example, Roman Abramovic. I know that he had a week of sending his creatures into the club followed by one day of control at Leeds United and that the methods of the convicted fraudster facing a new fraud charge involved reducing staff to tears, undermining and overruling Brian McDermott, losing sponsors (it isn’t just Enterprise who pulled out, and I own a business; I wouldn’t – I CAN’T – be associated with a business like Cellino’s LUFC), sacking people illegally, and installing a man facing a charge of wife-beating to run the club’s finances. I don’t want any more of it!

    What makes you think the risks are worth taking,and why do you disagree with what John Giles has said about this? I see no risk with TL. Just overhead-reduction, a move into profit (even in this division) in 2 seasons time, giving BM time and probable promotion. If not, then BM goes in 18 months/2 years and we get someone else in to work with the young, talented squad he’s building. You say that this blog supports Brian McDermott; why do you think Cellino will do that?

    I’m not surprised that some people don’t care about this stuff, but you’re a socialist. Unless you want everything down to football clubs nationalised/state-controlled, why are you suddenly against the Haigh-Flowers-Farnon-Pearson-Radebe-Verity (any permutation of them will do me) methods of running clubs? They look like a return to Reynolds-Cussins-Silver to me, exactly what we should be crying out for. Brian thinks so too. As for funding, at least some of them are arguing about the price of the club, in the light of obligations (secret ones along the lines of Bates’ private jet deal, I reckon, only larger), but they can underwrite us for this year and next, and if they can’t find anything for many incoming transfers on top without jeopardising us going into profit in 2 years time (it isn’t inevitable that we make a loss, as I think I’ve shown), so what? We have the core of a good squad and in 2 years (I think I should have said 18 months) we get Kenny, Peltier, Warnock and others of the books, are in credit going forward and can invest.

    Why don’t you want that? Is it just frustration after the last 10 years?

    I do think Cellino will refuse to invest. He could have taken Cagliari’s transfer balance into a loss, i.e. invested, but didn’t. It should be remembered here that Cagliari were like Norwich are now. They aren’t a small club, they’re medium-sized. I think he’ll get loanees in – he tried to get a total of six last week – and I hate to think about how he can control players like that.

    You might think that Cellino has been shaken by the backlash since then. But he’s certainly still lying about why Feste was there, and why is Feste still in place? Sorry, but it stinks.


    • You always respond with passion and sincerity John and I appreciate that. We disagree about this – I’ve taken my own personal leap of faith – but I hope you’ll always share your views and your philosophy on this blog.


  27. The sale of Cagliari must mean that Cellino has already passed the fit & proper test or why would he sell cagliari is home town club. He’s here & it’s just wot Leeds United need right now… Someone with a few bank cards that’ have actually got cash on them & not to borrow off .
    Like I stated earlier in a post he will take a loan out on Leeds assets once he’s bought everything , but we will have 25 years to pay it back not 12 months has in flowers case, .
    Just need a good sponser now for the shirt. Dolmio springs to mind, owned by Mars Family.
    MOT. Lookin forward to a brighter future for Leeds Utd as a club & it’s great fans.


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