Rich, cheap and easy Curried eggs, 90p.

Another cheap and tasty recipe from that Girl Called Jack. Keep em coming, they’re tasty!!

Tin Can Cook

Early on in my career as a political commentator and food writer, I appeared on Channel 5’s ‘Big Benefits Row’ programme, hosted by Matthew Wright, and featuring Katie Hopkins, White Dee from Benefits Street, and Edwina Currie. During the program, Edwina made some atrocious remarks about my (recently deceased) grandfather, and – I am not an easily upset person – I burst into tears on live television, to be comforted by Boris Johnson’s sister. It was an odd night, all in, and I went home at the end of it, bashed out an excoriating letter to Edwina, and made myself a Major pan of Curried eggs to console myself with. It was petty, but, it’s become a favourite recipe in my household, and not just for the wry grin it gives me every time. Rich, simple, cheap and easy…and not a bad dinner, either.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

3 free range…

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