Why Vincent Tan’s Crystal Palace ‘spying’ outburst stinks of desperation at Cardiff City

An honest Cardiff fan’s clear-eyed view of owner Vincent Tan’s latest desperate tactic to help avoid a relegation he will have brought upon the club himself.

6 responses to “Why Vincent Tan’s Crystal Palace ‘spying’ outburst stinks of desperation at Cardiff City

  1. If I could wish Vincent tan on any club it would be cardiff.. So who says wishes don’t come true !!


  2. I just could`nt resist Rob…. Apparently Solkjaers team read….. Schmicel, Irwin,Johnson,Stam,Neville, Beckham,Butt, Giggs, Blomqvist,Yorke, Cole,….. and initially the Palace team were very worried, they then got to Costa del Cardiff and realised that the players the “Bluebirds” really had were rubbish, and they would win easily! Mr Solsjkaer thinks he came to manage the reds! He was obviously advised by that lovely boyo Mr Jones.


  3. After what happened at ninan park in the FA cup 12yrs ago that was nearly on the scale of istanbull. I*m.from South Wales nearer to Swansea than that slum city i cant wait to see them go down under Ole Gunnar Downer. After what happened to innocent Leeds fans women &children.locked in the stand being attacked by cowards Peter Ridsdale went to work there after destroying ..Another JUDAS Rob?


  4. I realise that there are so many board members would not stand up to really close scrutiny throughout the FL. None of this would matter to us if the FL had not gone after Massimo cellino with such vigour.I believe that the FL would be able to a say that Massimo cellino was not fit and proper person the he is bailing the club as soon as he was given the go ahead.If he manages to buy back Elland road and Thorpe arch I just can’t see that the FL would have a case for his removal. We should be down at Elland road tomorrow and show our appreciation for the man who has given us something to shout about in years.ignore the for now at the other director of Blackpool unless given cause see you all at game tomorrow.MOT. As always Rob you stimulate us to say our bit.


  5. Well said kev, after Galashiteray Cardiff are the team I most hate (in fact I don’t hate anybody else) for that very reason!


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