Paddy Kenny’s Agent Says “Paddy is Fit” In Touching Romantic Tribute – by Rob Atkinson

Gorgeous, pouting, keeper Paddy Kenny

Gorgeous, pouting, keeper Paddy Kenny

Paddy Kenny’s agent has come out with a disarming statement of his regard for the long-serving goal-keeper, stating that he is “fit”.  In associated news, Frank Lampard’s agent has said that his client is “endearingly chubby” while the representatives of Fernando Torres, Ross McCormack and Steve Gerrard all expressed opinions that could be summed up by the phrase “Let’s face it: you would, wouldn’t you?”

Meanwhile, the agents of Wayne “Shrek” Rooney, Rio “Plug” Ferdinand and Luis “Mr. Ed” Suarez were not available for comment.

9 responses to “Paddy Kenny’s Agent Says “Paddy is Fit” In Touching Romantic Tribute – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Ian Finlay

    Very funny rob,always worth a read


  2. redheadedanimal

    OMG, Girlfriend! Don’t you think he’s fit? I think he is totes goooorgge!


  3. Yeh, You’re very funny Rob.


  4. Maybe they were calculating the prospect possibilities and making business plans for the future. I think that now that we have Mr. Cellino in charge well some spin doctor messages won’t get through.

    Next season here we come…



  5. Chortle chortle Mr A


  6. scottywhites

    That is funny rob,iv had a right shit day at work first thing i did when i got home was read your blog my missis asked me what was so funny you even made her laugh which is no mean feat by itself keep em coming


    • Thanks for telling me that – if I can help take the sting out of a shit day at work, I’m getting somewhere! And tell your good lady thanks for being polite enough to laugh too 🙂


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