Orient’s Dream Goes West as Rotherham Head for Elland Road – by Rob Atkinson

Championship's newest stadium

The Championship’s newest stadium

What a cruel, almost barbaric way to have your season ended by shattering failure.  For, whichever way you dress it up, failure is what it most surely is, once you’ve come all this way, through 46 gruelling league games and two bitterly competitive play-off semi-finals – only to fall at the very last hurdle, thwarted by the lottery of a penalty shoot-out.  Commiserations then to Leyton Orient, who have seen their Holy Grail snatched pitilessly from their grasp.

Meanwhile, it’s a case of “To the victors, the spoils” – and, as the TV commentator instinctively identified, Rotherham will be happily anticipating their trip to Elland Road next season above all their other fixtures.  We should welcome them to the Championship too, even though it means that our burden of chip-on-the-shoulder smaller Yorkshire rivals has been cut by only one, instead of two – as had seemed likely when Barnsley and Donny took the big fall. It’s up to the “new” Leeds United to cope with such inconveniences, as the team of the past few seasons has signally failed to do; basically, if we can’t take points from the likes of Rotherham (and the Wendies, and the Udders) – then we won’t deserve to do well.

All that is for next season, however.  Meanwhile it’s appropriate to congratulate Rotherham United – and their likeable manager – on a great display at Wembley and, of course, one of THE great Wembley goals of all time.  The Millers’ old Millmoor has been consigned to history, and I for one won’t miss that away end or the perilous alley behind it.  Their new stadium looks a fantastic place and, doubtless, the away end there will be packed out when it’s time for the Leeds United travelling army to visit the New York.

Well done Rotherham – see you next season.  Unlucky, Orient – and the best of good fortune in getting it right next time around.

6 responses to “Orient’s Dream Goes West as Rotherham Head for Elland Road – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Rob, I’m not one for rating good players, or stars of the future, however there where one or two tasty looking players at the overpriced Meccano stadium today who would not look out of place at ER next season, never mind New York !!


  2. I watched Rotherham in the two semis and the final today. In my opinion they are a much better and more entertaining side than Leeds have been last season. So, when you see Rotherham then what price Thorpe Arch and well done Cellino for earmarking this remote white elephant for the chop!


  3. paul green

    mr Atkinson please stop trying to please be honest your a Leeds fan just like me


    • I don’t understand that at all. You’d have to run it past me again before I can decide whether to allow it or bin you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • paul green

        hi Rob afraid i had a few to many last night. apologise for the confusing contents of my email, i read your blog on a daily basis and believe you to be an excellent writer, i think i get annoyed with some of your stuff that you write about because it appears to me your trying to hard to please the followers of our great club. we know your one of us but think sometimes you lose that edge that you undoubtedly have over other sites.this is just my humble opinion for what its worth ,i guess i just get annoyed with you when you write about things that stifle your creativity.


      • I appreciate the fuller comment and the kind words, but I’m not able to agree. My views are my own, and they frequently annoy and upset other Leeds fans. I’m always true to my own perspective on things, even though that has made me many enemies on the likes of WACCOE and other such havens of insecurity.


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