Louis van Gaal “May Need Surgery” Ahead of Man U Job – by Rob Atkinson


Louis van Gaal – Ouch!

Alarming news for Man U fans is emerging from Brazil, where their club’s manager-in-waiting has charge of the Dutch squad as Holland bid to win the 2014 World Cup. It appears that Louis van Gaal will probably need lengthy medical treatment for what is being described as “acute peri-anal discomfort” consequent upon a stretching of more than just the truth by the English press corps – who have, of course, had precious little to write about since England’s meek departure from the tournament.

A Dutch spokesman shared his insider’s knowledge with Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything. “Louis was fine, just fine,” he confirmed, “Then England went out and everything just got weird. At first, the English press guys just sat around, making up stories about Ross McCormack of Leeds United. But then, a few of them remembered that Louis is due to be the new Man U manager and, before any of us realised what was happening, about half a dozen of them crawled straight up his arse, causing significant damage and no little embarrassment.”

This sort of rectal intrusion by press hacks from England’s seedier papers is sadly nothing new when it comes to Lancashire’s least club. Wayne Rooney, such a promising performer for England in his Everton days, made a pivotal decision to switch from being “once a blue, always a blue”, joining the Pride of Devon – with the result we’ve all seen only too clearly. Before long, he had four or five of Fleet Street’s finest lodged firmly halfway up his small intestine and, as we all know, he’s never really been the same since.  David Moyes also suffered at the start of last season, but the invasion of his fundament cleared quite rapidly as he demonstrated his utter cluelessness.

Holland’s medical staff are very concerned about the long-term damage caused to their chief’s lower digestive tract – and several are calling for some moderation of the press pack’s behaviour. “We expected a certain amount of over-the-top adulation,” said one, “We knew that Louis would suddenly be hailed the finest coach in the world, a superb tactician and man-manager, all of the usual malarkey. But to shoot straight up his backside like that….” The glum Dutch medico winced and shook his head, sadly. “It’s horrible, simply horrible. I doubt he’ll be able to sit down this side of Man U’s next FA Cup exit. This sort of press behaviour is uncalled for and should schimply schtop.”

Fans of the Pride of Devon had been looking forward to welcoming van Gaal to the Theatre of Hollow Myths in time for the Premier League also-rans’ opening League fixture – but it now seems certain that extensive therapy will be needed after the sycophantic excesses of certain Fourth Estate representatives. One fan, speaking directly to Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything from his supporters club HQ in Exeter, expressed anger and betrayal at the actions of the press. “They’m be ruinin’ Yew-noited’s chaaaaances,” he retorted through a mouthful of zoider and a straw between his teeth. “We’m strugglin’ already to qualifoy fer Europe never moind win stuff as is our roight. Things bain’t goin’ to be any easier if the boss is huuurrt and in Aaaaaaarz-piddle, all becuz of this ‘ere koind o’ thing”.

The latest on this story is that van Gaal’s condition has “eased somewhat” in the wake of the Netherlands’ narrow victory over Mexico to reach the World Cup quarter-finals.  This is thought to be due to the re-emergence of one press hack from the Dutch coach’s fundament.  Mike Crap, of the Scum, re-entered daylight on the final whistle, admitting that he was no longer convinced that van Gaal is the best.  “A few of the boys have stayed up there,” he admitted, “Guys from the Mirror, the Sport, Sky TV and that. They’ll still be writing van Gaal up as the world’s best, but I’m not so sure. I wish now that Dave Hockaday hadn’t turned the Man U job down, but he simply had a better offer. We’ll have to keep the faith with van Gaal, but I’m not so sure after the Mexico performance.  Still, they got through – and there’s still this feeling that Man U really can win the World Cup.  And I can tell you for sure that Ross McCormack is leaving Leeds United – he’s bound for Fulham, 100% certain.  Or Sheffield Wednesday, maybe.  Or Newcastle, if we’re really going to take the Mick.”

Louis van Gaal is currently unavailable for comment, sitting on a rubber ring.

14 responses to “Louis van Gaal “May Need Surgery” Ahead of Man U Job – by Rob Atkinson

  1. BLOODY BRILLIANT, keep it up Rob, I’ll be chuckling all the way to next season.


  2. looks like he’s already had a head transplant!


  3. There’s going to be trouble ahead, world record debts recently increased by the Shaw signing. Gonna be a divided camp now that Shrek won’t be the main man, Giggs and Lord Purple Nose waiting in the wings with daggers drawn. Reliance on regular European football to keep running. Fun times ahead.


  4. Haha! Rob you must schimply Schtop this piss taking, it’s so double Dutch to me!


  5. how come every manager they get looks like the cast of lord of the rings


  6. Phil Allen

    FIFA show the way for the Premier league. Just a few notes on the Mexico – Holland match. A cooling break was implemented for the first time in history which gave Holland a chance for a breather and Van Gaal to change his tactics.Yes, the captain, Marquez, did touch Robben for the penalty but not the way Robben made it look, he dived through the air with a leg kicking like a horse with a broken neck at the Grand National.He later admitted that he dived in the first half, trying to win a penalty. Robben did an even better job later, once again we see the injustice of FIFA – referees.Van Gaal will be expecting more of the same in the premiership next season and he has the players to help.Will the Premier League follow FIFA?


    • Surely fifa are copying the fa. the manure played with 12 men throughout lord purple noses reign


  7. Mike Durham

    I heard the only qualifications required to be a ManU manager these day are a temper that would embarrass a child, a nose with its own postcode and a face that only a mother could love!!


  8. Stop it Rob, my stomach is hurting.


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