Former Leeds Man Sabella Outwits Man Utd Boss van Gaal in World Cup – by Rob Atkinson

Alejandro Sabella - formerly of Elland Road parish

Alejandro Sabella – formerly of Elland Road parish

So we are to be spared a rerun of the 1974 World Cup Final, when a technically superior Holland contrived somehow to lose to those pesky, arrogant Deutschers. Instead, it will be a best of three decider as Argentina and Germany, tied after the tournaments of 1986 and 1990 at one head-to-head World Cup apiece, do battle in Brazil for the title of ultimate Champions 2014 style.

In truth, all that will be decided is who is the best of an indifferent bunch at this over-hyped, over-rated tournament. Germany booked their Final place on Tuesday, beating a Brazil side of whom their angry fans could with justification sing “It’s just like watching Barnsley”. The Germans had nowt to beat, as we say in God’s Own Country, but they will find Argentina a much tougher proposition. To Messi and his men falls the responsibility of preserving South American infallibility where tournaments held in the Americas are concerned. No European side has ever won the World Cup over there – can a good but by no means brilliant Germany really be the first?

The second semi-final saw Holland keep up their own 100% record of World Cup failure. Having confirmed his position of World’s Best Coach, in the eyes of the Man U-obsessed British press at least, by a quirky goal-keeping substitution against Costa Rica, Pride of Devon manager-elect van Gaal then brilliantly decided to stick with his number one No. 1 Cillessen for this shoot-out. Predictably, his confidence affected by that bizarre substitution, the poor lad didn’t get near most of the Argentinean penalties, as erstwhile super-sub Krul sat despondent and abandoned on the bench. So Holland are out, their Manchester-bound coach out-foxed by honorary Yorkshireman Alejandro Sabella, once of the Sheffield Blades and, more pertinently, the Whites of Leeds United.

Who, then, will emerge victorious now? Germany will be on a high after their candy-from-a-baby beating of the Worst Brazil Side Ever. But they’re not anywhere near as good as the hosts made them look – and, if Messi can put in just one truly Messi-esque performance, Europe will be left waiting for its first Americas Cup. That’s the prediction of Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything. Argentina to win, without the need for extra time or a penalty lottery – Germany to be left reflecting that you get nowt for being second, as the Greatest Club Captain of all once said. It’s going to be World Cup glory for ex-Leeds Man Sabella – and with an enviable pedigree like that, will it really be a surprise?

11 responses to “Former Leeds Man Sabella Outwits Man Utd Boss van Gaal in World Cup – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Bob cantona

    Looks like Leeds Utd need him Now than ever before…..


  2. My partner’s as Dutch as tulpen and molen, so we were hoping for a win there. Ah well, there’s always Qatar or wherever the hell the next one is, for Holland and England to try (yet) again.


  3. Richard Caldeorn

    Bullshit–LVG took a 2nd rate Dutch team and made Argentina look average


  4. David Dean

    Excellent Rob. Could have read that in a quality newspaper if you were chief writer! Federer got a small consolation prize on Sunday,over 800 gees for coming second. However, agree with you and wee Billy – winning is why we play the game. Sabella hasn’t aged very well – all that pressure! That was hilarious when he nearly fell over backwards in a previous match. Agree with you about the standard – there has been a levelling of the playing field – minnows no longer exist and neither do quality, brilliant teams. Shocking lenient refereeing – as usual – has not helped and those two semi-finals have destroyed the credibility behind “best World Cup ever”. I fear the final will be a repeat of last night’s dross. Shameful exhibition of shit!


    • Very kind of you David – if you can find a quality paper, could you put a word in for me? And good luck on that challenging search 😉 Thanks again, made my day that has – MOT


    • Incidentally, to take up your excellent Federer point, this practice of heftily rewarding failure is a lot of what’s wrong with professional sport now. Time was that winning was the only way to keep the wolf from the door – now, players of ALL sports live in a cosseted bubble of untouchable financial security – so where’s the incentive? It’s all carrot and no stick now and the fear – and therefore the edge – has gone. The motivation now is not survival and a roof over your head – it’s sheer greed alongside so what if we lose?? I’m still on two mill a year basic. It’ll kill the game, eventually, because the product is corrupted.


  5. Rob to be perfectly honest on the day of the final I think I will be busy, washing my hair, or car, or the next doors dog, anything but watch this over hyped, over rated, tournament any-more. Listening to the deluded footballing media talk hysterically about so called footballing genius is wearing a bit thin now. My interest ended the second I heard that squeaking Baggies fan drone on…… yam yam yam! Please, please give me some “real” football!


  6. Been a weird world cup for me, supporting the Germans against the French and the argies against the dutch.

    But I think I’m going to use my count the manure and chelski players in each team system from now on. Certainly worked out well this time.


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