Ranger Training with Leeds

Bad boy Nile Ranger for Leeds United? It’s another controversial one, after the Diouf experiment and its somewhat qualified success. Do we really want to be taking a punt on this lad, after the “issues” that convinced mighty Swindon Town they’d be better off without him??

View From the Press Box

Leeds United have offered former Newcastle United striker, Nile Ranger the chance to train with the club after his release from Swindon Town.

The striker is currently available to sign on a free transfer after he left Swindon Town at the end of last season, with his personal life and disciplinary issues playing a part in the decision.

The 23 year-old is a former Newcastle United forward, but was plagued with off field issues during his time at the club. Since then he has gone on to play for Swindon Town, where he scored seven times in 19 league appearances. However, the former England youth international had his contract at the club mutually terminated.

Now, the striker has been handed an opportunity to get back into football as new Leeds manager, David Hockaday, has presented him the chance to impress the staff at Elland Road to secure a contract…

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23 responses to “Ranger Training with Leeds

  1. Andy Bentley

    Have they learned nothing from the Ryan Hall fiasco? The new, young team that is being built, does not need a bad apple like Ranger adding to it. Why give him a trial? Everyone knows he has footballing talent. What he doesn’t have is self control, self discipline and professionalism. Not fit to wear the shirt!


  2. Whilst there has always been an argument to rehabilitate rather than condemn societies miscreants, I am not convinced another chance in football is what he needs to address his general lack of respect for rules and responsibility.
    He courts controversy wherever he has gone, why will this time be any different ?
    Alternatively, some may argue he is a talented footballer who has been poorly advised and suffers from a compulsive personality. There is no doubt that he could be a very good punt – however my head says not here, we have enough on our plate.
    Let’s be honest with his record, regardless of the unproven matters he would struggle to secure a seat to watch Leeds never mind play for them.


    • Counte Of Monte Fisto

      We are not social services

      Do you want this scum pulling on our shirt representing us, our kids, our wives & girlfriends.

      Execution not rehabilitation is what creatures like this deserve


    • They had that guy at bradford that had been done for robbery as a kid. but he knuckled down and got on with it, maybe seeing football as a way to escape his previous life. that isn’t Ranger though, he’s gone on to have several assault convictions, a rape accusation and various other troubles. got up to all sorts at Newcastle and Leeds Is a simmilar place in some ways, one club city with a reputation for some hardcore nightlife.


  3. If we start writing off 23 year olds whether footballers or not then what hope is there. He is a talented lad and Hockaday might just be the coach he needs. It might be Ranger’s Last Chance Saloon to get his head straight and forge a football career! I hope it works out. At least he doesn’t bite at £200 grand a week!


  4. ‘discipline’ and ‘respect’ are massimo’s mantras, so Ranger seems an odd choice.
    Massimo also likes ‘free’ & ‘cheap’ so maybe it makes some sense.
    We seem to have a few strikers already, and more to come maybe.
    Could end up with a bigger squad than last year? LOL


  5. No thanks even on a pay as you play contract wouldn’t wont him near are club hope we can do better than some wannabe bad boy that can’t Handel his drink


  6. Bad move, the guys a nut case with a considerably longer rap sheet than diouf.

    Last thing we need, has everyone forgotten all the fall out from the bowyer & woodgate case.


  7. I think the lad deserves a chance to prove himself Leeds has had its fair share of bad boys in the past . Need i say vinnie jones the bad boy of soccer eric cantona who told shefield to stuff it and diuffy the sewer rat he was a class act at leeds. i say give him a chance after all he is a good front runner and hockaday knows him you never know he might be a blessing in the end . M O T


    • Counte Of Monte Fisto

      Were any of those ever accused of rape?

      Stupid comment, the scenarios are utterly different


    • Vinnie is a total gent off the pitch. happily married for years, does loads of charity work etc..

      I’m not bothered about signing players with a bad rep on the pitch. Its what they get up to off the pitch on a Saturday night in Leeds city centre that bothers me. First sign of trouble the football league and the media would be out to hammer the final nails in our coffin. We aren’t man u where players can get away with battering their girlfriends or deliberately trying to end an opponents career. Slightest whiff of trouble and the knifes will be out.


  8. I don’t see why not rob , the lad has obviously got a lot of potential , he just needs to find himself the right woman and settle down , he’s also free..!!


  9. Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole – complete scumbag – Diouf’s ‘issues’ were on-field, football related which he sorted out while he was at Leeds and he was proven quality.


  10. Ropey Wyla

    Hi Rob, glad to read one of your posts after a few days of reading the same four articles rehashed and regurgitated on news now.
    When I read Ranger was on trial I thought it would be for assault, not for a contract at our club. Despite not being the type to instantly dislike a criminal, I have to say I don’t rate him and I don’t like his attitude, which is enough to say “no thanks”.


  11. Hi Rob,

    I remember this guy from a few years back. He looked to be a good prospect at the Toon, but then seems to have gone off the rails.

    I’m not saying that he should or shouldn’t be offered the chance to sort his life out and start playing footie again BUT I seem to remember someone else who, in his early years had failed drugs test, was suspended by his club, was found guilty of racially motivated assault in McDonalds. This guy was given a second chance and became a firm favourite of the fans. Even after he was involved in another racially motivated attack, leaving an Asian guy with serious injuries, he was still loved by the fans – often coming straight from court to pull on the shirt. Even after being found guilty in a civil case and having to pay £170k to the family of the victim he was still the fan’s favourite.

    Don’t think I’m being negative about LB. On the contrary, I just think that a kid who has had much too much, much too soon, might possibly have reached some kind of turning point. I don’t personally know the guy so maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong – but if Marlon King can be playing again why not give the boy a go..?


    • Marlon king shouldn’t be playing football. If he was at Leeds I would boo the cunt mercilessly every week.

      likewise ranger after seeing this.

      as for bowyer, I wasn’t arsed at all about his conviction for ecstasy. his McDonald’s kick off was a concern, but hardly in the same league as battering a woman half your size. what him and woodgate did afterwards (more woodgate to be honest) contributed to the huge decline of our club, media against us, panic buying replacements, dollys book, max fucking Clifford being appointed, sponsorship declining.


  12. Simon Clarkson

    Not worth the risk. The man is a walking liability. His two previous clubs have let him go. He has a issues & needs help. Leeds United are not the social services & do not need the clubs name dragging through the mud again, given his previous history wont be too long, if he is taken on.


  13. Lol, Good old Nile. Loves a punch up,loves the young lady’s, thinks he’s a gangster- what’s not to like about this lad. Oh- nearly forgot, he occasionally likes a game of football as well, if he can be bovvered to turn up that is!! I’m all for giving young lads a chance but I fear that Nile is past the point of no return already- and I think he’s only about 22? I saw him have a good game against Chelsea away in league cup- where he scored his only goal for us I think, and Cardiff away in championship a few years ago where he played up front on his own and played really well. He HAS got undoubted talent but his head s always elsewhere and his hangers on have basically blown any chance he’s got of becoming a decent pro- if ever there was a case of giving a lad too much money too soon then this was it. Chase him before he rots the rest of the dressing room like bad apples tend to do!! That’s the view of him from up here lads, sorry. NUFC.


  14. Can think of a few other things he should have got tattooed on his forehead, the blokes a joke don’t want him near our club, you could do a whole episode of crime watch just on him.


  15. Counte Of Monte Fisto

    Some crimes can NEVER be rehabilitated and that includes crimes of sexual violence.

    This guy was prosecuted & enough evidence was there to suggest there was a case to answer.

    Then having been given a second chance by Newcastle he has another ‘lapse’

    Then Swindon give him a go before sacking him after another ‘lapse’

    This guy is a cnut simple as, we should steer very clear of scum like this

    He will never be rehabilitated because its his attitude and midset thats the problem

    To cap it all he isnt even very good when he isnt offending


  16. Bitesyerlegs74

    Computer says NOOOOOO! Bloody ell! Just had a look at N Rs ” Rap sheet ” on wikipedia. Bringing him to Leeds would be like letting Ian Brady babysit for you. . . . . So we’ll probably sign him then. Chin up. MOT


  17. We don’t need to take these chances anymore ,but if he looks good in training give a short contract and see,rather a Suarez that bites than a toothless Kebe


  18. The “Lone Ranger” should be left alone and told to bugger off south of here to Man Ure. He surely doesn’t fit MC’s philosophy of what we want in LUFC. If Wakaday recommended him then that is your first name on your coffin – PS don’t buy a house in Leeds – get a 3 month lease!


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