If You Love Leeds United, You SHOULD Sign this Petition – by Rob Atkinson

Shaun Harvey: pisspoor

Shaun Harvey of the FL: pisspoor

I wrote an article the other day, about why the Football League’s pisspoor and incompetently applied “Fit & Proper Test” should not apply retrospectively to a man in post who has comprehensively demonstrated that he is the best thing to happen to his Football Club in many a month of Sundays.

The club is, of course, Leeds United and the man is our very own Massimo Cellino, genius, nutter and saviour of us all. Now there is a petition calling upon the bewildered old men and corrupt younger ones who make up the Football League, under the dubious leadership of the appalling Shaun Harvey, to see sense in this matter and leave well alone.

If ever there was a time for the supporters of Leeds United – those who can see the good that Big Mass has done anyway – to band together and act collectively, this is IT. Please read, sign and share the petition by clicking HERE.

It’s highly likely that Cellino and his legal team will be able to thwart the FL as they did before. But it is for us, the fans, to make ourselves heard too. One way of doing that is to get this petition supported, in numbers as great as possible.

Please READ this, SIGN it and SHARE it among as many fellow supporters of Leeds United as possible.

Let the buffoons of the Football League know that they are in for a real fight.

35 responses to “If You Love Leeds United, You SHOULD Sign this Petition – by Rob Atkinson

  1. glad 2 sign this


  2. love leds utd


  3. Robert Leinster

    Thanks Rob, always enjoy reading your articles, but this is probably the most important one you have written,
    I have signed the petition, if the FL refuse to listen as I suspect they will I suggest all Leeds fans protest outside FL HQ instead of attending away matches


  4. When I clcik on the link Rob all I get is a suggestion that I upgrade my browser with no option to proceed! Odd.


  5. Thanks Rob, done it in Chrome, sorry I don’t use TwitFace or whatever its called ! Have also forwarded on this url to all my mates to sign. Let’s hope it has an effect. MOT


  6. Gary stranger

    Leeds is my life like a extended family .mot


  7. Trevor Foster

    Well written as always


  8. cant believe that Harvey is stillmwalking about.


  9. Thanks for the link Rob. Will do my best to spread the word. Surely even the most sceptical fans can’t hope for Cellino to be booted out and the club thrown into yet more uncertainty. Least of all by the toad Shaun Harvey, who quite frankly, makes Massimo look like Mother Theresa.


  10. Signed


  11. Rob well done keep up the good work


  12. Lets hope that the Yorkshire Post support this…I did say hope!!!


  13. Done and dusted just hope the retards at the fl can read the harder the battle the sweeter the victory MOT


  14. Dicko Leeds

    brilliant. sooo well written


  15. Don’t think it will do much good

    Harvey has shown through 3 different administrations at Leeds he is totalay commited to the utter destruction of Leeds united, siding with whoever is bad for Leeds and doing the complete opposite of what Leeds fans want.

    He would be more likely to leave cellino in place if we were begging for his removal.


    • I wrote something along those lines at the time of the Eleonora takeover – but I think the time for double bluff is past now. It’s time to fight, even if we don’t think we can win. But who says we can’t?? “We are many, they are few.”


  16. Hi, Rob, I have just signed the petition.. I also stated that Massimo Cellino is the first person since Leslie Silver that has the clubs interests at heart.We have been limping along for the past twelve years, we now have an owner who Will give Leeds United a future.. FL, do not judge lest you be judged. MOT


  17. Seeing where all the fans are from on the petition just goes to show we are still a global brand even in the championship. Time for the FL to sit up and take notice!


  18. Leeds United are bigger than the Football League and the bullying Football League just don’t like it.
    Surely it’s absolutely pointless for the Football League to try and put Leeds out of business, seeing as Leeds are the huge big fish outside the Premiership and subsidise practically every team in the Championship, by filling every away ground to capacity, whenever Leeds play away from home.
    All of the Leeds haters might want Leeds out of business, but what will they all do as their pet hate hobby?, which is jealously watching every move that Leeds make, which makes up for supporting their very dull football clubs.


  19. Deputy Dane

    Hi Rob. Clicked to sign petition and hope im on. Great initiative. MOT


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