Why Kewell is Leeds United’s Only REAL Judas – by Rob Atkinson

Harry Kewell has been tweeting his bizarre admiration for that scum club from Istanbul and their sub-human “fans” again. What a shallow, vapid creature Kewell is. No loyalty, no sense of decency, no redeeming characteristics at all. Just a pea-brain with room for thoughts only about the most important person in his life: Harry “Judas” Kewell.

Here’s an article I wrote earlier this year about why the IQ-minus Aussie is such a disgrace – and why, the rival claims of Ferdinand, Cantona, McCormack and McQueen notwithstanding, he’s Leeds United’s only REAL Judas.

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Leeds fans United in grief and dignity Leeds fans United in grief and dignity

Alan Smith. Eric Cantona. Rio Ferdinand. Three Leeds United players who opted to transfer their allegiance to the Evil Empire over the wrong side of the Pennines. In so doing, they attracted hatred and brickbats aplenty from Leeds followers. After all, they’d gone to the club we despise above any other. So too, much earlier, had Joe Jordan and Gordon McQueen, along with the less-well remembered examples of Arthur Graham and Peter Barnes in the relatively small collective of former Leeds players who have identified themselves with the Pride of Devon and their repellent supporters. These individuals, heroes to Leeds fans at one time or another, were held individually and as a category to be traitors to the United of Elland Road. Figuratively speaking, they had sold their souls to the Devil.

But really, all that “treachery” stuff, as applied to a small…

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18 responses to “Why Kewell is Leeds United’s Only REAL Judas – by Rob Atkinson




  2. Darren Speight

    harry fool kewell .what an utter narrow minded idiot , i cannot write what i really want to ….. sad days


  3. Two posts about arses in two days


  4. It disgusts me that anyone who was connected to that Leeds team in Istanbul could then pull on the galatasaray shirt.
    However, Kewell is the lowest of the low in modern day football.
    Just hope I bump into him some day to tell him what I think.
    RIP those who never came home.


  5. Maybe concentrate on the here &now rather on old news. A slow news day in the house of rob…


    • Here and now, Judas Kewell is wanking on about how wonderful the Galascum fans are on his Twitter account. So I was provoked and I think entirely justified.


  6. Does he have no concept of what these type of comments will have on the fans of the club he represented? I thought he would have some empathy, especially considering he was a good player and did well for you if memory serves me correctly. Strange man. On a brighter note I’ve just looked at the picture of the game and there is a flag which says HELL BEATS BENIDORM!! It’s a good job us fans of the game can still add a touch of reality/ dark humour/normality to proceedings as some of the players are that out of touch with the fans and the clubs they represent it beggers belief!! Someone needs to get a hold of him and give him a hard shake- would it make him think again? unfortunately, probably not.


  7. lee matthews

    chris and kevin RIP, galascum will never be forgiven, kewell is an ignorant idiot, lee, mufc


  8. Ropey Wyla

    Kewell, a left winger who turned into a right w&nker.


  9. Rob, I think you’re being a bit hard on Judas, mate. Judas dobbed in his Holy Pal and possibly didn’t know what was to happen. Still a low act though. Kewdas on the other hand, was Johnny-on-the-spot in Turkey that fateful away trip. Signing for Galatasaray, the ultimate betrayal, was a calculated, considered move. It’s impossible to imagine that – even with his pea-size brain – at no stage between Mandic’s phone call and getting on the plane to Istanbul, that during those weeks it didn’t occur to Kewell what he was doing. Maybe he is so thick that he only remembered when he pulled on the shirt in the dressing rooms and realised he’d been there before… yeah, right.
    I was going to write that this horrible little human being was best forgotten, consigned to the dumpster of smelly trash we’ve well and truly done with.
    However, while uneasy even writing his name I feel that whenever greed, callousness, surly attitude and contempt show their ugly heads in and around our Club, young Mr Kewell’s should be brought up as the ultimate morality tale to warn of the ugly consequences of ugly decisions.
    That’s a lot of ugly, but it is Kewell we’re talking about.


  10. Steve Emsley

    he is a first class wanker as big as they cum and i live in Australia he wanted the last pound/dollar out of the game ….. and did nowt for it we should have got rid of him when some mob from Italy rated him at 17 million pounds he was a wanker then getting paid for sitting on his ass all day as he was so called injured


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