Be the Judge: the Top Ten Leeds United Goals? – by Rob Atkinson

Now, this is not my personal selection of the top ten Leeds United goals – I suspect that I’m older than the compiler of this excellent video, so I’d have had some of my favourites from further back in there – then again, you could easily end up with a Top 20 or 30 that way. Fifty or a hundred, even – there’s a rich seam to be mined if your memory’s long enough. Off the top of my head, I’d go for David Batty‘s goal drought-ending effort against Man City – for the crowd reaction as much as anything else. And I’d have Tony Currie‘s famous “banana shot” for sheer quality. Both goals scored in games I saw from the Kop, at that end of the ground – which perhaps explains my bias.

I’m sure there are many, many more goals that could or should merit inclusion in a top ten that goes back further than this one – I’d love to hear your nominations too – but I reckon that this guy has done a pretty fair job all round. I agree with the order of his top two, for a start – I’ve always thought that Yeboah’s thunderbolt at Wimbledon was better than his goal of the season effort at home to Liverpool.

In the course of this video, Liverpool come in for a fair bit of punishment, actually. All four of Viduka’s famous quartet are there – even the offside winner, which seems a little harsh. And of course Yeboah picked on the Scousers too, with that wondrous dipping volley.

Speaking of “Goals of the Season, there’s one in there that should have been a winner – but it wasn’t, due to the clueless ineptitude of Andy Gray. Long before he got sacked for his sexist pig double-act with his hirsute mate Richard Keyes, Gray used to apply his “expertise” to the Sky version of MoTD‘s annual beauty contest for goals. He passed over little Rodders’ effort against Spurs, saying that the Spurs defence had basically stood aside and politely waved Wallace through. Andy – yooouu PLONKER. And, to add insult to injury, he actually chose a bog-standard far-post header by Alan Shearer against Leeds. Clueless Scottish git.

Anyway, see what you think if you have a few spare minutes. It’s a video well worth watching – and you can decide for yourselves about the goals left out, and what order these ten should have been in according to your own preferred favourite.  But most of all, just enjoy these mainly fabulous goals all over again. 

14 responses to “Be the Judge: the Top Ten Leeds United Goals? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I was stood in the middle of the Kop on the day that Batty scored against Man City and the crowds reaction was a hysterical, deafening noise that seemed to go on for over 5 minutes. Everybody in the Kop just surged forward and went absolutely barmy, all jumping up and down, on what was a very humid September day.
    Strachan’s crucial match winner against Leicester in April 1990, was also a fantastic goal, because it was a nervy game, which was dominated by Leeds, but it looked to be heading for a draw before Strachan scored his 20 yard cracker. I remember the Leicester goalkeeper Martin Hodge saying in the papers the day after, that he had never played in such noisy, highly charged atmosphere.
    Both of Yeboah’s goals against Liverpool and Wimbledon were truly fantastic goals, but Wallace’s solo goal against Spurs and also his solo goal against Norwich in May 1992 were also great goals.


    • Great memories Paul thanks – that’s exactly how I remember Batts’ goal – and Strachan’s is iconic for different reasons.


    • No need for me to write anything as you have said everything I would have. The Batty & Strachan goals still send a shiver down my spine when thinking about them


  2. sniffersshorts

    Viduka the stukka remember that sweet quartet ….. You could never ever leave out sniffer though countless gems ….. used to wear me shorts like him hence the name ha, all those goals though were great along with the lead up play, golden days indeed. Great site Rob great articles as always.


    • I’ve often wondered about the name – it’s a relief to know what’s behind it 🙂 Cheers, Sniffers – spot on about Clarkey’s golden goals and your kind words are appreciated.


  3. Peter Roche

    This argument is always highly subjective. As a Leeds supporter since 1953 I have seen far more Goals than you can imagine. My own particular favourite goes back to the one and only John Charles. It was 1956 Leeds had just been promoted to the old 1st Division, it was the end of November we where in 4th place the game was against Arsenal who where around halfway up the table. The first half was a disaster we went in 3 down. It stayed that way until around 20 mins from the end and we pulled one back, then another and in the dying minutes a corner from the right. The ball was pulled high and back towards the edge of the area, big John was there to send a header rocketing in to the back of the net. Remember this was with the old leather ball. Probably the most powerful headed Goal you would ever see. It was one that as a youngster certainly delighted me.


  4. Phil Wilkinson

    Hi Rob. I think Alan Clarke was called Sniffer because of his ability to sniff out goals lesser mortals would miss. In my view, the best goal was the peerless Eddie Gray ‘s goal against Burnley, beating half the team on a muddy pitch before scoring a sublime goal. I think it is still on utube. Sniffer’s cup final goal should be there too, a brilliant header in an extremely pressured situation. Happy Christmas.


    • I agree about Eddie’s goal v Burnley – his other in that game was a bit special too, a forty yard lob at the Gelderd End which the man himself always rates as the better of those two efforts. I’m with you on the mazy run and finish though. It’s predictably under-rated – if a certain G Best had scored that goal, it’d never be off our screens and there’d be a national holiday on every anniversary. Still, there you go.

      Merry Christmas!


  5. The most berserk I went was Lorimers goal in Barcelona. We haven’t reached that point since.


  6. Can you believe the scum fans booing Gordon Strachan in #10?
    Sums them up


  7. Dave Price

    Here’s one, not for the quality or for the best Super Whites goal mantle, but for the sheer theatre of it all. Carl Shutt against Stuttgart 1992 in Barcelona with about 1500 in the crowd. Been on the field for less than a minute, kept his composure and slotted a nice left peg finish under the keeper. Served the Germans right for fielding a ringer! Strachan’s opener wasn’t too bad either.

    Thanks for the thought provoking site. MOT


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