Our Leeds United

Interesting take on the recent off-the-field activity aboard the good ship Leeds United. I reblog it not as an endorsement, but to canvass views – it’d be good to know what others think.

21 responses to “Our Leeds United

  1. To be honest all that sounds like a huge conspiracy theory rob , did we land on the moon ? Who shot JFK ? what on earth goes through cellino’s head ? We can all speculate on the latter but we’ll never know for sure… he’s eccentric but I’m sure he has a master plan…


  2. On his own page he admits to being a”failed blogger” . In my opinion he still is, any port in a storm with no theory too wild to be ignored, having said that, are we really sure the moon isn’t cheese. He also missed ghf shirt sponsoring deal !


  3. Rob,
    Missing more than half of that blog, only got from the 14,000,000 loan
    what dam I missing bud??


  4. I wish the government would send in a hit squad to the club to find out exactly how the club was run prior to when Cellino took over and tell the fans the facts of whats been going on. Cellino in my opinion has-been shit upon by the FA ,GFH, and others who have pretended to be his friend. Now with Cellino out of the way as the saying goes when the cats away the mice come out to play.I hope he clears is name and comes back who,s going to cook for the team?.


  5. RoystonLUFC

    Hey Rob, will you re-publish this in a few weeks when all his unfounded nonsense has proved to be, er, unfounded? These conspiracy theorists get away with it because you can’t prove a negative; opportunities to ridicule them are rare precisely because of the nature of their stories. To use a religious analogy, the God proponents resort to the old “prove there is no God” tactic, This is the tactic used by the X File men and women.

    But here we have an opportunity so let’s not waste it.


  6. Nigel Baker

    Sorry but Cellino is far too wiley to get caught out by something like this.


  7. What Keir Taylor alleges is pretty much what fans think, fear, feel but not what we know. A lack of transparency in the running of clubs stems from the way in which football is governed. The FL, EPL, FIFA et al are private companies that are not open to public scrutiny. I find this incredible. These organisations are in control of the world’s most popular sport yet are answerable to no one but themselves. This is a formula for corruption at every level of the game. As with anything that’s rotten at its core the industry that is football will destroy itself.


    • Just as a general comment at this juncture – the speed of moderation on this site varies according to demands elsewhere. I do like to respond if time permits, only when there are a lot of comments at a particular time do I simply allow a whole batch almost “on the nod”. So there is the odd log jam, but I wouldn’t want any contributor to feel that their comments are being treated less favourably than anyone else’s (historical trolls always excepted). I hope this addresses any worries out there. Readers’ comments are the lifeblood of this site, which would otherwise lack variety as I’m a one man band. But sadly there’s no way, given that I have to have a policy of moderation, that I can avoid the odd delay – sometimes an extended one.

      I hope this clarifies matters as far as comments are concerned. I know a few people have had cause to wonder about it, and I’d like to present my apologies to them.


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