Leeds Blog-Hating Fan Forum Abandons “WACCOE” Name – by Rob Atkinson

The new Title - can YOU detect the edit?

The new Forum Title – can you detect the edit?

The formerly half-decent Leeds United fans’ forum WACCOE will soon be no more, it has been announced. In a shock move designed to align the site’s core values more closely with the bulk of its readership, it has been decided that a name change is necessary. The old WACCOE name, it is thought, no longer represents the desired direction of what used to be regarded as an invaluable resource for fans of the Yorkshire giants. Instead, in an attempt to sum up the collective IQ of the readership, the title THICKOE has been painstakingly selected.

A spokesman for THICKOE stated, “WACCOE actually stands for We Are the Champions, Champions Of Europe.  Well, sort of. There’s a “Tuh” in there, for The. We weren’t quite sure what to do with that. But some of us think it’s silly to go on about the past, we wanted something more relevant to US as a group.” When asked what the new acronym THICKOE stands for, our hapless source – southerner Mr Iain Monkey – was unable to help. “I’m not sure about that either, to be honest with you. All suggestions are welcome, it’s a detail we overlooked. We just thought it looked a bit similar to the old one, and that it summed up what we’re all about as a group of Leeds fans who like to swear a lot, spout neo-fascist views, laugh immoderately at each other’s jokes for the purpose of mutual reassurance and – most importantly of all – try to out-do each other for the attention and approval of our betters.” Mr Monkey furrowed his brow so that the “Sieg Heil” tattoo on his forehead almost disappeared. “We did wonder about saying it stands for The Honestly Independent Cornucopia of Knowledge On Everything – but a few of the lads had a bit of a lip-tremble going on at that one – thought it sounded too much like your own site, which all our members have to promise – really, heavy duty stuff, swearing on oaf and everyfink –  to hate and ignore just as hatefully and ignorantly as they possibly can, which is a lot. So it’s a lickle bit of a nawty one – a dilemma, if you like.

There is some bewildered anxiety too, it would appear, in the re-branded site’s moderation team. A source close to the very top told us that they had tried recently to tailor the forum as per the requirements of its more prominently-lower-jawed members. “We’ve done our best with this,” Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything was advised. “We’ve tried to eliminate anyone – as you will know yourself, Rob, as a banned person – who’s kicked up too much of a fuss over the site’s support for core issues. This includes the Coalition government and our ‘firm but fair’ stance on asylum-seekers (kick them out), benefit claimants (starve them, then kick them out), teachers (aaaarrrgh), the Labour Party (starve them, then shoot them, then kick them out, then shoot them again). We feel that this brings us broadly into line with our most devoted readership, some of whose best friends are foreign types of a non-Caucasian hue. The name change is simply the logical conclusion of this -ahem – refinement of our product direction”

Mr Monkey also issued this reminder to those who may have given up in despair on a declining fansite. Former and lapsed readers of the THICKOE formerly WACCOE site, he insisted, are urged to return and see how things have come on. “We’re going great guns, honestly.  We had some really hard and cool and street nicknames for the first head coach this season – we called him Whackaday and Hockalot and, ooh, lots of others. It was really brilliant and so edgy, lots of reassuring peer approval and big-lad chortling. And anyone who disagreed was silenced, so we didn’t even have to worry about intelligent people spoiling things for the rest of us.”

It’s expected that THICKOE will finally be going live in time for next season; in the meantime the old WACCOE brand will be discreetly phased out. “We’ve made a start already,” said Mr. Monkey. “If you look carefully at the site banner (pictured above) there’s been a bit of subtle editing going on – though you’d be forgiven for not noticing! No expense has been spared to ensure that the new brand is unmistakable, but that there won’t be anything too unfamiliar for our readers, most of whom haven’t been reading for all that long, have low, sloping foreheads – and they can feel a little insecure, with distressing consequences.”

By this point, Mr Monkey himself was shifting uncomfortably in his seat, a nervous tic rapidly developing in one bloodshot eye. “I shouldn’t really be talking to you, you know,” he quavered. “The THICKOE lot really hate you. We all do in fact. You’re always having a go and calling us thick and rightwing. That might be true, but it’s not nice to say so, is it?? And you delete any comments that don’t say nice things about you, so all of our well-hard swearing and the frets we fretten you with, that is all just wasted. And all the nice comments you get are well fake, innit, they are all really obviously all writ by the same geezer, that’s YOU, so don’t think we don’t know what you are all about, so there.” Mr Monkey rose at this point and flounced out, ignoring our polite offer of another coffee and some fairy cakes.

Mr. Monkey is 78, but his IQ is only 50.

31 responses to “Leeds Blog-Hating Fan Forum Abandons “WACCOE” Name – by Rob Atkinson

  1. spengfordbloke

    Oh Jeez…really?…


  2. More spot on commentary. Sadly all too true. Populated by far too many incredibly negative posters who delight in seeing the downside in even the best of news.


  3. AllWhiteNow

    I knew something like this was coming sooner or later….. they really have provoked you too far?
    In the interests of transparency I would suggest you suspend your usual editorial rule and print ALL responses to this. It could be quite revealing….. MOT


  4. leeds linked with viviani, he is shit hot, if he pulls this one of we will have one hell of a player, great striker of ball, strong , free kick expert , great vision he s like a young mcallister bel me leeds fans, check out on you tube roma channel, he s better than mac at same age, get him mes !! we need him and a centre half and striker , marching on together fans


    • Hes a good player for sure, but I thought he was more of a batty type of player, protecting the back four and orchestrating moves from deep.


  5. You’ve got to get on there and fight the good fight – it is amusing watching the doom mangers trying to out-do themselves…

    Despite their denials most of the miserable bastards on there can’t wait for things to go tits up so they can start spouting their usual I told you so bollocks about Cellino.

    Positive outlook are two words that don’t enter their vocabulary – a few of us do try to stir things up but we are seriously outnumbered by the naysayers!!!



  6. Robskibeat

    Most intelligent Leeds fans enjoy your blog Rob so try not to let it get you down. You have to remember that you have a more fulfilling and rewarding life than these dense morons. Oh and I lik redding ya bloog two! Ug Ug Ug Ug Ug! Dribble, fart, vomit,smash another line and toss off over a picture of Peter Ridsdales goldfish.


  7. I get why some people are still sceptical about cellino, we have had years of shit owners. But what do them guys want GFH still in charge! That lot Harvey wanted to buy us in!

    Some of them will be moaners for the sake of it. Some of them will be genuine fans who are just concerned for the club. Im still not convinced with us getting the hock in myself, I also think massimo should have kept naylor on board. But averaged out I still reckon he’s mostly a force for good.


  8. Perhaps WACCOE?THICKOE could take some of the WUMs who spoil reasonable debate on a number of forums. The rest of us would then be able to ignore the whole site!
    Sadly, WUMs aim in life is purely to annoy others (through their inane comments) so it will never happen. Ah Well!!


  9. seagullbus

    A good article but ‘ no longer independent’ would have done the job! Once got a warning from a mod saying to not talk unkindly about LUST-not surprising as one director is a board member. Anyone under the microscope can get called anything from a paedophile to an serial murderer with no recourse,and both violence and racism seems to be tolerated on there.interesting tonight that one mod talks about being able to post reasonably,but that seems to exclude those who didn’t foam at the mouth during the Bates era. Good on yer Rob for standing up to the bullies who unfortunately ruin what could be a good forum.


    • Incidentally, a word on the feeble defence being mounted by THICKOE in the light of this article. They say:

      (Rob Atkinson is) on mod preview on waccoe till he can prove he can post w/o being abusive to others, which up to now he’s been unable to do…pot kettle black. He trots this drivel out every couple of months because he gets more traffic than his monotonous Leeds posts get

      Looking beyond the petulance and bitterness, the obvious flaw is that – whenever a third party posts a link to my blog – a storm of personal abuse and slander ensues from the likes of daft old chuff Northern Monkey and, as he’s one of the cherished right-wing boneheads beloved of the weak and insipid mods, nothing is done. So I get called a “cunt” (sorry, Vicar) and various other naughty words, yet I’m the one silenced due to being abusive (moi??) – because I’ve objected to this forum’s increasing childishness, overt racism and far right bigotry. That’s why I wrote this article, and that’s why the said boneheads are now having a collective tantrum and trotting out pathetic bleats of attempted self-justification.


  10. Pattaya White

    Lee Chapmans Sofa is just as bad Rob , maybe not as Right wing as WACCOE, but certainly they cant wait to see Cellino fail , which in turn means Leeds fail . How is that supporting your team ?? Everyone is entitled to their opinion , but when they only print negative selected articles , never accepting that he has done great things already , it makes you wonder why they support Leeds in the first place . Anyway Rob as I have told you before , even mates that support other teams now read your Blogs and enjoy them as I do mate .


    • Thanks – if the good guys like the blog and the likes of WACCOE hate it, something’s going right 🙂


    • Theyre anti cellino yeah.

      But they ain’t right wingers, they even went ludicrously PC about the Qatar world cup saying people against it were being racist (before even that fool blatter used the same lame reasoning)


  11. seagullbus

    Nice fishing Rob-I’ve been watching it unfold and its made me guffaw and chortle at the same time.Very ironic and hypocritical of that matt 52 to state ‘what sort of a fan are you’,when theres not a decent one amongst the lot of the usual lot.Amazing that Leeds Fans LPP have people involved with them who post abuse about Leeds fans on there-yes Lardy I’m looking at you.
    Its clearly the dustbin of supporters opinions and has little relevance to anything going on the world of Leeds United.


    • I see you got a name-check in there too – but they’ll still think I wrote this comment myself. Arf 😀 Thanks, man.


      • seagullbus

        If you dont get mentioned then its time to worry but of course such attacks diminish what little impact they have anyway.The admin still think its the biggest forum on the net, but only because genuine fans go on to laugh at them and their futile efforts to demonstrate some sort of independence and kudos.
        As bent as a nine bob note and about as much use [projectile hysterical howls of laughter}


      • So are we in a “Who do they hate more” arm wrestle here? 😉


  12. Andy Bentley

    I would endorse this entirely! It is the same with the people who comment on the YEP site. The same old moaning, extreme nonsense. What sad lives they must lead. Their egos far exceed their intellect. If the moderators can’t do their jobs, then I can only assume that they endorse the bigoted views they allow! I refuse to give them my support and give them the satisfaction of an argument. There are enough sensible avenues for real supporters to participate in.


  13. Nice to see somebody else’s stool getting kicked away Rob.
    I tried it a few year ago and on the whole found it childish with a crap format.
    At least on my usual forum you can say pretty much what you want without too much interference, unless it degenerates into pathetic tit for tatting.


  14. seagullbus

    Crikey! Just had a bloke on from Preston who I sold my spare contract phone last year-he cant get on as they’ve blocked that IP addy.Someone’s upset someone and they’re now going full tilt.(chortle).Just checked now and Lardy-dah boy is still having a pop (rolls eyes)


  15. Not really what you’d term a blogger, I just like reading about the club and converse so to say with like minded people.
    I’ve avidley read yours as you know, and really never had the misfortune to log onto the site you mention, astounded that there are people that cannot communicate without resorting to childish spite?


  16. Don’t ruin a good thing Rob, don’t let Mr Monkey and his type get under your skin mate, you’d be wasting too much of your valuable time and energy replying even if it were possible. WACCOE is an institution mate


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