Russell Crowe’s Needless White Noise Drowns Out Leeds Utd Transfer Talk   –   by Rob Atkinson

Time for Crowe to leave the arena.

Time for Russell Crowe to leave the arena

Just when things were hotting up and getting really interesting down LS11 way, with a frenzy of delicious speculation about attractive transfer targets for our club, along comes Russell Crowe with the worst-timed, least relevant tweet in recent history – telling us all what we already know and no longer very much care about.

Crowe’s declaration that he will not, after all, be buying Leeds United (I understand that was the gist of it) might possibly have caused some hair to be torn and some clothing to be rent asunder among Whites fans – if it had come a few months back, when new ownership fever was in the air, and Massimo Cellino was embattled after yet more maverick craziness. But things have changed since then, and in a good way for once. Adam Pearson has brought some sanity to the Elland Road asylum, we’ve gone literally weeks without sacking a head coach – and there are welcome signs that seven-figure investment in the first team squad is actually here to stay. 

In these circumstances, with a slightly sedated captain on the bridge and a capable first officer with his hands on the wheel, the good ship Leeds United appears to be navigating tolerably well some still choppy waters. Give or take the results themselves, this season has a fresh and breezy feel about it. And, if we are still scanning the horizon anxiously for signs of that first win, then at least there have been no defeats so far to darken the sky. Even though we took a torpedo at Doncaster, still, it was technically a draw – and with ten men for much of that engagement too. Leeds staggered, but they have sailed on, more or less serenely. 

In the wake of our latest draw, against Yorkshire’s most successful club of last century’s inter-war period in Sheffield Wendies, glad tidings of positive transfer market activity have filled the ether. Not one, but two tricky wide attackers, a possible England U-21 central defender, and the Lord knows what-all. Bids of serious money made and accepted, players said to be “distracted” or to have “had their heads turned” at the prospect of interest from Leeds – it’s been heady, dizzying, unfamiliar stuff. And if we are still tending to founder on the jagged rocks of personal terms and other such spiky hazards, then at least a positive broadside of ambitious intent has been let loose. And that, to Leeds fans, is the sweetest sound we have heard in many a blue moon.

So, in among all this rampant positivity comes the almost forgotten figure of yesterday’s gladiator, Maximus Publicitius himself, doubtless with new films to plug and a social media profile in need of some attention, flooding the Twittersphere with irrelevancy. Crowe was all over Twitter not so long back, making a noise like a prospective Leeds owner. But when he went quiet, the United support forgot about him and got on with supporting the team or arguing with each other, as fans are meant to do. Personalities come and go, after all – but Leeds United is forever, and things do seem better now that we have a business-suited gladiator in Pearson fighting for us. For Crowe to pipe up again right now is bizarre, it’s distracting and it’s not particularly welcome. 

As one Facebook cynic put it: “For Crowe to say he’s no longer interested in buying Leeds, is like me saying I’m not going to bother sleeping with Beyonce“. Just so. It’s an irrelevant statement, seeking to opt out of something that was never really an option in the first place. For better or worse, Leeds United does not appear to be for sale – and the more pragmatic of us are moving on, still with some reservations, but more than a little mollified by the undoubted changes for the better that have taken place.

Memo to Russell Crowe from Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything: now is not a good time to be rocking the boat. There was a period when our ship perhaps needed steadying, but all that we got from you then was sound and fury, signifying nothing. More of that now is just taking away the focus from more important stuff. Please, Russell – put away the sword and the shield like a good chap, and lapse back into the silence from which you should not lately have emerged. Try to retain some credibility, against some future day when you, or someone like you, might well be needed. With Leeds United, you just never know.

But for the moment – let us get on with our transfer speculation, and the quest for that first win, in peace and optimism. Thanks, Maximus.

14 responses to “Russell Crowe’s Needless White Noise Drowns Out Leeds Utd Transfer Talk   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Too bladdy right blue.Who told him the clubs up for sale anyway,just when two or three decent buys are imminent up steps the Kiwi Aussie to blow that away with an arty fatty tweet whose meaning is what exactly??

    We get it Russy darling,you like Leeds,now bog off back to dreamland and let the club get down to business.


  2. Great article; brought a smile to my face and confirmed my own thoughts of the position of our club in its present apparant unnerving stability.
    Gluttonous Maximus, Centurion Legio quinta Macedonica (Cleckheaton Branch)


  3. chris moore

    Crowe’s a big Mouth trouble maker as far as im concerned…he get get lost and shut his mouth we don’t want to hear his views..Nonsense views!..big Mouth who damaged Cellino and caused fans to rally against him thinking he,Crowe, was planning to take over Leeds..what a piece of Garbage he turned out to be..i don’t respect him anymore..


  4. Since I don’t tweet or twitter or whatever else here’s a scoop for you Rob. I’m no longer involved in purchasing Leeds United although I will continue to love and to support the mighty whites.
    Batten down your hatches Rob for the press boys will be beating a path to your website door as we speak. Nil Carburumdum Illigitimum. MOT


  5. George Best ate my Hampster

    Russell Crowe being a leeds supporter is a good thing and his tweets have probably brought some much needed positive perspective towards Leeds United and might have even helped to motivate Massimo Cellino.

    Hollywood A lister supporting our club is a good thing so why are you all being so aggressive. get off your band wagon please….

    So predictable…


  6. dave sales

    My week could not get any worse. First I am gutted that one direction are splitting up and now this bomb shell. Tell my you are joking Rob.


  7. milano whites

    Well said Rob…Hollywood aristocracy…rubbish…MOT/YRA


  8. Just trying to think of a more irellivant tweet – how about , I am not bringing out a single this Xmas ( posh spice)
    Really Russell , who gives a shit my friend


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