Leeds, Liverpool Fans: Demand New Contract for Man Utd Hero van Gaal   –   by Rob Atkinson

Times are hard for Man United and their beleaguered Dutch genius of a manager Louis van Gaal. Following their latest defeat, at old rivals Liverpool, rumours persist that the axe is poised to terminate the former Holland coach’s tenure at Old Trafford. This would be a tragic turn of events for fans of some of England’s premier clubs, who are united in their conviction that Louis van Gaal is doing a fantastic job at Manchester United.

Fans of some of the country’s foremost clubs, as well as Newcastle United, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur, have been invited to sign and share a petition calling upon Malcolm Glazer, the Man U CEO, to recognise the folly of a managerial change at this point, and immediately award van Gaal a new and improved five year contract, during in which he would hopefully be able to see through the job he’s started so promisingly to a conclusion that most football fans would wholeheartedly welcome. 

Fans of Liverpool, Manchester City, Leeds United and Arsenal, among others, are invited to sign and share the Change.org petition in support of van Gaal’s retention with the Premier League also-rans.

We at Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything are so impressed with the job van Gaal is doing, that we have no hesitation in endorsing this petition. We would urge our readers to sign it at once and share it as widely as possible. 

For the good of the game and the contentment of millions of people outside of Devon, Cornwall and the Home Counties, the success of this campaign is vital. 

Louis van Gaal must stay at Man U!

11 responses to “Leeds, Liverpool Fans: Demand New Contract for Man Utd Hero van Gaal   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. ABSOLUTELY!! What he has done for Manchester United is nothing short of miraculous. The sideways and backwards style of play is revolutionary. I actually enjoy watching United these days – Long may it continue.

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  2. patrick hogan

    You’re wrong Rob. I really think we should back a petition to get David Moyes back. At least they had no chance of qualifying for Europe under him. He did his best work for Everton while he was there.


  3. Nice one Rob,
    the post match discussion last night was brilliant.Best tv for a long time absoulutely hilarious.If there was a tv award for best post match discussion this would win it by a country mile.anybody that hasn’t seen it hit the catch up button.😀


  4. The lessons the scum are now learning is that after every peak there’s a downhill slope , English football is the best in the world rob , we don’t have decade after decade of two or three teams ruling the roost like they do in Spain , Germany , Scotland etc etc ,
    I honestly believe that no matter who the next manager is they will not be the force they were for a long time yet , they’ll spend millions trying to do it but I’m afraid you’ve had your decade scum, get used to it .


  5. Couldn’t agree more maybee he needs a new assistant to tweak things a little more I suggest David (they will put in a shift hockaday) .look at what he did for forest green ,completely changed Leeds and done his best to get the mighty Kidderminster out of the conference ,this could be a dream team to remember ,joe mercer and Malcolm Allison ,clough& Taylor ,nah maybee not but a nice thought .


  6. Take them to oblivion LVG.


  7. Rob Mynett

    hear hear – i’ll sign


  8. Malcolm Glazer has been dead for the thick end of two years. Doubt he’ll give anyone a new contract. All for the sentiment, though!


  9. belfastpete

    Bahahah love it may the scum keep doing what they do…..


  10. Utopia; seeing as he is available they should appoint McClaren as LVG’s assistant!!


  11. I agree he needs at least another 5 years , unless they fancied a punt on a certain ex England manager who might fit the bill perfectly


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