Cellino’s Leeds United Go to the Dogs As Huddersfield Bite Back   –   by Rob Atkinson

Huddersfield Town will anticipate tomorrow’s open-top bus parade, among the dark, satanic mills of West Yorkshire’s bleakest outpost, in the most ebullient of high spirits. After this rare Cup Final win against their bêtes noires at Elland Road, they have much to celebrate. Leeds United were mercilessly obliterated in the second half, this after having made a reasonable start to what is usually a keenly-contested match.

The home side had actually taken the lead after Marco Silvestri in United’s goal saved an early penalty – only to be pegged back by half time before a healthy derby day crowd of almost 30,000. But Town ultimately ran out easy winners through a dominant post-interval performance when they rattled in three unanswered goals, the Whites subsiding in the end with barely a whimper, rolling over most obligingly and playing dead for their less illustrious neighbours.

For Huddersfield, this was ample payback for the three-nil beating they took in the reverse fixture earlier in the season. On that occasion, Leeds rode their luck and emerged with a slightly flattering victory that rankled deeply with Terriers fans. Wind forward to today’s debacle, and the one thing you could say without fear of contradiction is that both teams got exactly what they deserved.

Huddersfield are showing the benefits of life as a club with some unity and a cohesive approach behind the scenes. Leeds, on the other hand, flatter to deceive at the best of times – and at their worst, as here today and a short while back at Brighton, they are truly, dismally appalling.

In between times, the Whites had strung together three victories of varying quality and merit. But, against Huddersfield, they failed to derive any inspiration from a large crowd – and they proceeded, limply and almost disinterestedly, to let that crowd down and betray their loyal and long-suffering fans. Not for the first time this season either, let it be noted. And most likely, not for the last.

Leeds United continues to resemble a headless chicken of a club, bereft of any organisation or direction at the top, and with a tendency to run around in ever-decreasing circles before finishing up a twitching mess on the floor. The most pertinent question that Cardiff, Bolton and Blackburn – United’s three recent league conquests – can ask themselves is: how on earth did we lose to an outfit in that state? Huddersfield made no such mistake. Like a slavering, famished pack of hounds, they scented blood and pounced for an easy kill. 

Perhaps the sole consolation on the Leeds side of things today will fall to those simple souls who are happy to proclaim their undying support for, and faith in, our loco owner Massimo Cellino. The picture here of a pro-Cellino demonstration can leave nobody in any doubt of the multitude of fans thronging to proclaim their backing for Il Duce. 

Flat earthers unite en masse to demonstrate their unshakable faith

Really: with a power base like that behind him – how on earth can Cellino possibly fail?

25 responses to “Cellino’s Leeds United Go to the Dogs As Huddersfield Bite Back   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Rob, sorry but tell me again why you think Cellino, with his melon testing approach to hiring managers (head coaches), stumbled upon a winner with Steve Evans? The guy is a prize plum. He couldn’t plan a game of noughts and crosses. Huddersfield’s Wagner had Evans out-manoeuvred in just about every aspect of today’s game. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this case Cellino got Steve Evans. In Evan’s defence, Cellino didn’t back him with adequate investment but even if he had I suspect the same tactical errors would have continued.


    • I see Evans has had success elsewhere, at proper football clubs. Really, I don’t think he can be judged on his time under this freak. It may be naive of me (you’ll probably feel it is) – but I think the problems are more in the fabric and morale of the club, rather than down to the intricacies of selection and tactical approach.


  2. Whilst Cellino remains at the helm we will decline. No Manager could succeed with this duplicitous madman. How any fan can support Cellino beggars belief.


  3. For sure. Trevor Cherry wrote an interesting article last week pointing out the problems of instability that Cellino (and others) brought to Leeds. He then goes on to compare Leeds to Huddersfield (as he might do coming from Huddersfield) with the conclusion that Huddersfield has better ownership and management… Nevertheless, despite other good qualities, I still think Evans is inept tactically!


    • That is probably something we’ll not get the chance to either prove or disprove, sadly. It’ll be more Cellino and more temporary coaches over the next year or so.


  4. crusader knight

    I bet scott wootton has a smile on his face


  5. Did Cellino pick the team today ? Did Cellino decide to disrupt a winning formula ? If he did, then criticism, for sure, must be laid at his door. If not, then the blame for selecting Mowatt and Murphy belongs to the Manager. As soon as I saw the teamsheet, I feared the worst. Our back four was left unprotected by a holding midfield player and midfield itself was bereft of forward running energy. Bridcutt tried his best but could not hold the parts together on his own. If midfield changes were forced on the Manager then why not take a leaf out of Graham’s book and put a defender – Bellusci – in front of a back four with Cooper reinstated to the defence ? However where Cellino may be to blame – and we fans should hold up our hands up too – is in making boring yet successful (if only in a limited sense) not an option for a Manager at Leeds.


    • If the brain is mad, diseased or otherwise ineffective or malign, then the rest of the body cannot function. The trouble at Leeds United is at the top.


      • Responding with a metaphor evades the point at issue: why was a winning team changed ? This is the question most of us were asking before and during the game as it unfolded.


      • If you’re not keen on metaphors, and in the unfortunate circumstance that I lack UEFA or FA coaching badges, I’ll answer instead with a question: who picks the team? Who decides on formation and tactics? Evans is bound to maintain the line that he is in sole charge – but is this the truth or is it a party line? In attaining his success and “winning football” elsewhere in his career, has Evans been a chopper and changer? I don’t know – but I frankly doubt it.


  6. Scally Lad

    Rob, this side play with no spirit, no life, no passion, no love for the badge – let alone any respect for the crowd that cheers them on and continues to show up (for which Cellino can be thankful!) to pay their wages. Loathe Cellino as I do, I don’t see how that is his fault. It’s Evans. The Jelly Man can’t manage or inspire a pub side.

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  7. One word and still fuming from this afternoons joke performance: SILVESTRE
    He never gets dropped.???
    The defence are blamed but flappy just carries on.
    Never seen such a poor goalie,but managers/coaches NEVER drop him.


    • Tony, you are spot on about Silvestri and in my view, he has to be the most over-rated goalkeeper to ever play for Leeds, despite his penalty save and his over-praised shot stopping, that any amateur goalkeeper can do very easily anyway.
      Sadly there is nobody to challenge him for his place and he knows that and will never improve, because he thinks that he is a world-beater, despite his well documented weaknesses, which every opposing team seems to know about.


  8. David Dean

    Only one shot on target again today but it was a goal and they played the best they have this season at home once they missed the penalty. SE cannot be judged fairly. He is a great talker, has great passion for the job and has an excellent track record. He deserves the opportunity to give it a real go but unfortunately whatever happens Cellino will sack Evans – he would sack any manager, whoever he was and however the team plays. He is a maniac and there is no future while he owns the club. We are in limbo until he sells. Nobody will buy at the moment because he won’t allow them to do due dilligence without paying a non refundable deposit. It might take 10 years before he has had enough. It is great kudos for him to own such a big name in world football. He isn’t too bothered how we do as long as he doesn’t lose too much money to make it painfull for him. He is a playboy and we are his play toy to have fun with.


  9. After three shock wins in a row, I really think that the clueless Leeds players all thought that they had to do, was to turn up today and get an easy win. Oh how naive and out of their depth, the so-called Leeds players really are. Huddersfield were never going to be as bad as Bolton were and have been using their last defeat as motivator, all this week, to beat their bitter rivals, as they constantly describe us, in their big cup final, which is all they seem to look forward to, during every pathetic, wasteful, pointless season that Leeds have to play them.
    Huddersfield are a better run football club, but they haven’t played in the greedy top flight for over 40 years and were not mismanaged by “don’t blame me”, “it’s not my fault” Ridsdale, who has caused a huge knock-on effect, which has paralysed and handicapped Leeds, during the past 12 horrible years.
    However, Cellino is to blame for not strengthening the obvious weak positions in the team, such as, goalkeeper, central defence and strike force, even with emergency loan players, who are available, if he an bother looking, that is.


  10. theseagullbus

    Nice dig at fellow Leeds fans in the conclusion. Will get you top marks somewhere I’m sure but ruins a reasonable article


      • Yup you bet.Seems you subscribe to the attitude that fans getting abused have no right to stand up for themselves and respond.Nice.


      • I found it amusing that they were responding in such paltry numbers, after all the criticism that the Cellino Out bunch were such a tiny minority.


    • Well spotted – there is an unpleasant whiff of elitism and downright arrogance amongst a section of our support. The worst thing that could happen to the club is if such people got their way. Respect for fellow fans matters more than ownership issues. The so-called divisions in the fan base are a myth created by these people or rather the divisions themselves are their creation.


  11. Not sure about Evans, considering what he’s had to deal with, when he took over & the limited backing from Cellino, he’s done a reasonable job. The player selection yesterday was one problem, the other is a lot of the squad actually believe they are better players than they are. Steve Evans will not have his contract renewed, Cellion will let it lapse as it won’t cost him a penny. The next coach will be a cheap appointment, Dougie Freedman or Neil Lennon both currently unemployed and ground hog day will continue. The club will not make any progress unless there is serious investment which won’t happen with Cellino. Massiomo has to go replaced by owner or owners with a desire to put serious money in to reserve the the club.


  12. Peter cooper

    You’re simply the best LUFC blogger out there, and I look forward with eager anticipation to each piece you write. Well done, keep up the good work that’s earned you the crowning glory of Top Blogger!


  13. Oztykeprayingforacompletetakeover

    Well, even though Il Presidente is certifiable and will fiddle as his Rome (well, Beeston) burns, at least we can be reassured that his lunacy will be tempered by fearless, level-headed advice from the LUFC Board of Directors, whose business acumen and experience contribute to the smooth operation of Leeds United.
    Massimo Cellino
    Edoardo Cellino
    Ercole Cellino
    Daniel Arty
    Salem Patel
    Jinesh Patel
    Giampaolo Cabone
    It’s a line-up more suited to a Carry On movie, and it’s a wonder that anything at all gets done, ever, at the club.


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