Same Old Story For Thug Club Millwall and Its Thug Fans   –   by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United fans above those of most other clubs can give you chapter and verse on the less than savoury nature of Millwall Football Club and some of its Neanderthal adherents. Whites supporters have had to sit there in that prefab, Meccano style stadium, watching as large parts of a crowd, swollen beyond its traditional paltry numbers by the presence of Leeds, have taken the opportunity to revel in murders in foreign parts many years ago. It’s something Millwall fans just won’t let go of, and that tells you all you need to know about the worst and least human fans in football. 

Tonight, Millwall fans were at it again, in the second leg of their playoff semi against Bradford. With minutes remaining, and Bradford pushing forward in dire need of two quick goals, proceedings were disrupted by two small-scale incursions into the field of play. Needless to say, this had a drastic effect upon Bradford’s ability to exert the necessary pressure. At one point, with the ball on the way out for a City throw, one of the local bright boys ran on to the pitch and booted it towards Bradford’s goal. So play had to start with a drop-ball instead of the swift throw Bradford needed.

As the ball was played back to the City keeper, the ref ran close by and clearly advised the Bradford man that the game was up, and to prepare for a quick getaway. The Millwall fans were preparing for a mass invasion, and the ref was chiefly preoccupied with the need to herd the players as near to the tunnel as possible before blowing the last whistle and unleashing an uncivilised horde from the touchlines.

Such has often been the case at Millwall, Old Den or New. It seemed clear in this instance that any late hopes Bradford had of making a last-gasp comeback, together with any hopes the ref had of playing the allotted span without interference, were dashed by the threat the crowd posed to order and safety. It’s not good enough, but it’s situation normal down Bermondsey way. Similar disorder has happened time and time again, while the craven suits at the Football League do nothing. This blog hopes and trusts that Bradford City will complain – not that it’s likely to do them any good. 

So, the upshot is that Millwall and its IQ-minus minority have intimidated their way to the brink of a return to the Championship. Unless Barnsley can intervene at Wembley – where Millwall’s unpleasant mob tends to fight amongst itself rather than facing equal numbers of opposition fans – it looks like we can expect to see them at Elland Road sometime next season. Not that many, though. Timid travellers, they tend to muster only a couple of dozen for the trip to LS11. 

Good luck to Barnsley at Wembley. On a football basis, they should blow Millwall away. We can but hope that they are sent back to their dingy borough, chastened and well-beaten. If not – well, it looks as if we’ll just have to put up with them for one more season.

34 responses to “Same Old Story For Thug Club Millwall and Its Thug Fans   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Dear oh dear rob just let it go . For such a no mark club we really seem to have got to you.


    • Head in the sand, as usual. You seem to have a glimmer of intelligence – can’t you see what scum you are?


      • Since my wife posed for a nude calendar and then left me, I’ve been hiding away – and even now I can’t summon the courage to do more than snipe at you anonymously. What a pathetic twat I am.


      • Jason jennings

        Rob not many millwall turn up to Leeds simply because of the restrictions put on us by the old bill.. so that’s why u dont see many at your ground not for no other reason..!! And yes I hope we get through at Wembley and once again face u. Hopefully but I doubt it the police will take the restrictions away stop making wall collect tickets from a service station and let is get trains..!!


      • We have bubble matches too, Cardiff for example, we take thousands. Miwwwaww are just soft.


  2. lovin' the world

    Spot on. You always hit the nail on the head. Millwall ARE scum.


  3. Ade Woodward

    To be fair the limited number of tickets plus having to claim them at a motorway service area does sort of limit the number of Millwall fans at Elland road


  4. Bermondsey White

    bit harsh…dingy borough….I am born and bred in Bermondsey and life long leeds fan (so I get a lot of stick and sometime violent behaviour from some of the Neanderthals mentioned in this) but it is not a dingy, they have done quite a lot of it up now. Also as much as my locals don’t like our patch we don’t like their’s every year I have to sit in home stand with family and friends and watch up get turned over. I hope and pray Wall do go up and Leeds get an away win. As a decent Bermondsionian and Leeds fan I think I deserve this MOT. Also point of note I was the first person to throw up in the new den 7 minutes into the opening friendly right on the bloke sitting in front. so away fans when sitting in the lego tin pot stadium know a Leeds fans made his mark their first


  5. Ewan Fraser

    Thank you for your realistic insight on Millwall FC. I personally thought, ” Wow! What an amazing thread.”


  6. Look I understand that we have fans who have overstepped the line that you mark as fair and decent but we also have fans who are teachers , some who have stood for socialist alliance mayor of London .My own father took meat from Smithfield market to striking miners and my millwall supporting mates put up miners when they marched in London. It’s easy to paint us as Devils but for the most part we are just normal decent working class men.


    • I’ve acknowledged it’s a minority. But your minority stands out for the degree of viciousness and the frequency of offence. I get sick of hearing “Well other clubs, blah blah”. We know this. I know Leeds have their own problems. But the Millwall minority plumb the depths deeper and more often than any other I can think of, and – all too often – it affects players, officials and even results.


  7. Ropey Wyla

    Here’s hoping Barnsley do a number on these throwbacks and send them back to the pit from whence they came.


  8. I hope Barnsley pagga them in the final. Always had a soft spot for Barnsley since Allan Clarke and Norman Hunter managed them. I’d love to see them back at ER next season especially given the alternative. A good natured derby though eh? Shut Danny Bakers fat gob once and for all in the final and I’ll be eternally grateful.


  9. Typical millwall scum ! Saying its a minority of millwall fans, last time Leeds were at the den it was a majority of millwall fans who were chanting Turkish songs. Absolute scum , come on Barnsley keep the pikeys down.


  10. Oh and by the way,no mention on the bbc(as far as I’m aware) about millwall fans behaviour. What a surprise,next thing they’ll be covering up the fact that 33 tory mp,s are under investigation for election fraud and that the tories are actually governing without a mandate. Also,congratulations to Elton john and David furnish for successfully appealing to preserve Mr furnish,s anonymity regarding a two year extra marital affair involving threesomes etc. Hurrah for affordable British justice. (Ten years on from the play off final loss to Watford you see).


  11. Bermondsey White

    with regards to the fans it is the clubs mantra…no one likes us. Of course some fans are decent. My uncle is season ticket holder as are his mates and 90% of my mates and of course they are decent working people. However it is your fake mob who show club up. Wall have a small loyal support who go every game, they then have their fake hangers with lion tattoos but only go wall if playoff or f.a. big draw. These are the fake tin pot mob who let club down and are generally one slice short of a loaf. Wall can have some great banter and be very funny. Two of my favourite happened at wall, first when opposition fans sung going down and wall sung back so are we, the other when a fan arguing with opposition fan then shouted at the right back I don’t like him but really hate you (in harsher words). But your fake mob who never go Wall on a Saturday and have no Idea who Kitchener or Herlock are, are the ones who let you down. New Den on Saturday 3000 fans at push wembley you take 50,000k


  12. Bermondsey White

    also we aint pikeys, that is Gillingham, scum yes, cavemen yes but we do dress well and have money MOT


  13. Spot on Rob.

    But I suppose they have their purpose in life

    Someone has got to rip off the customers at the fun fair.

    Raise children to throw stones at passing vehicles.

    Make the gypsy community feel morally superior.


  14. toby white

    Any ref with bottle should pick up the.ball when fans run on take off players for their safety first and let the suits in their ivory tower earn thefat money they get paid


  15. I am sorry you feel like this about my club. I can only apologise for what is a disgusting chant; and agree about the idiot who kicked the ball away. He should be banned for life as should anyone singing songs about the two Leeds fans in Istanbul. It has no place in our rivalry. I just want you to know that there are Millwall fans that are also sick and tired of having idiots following our team.


    • Thank you for a civilised and sensible response. For my part, I do not tar you all with the same brush, and I’ve acknowledged that it’s a minority. Sadly, it’s probably the most vicious and recidivist minority in football.


  16. Richard Holynski

    Last game of the season and a pitch invasion. Truly shocking scenes – only at Millwall.


  17. I’m interested to know why Barnsley should win on a football basis?

    The team that lost to them at home in August is long gone and we are in just as good form as Barnsley

    Over a 46 game season (which is a fairly good indicator) they finished 7 point behind Millwall scoring fewer and conceded more. I have no doubt it will be a tough game and it will more than likely come down to a shoot out between Gregory and Winnall.

    Anyway must dash I have 4th trip to Wembley in 7 years to arrange.

    Hope to see you in the Championship next season


  18. Bermondsey White

    wall have done well, keeper has been huge improvment on forde, three players to score over 10 goals and much improved team. Glad to see you dash to wembley again, good thing about keep getting relegiated is another chance to get to wembley in playoff in lower league. Most wall fans been calling wembley their second home. Seems odd they need a second home as they can’t sell out their own tiny tin pot ground every week. If wall took to wall what they took to wembley they would be a prem team due to following. shame they have so many plastic fans


  19. Rob mate I really don’t know how you can decide that I’m scum but sticks and stones and all that so never mind I forgive you what are we scared of other than the police being able to blame us for their inability to do their main function.


  20. Fair enough mate crossed wires and all that .But rob as someone of a similar age I do worry about your blood pressure and as we all should know it’s not millwall fans but artificial intelligence that’s going to wipe us out.


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