Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister, 8 May 2020

How it can happen: Corbyn wins in 2020 to become PM.

Crispin Flintoff - Labour Party campaigner

Below is a report of how Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots campaign paid off and how the Labour Party established itself as the party of government

‘The people I have to thank most of all for this are those who have worked so tirelessly to campaign to promote a new type of politics in all our communities. This is our victory.’ – Jeremy Corbyn, outside 10 Downing Street, 8 May 2020.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has won a landslide victory at the General Election and the first thing he did was pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of activists who played such a crucial role in campaigning.

Since the Labour leader cemented his place in the party following the leadership election of 2016, the party increased its membership by one million to over 1.5 million. The party had formerly merely mouthed the idea of recruitment as this had not sat comfortably with many MPs elected…

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2 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister, 8 May 2020

  1. I don’t allow people to tell me what to write and what not to write, Mr. Mason.


  2. Same paper, back page. LEEDS CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE
    Dream a little dream with me


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