FA in “Go Quietly” Deal With Leeds Owner Cellino? – by Rob Atkinson


Massimo Cellino – too quiet

It’s long been a case around Elland Road of “All quiet on the Cellino front”. And not just every now and then quiet, while il Loco recharges his batteries for more damaging nuttiness. It’s been just too quiet for anything like our insane normality. It’s just not like Leeds United‘s maverick owner to keep this schtum for this long. It’s been that eerily quiet that the team have even started to do quite well. Extraordinary. Something is going on. But what?

A significant factor may be the outcome of the “third party” transfer agent charges that were hanging over both club and Massimo Cellino himself for so long. It would seem that a verdict was arrived at some time ago, but nothing has been forthcoming from the Football Association, who have described the issue as “sensitive”. And then there is the vexed question of a takeover – yes, TOMA time again. But there really does appear to be something in it on this occasion. The club has confined itself to a terse “no comment” position, but Twitter is alight with rumours of a peculiarly consistent nature. On both the FA charges front, and in the area of TOMA, something’s most definitely afoot.

For what it’s worth (and if I were a braver betting man, I’d have picked up £12 million this week, from a £5 acca on Leicester City, Brexit and Trump) I believe the signals are pointing firmly towards some agreement between Cellino, the inward investors/new owners (whoever they are) and the FA, to sort out the Leeds ownership and third party charges situation quietly, with as little fuss as possible and with everybody concerned keeping it buttoned until matters are concluded. If that appears to make an unusual amount of sense given the craziness of all parties involved, then I can only agree it’s so. But sometimes, even nutters will conduct themselves with a certain amount of sanity and decorum, if that’s the best way of getting the job done and limiting damage in “sensitive areas”.

This blog is of the firm opinion, having sniffed the wind, tested the water and cast the runes, that the current silence is of the kind that might be characterised by a paddling duck: all calm and serenity on the surface, while there is frantic activity just beneath. Leeds United is saying nowt in public. The FA is maintaining a grim silence. Prospective investors/buyers are clinging steadfastly to their incognito bona fides. Nobody is saying a dicky bird to us, the fans.

But you can take it to the bank that they’re all talking to each other, and out of this a conclusion will shortly emerge; hopefully one to satisfy all parties. That’s my educated guess. Before too long, Leeds will be under new stewardship, the FA will be rid of a thorn in their side – and Cellino will have a new toy to play with, probably from Serie B.

As Del Boy might have said: “You know it makes sense“.


30 responses to “FA in “Go Quietly” Deal With Leeds Owner Cellino? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. My thoughts exactly. The combination of silence from Cellino and the Football League suggests something is about to happen that will suit both parties…but more importantly the majority of fans. It’s about time something positive happened with the ownership of the club. For far too long we have been under the type of ownership that simply couldn’t even run a children’s football club.


  2. Can’t see it Rob ,, he’s promised a top six finish (or a % of your money back) and here we are in 6th.. The club is being spoke about in a positive light , we’re in the last 16 of the league cup.. everything in the cellino garden is coming up roses.. imagine if Leeds get promoted this season , the money that would generate cellino plc is immense, would you honestly cash your chips in if you was in his shoes??


  3. I think the situation is “kushti” and hopefully the outcome will be “mange tout”……”my son”!!!!


  4. Note to new owner should there actually be one,could you build at least two new stands at Elland Rd please? That west stand is in danger of becoming a grade one listed building if it stays much longer. The kop could do with replacing including a standing area. A minimum 55,000 capacity should be ok to be going on with.


  5. Mike Belsey

    My own view is that the FA will wait to see where we are in the league at the end of the season and if promotion looks possible, we will get a 20 point deduction for naughty transfer business.


  6. I’m leaning towards your view Rob. I think Cellino has been silenced. It’s just too much out of character not to comment on our current situation. Any serious investor would surely not commit itself to a major investment with criminal charges hanging over the club because the consequences and sanctions would be too much to risk. Imagine a buyout followed by say a points deduction. Imagine promotion with a 20 point deduction, seriously? No, the FA have never shirked from punishing Leeds and given the choice I am sure they would rather see him on a plane back to Italy, for good.
    Leeds are showing the the football world just what they are capable of doing on a very limited budget, petty, spiteful differences aside many top managers and pundits would just love to see us back with elite and a guarantee of full houses every week. All our games are cup finals and I’m loving it.


  7. The criminal proceedings in the court case in Italy about the Cagliari ‘temporary stadium’ were tabled to begin this November.
    Personally I don’t think Massimo has done that much wrong in this.
    The Italian prosecutors think Cellino, who has already spent two weeks in jail over this, and about ten other major public figures have though.
    The word is that they have phone tsps that are certain to nail him.
    I’d say the FA is using the lull in announcing the charges from the mild McCirmack transfer case to talk to him about the ‘Deal deal’ hovering around the corner, and it was the impending Italian trial that made Cellini contact Radzzileri in the first place.
    I think Cellini has been good for Leeds this year.


  8. mike belsey agree with you. rob I know you think there is a deal to be done possibly behind closed doors with the F.A but what have the F.A got to gain? they do not like us , the EFL do not like us and neither like
    M.C the way he has challenged them both at every turn since coming
    to LUFC.Why help M.C to go quietly when they have found him and the club guilty? LUFC would still survive but would again be battered by
    sanctions.They would take great joy in banning M.C from English football
    and continue to leave us in the wilderness.

    If the EFL had done a more professional a proper fit for director test we would not be where we are now.

    Add to the fact he has belittled and embarrassed the powers in football by taking them on.
    Letting M.C off lightly would weaken the F.A and EFL stance in possible future cases.
    Ps and we still have the court case in Italy and the potential Daily Telegraph bribe probe which was confirmed by the city of London
    police today in which we are linked.

    Rob I pray you are right as you write columns of great wisdom,humour
    and foresight. M.O.T


  9. As for that so called world cup qualifier tonight our Scottish and enland
    past footballing legends would be embarrassed.
    Gary monks side would have put more passion into that game!!
    Stones £50 million and cahill couldn’t lace bartley and our Swedish
    Vikings boots. Bring on the Geordies!!!! M.O.T


  10. Absolute stupid story. Cellino’s investment is growing by the day. Why would he even contemplate a sale for £50m when he could get three or four times that if we’re promoted. Haters (the minority) are clutching at straws when theres not any straws.


    • You’re forgetting the slight problem Cellino may have with impending sanctions, as well as his reported desire to get back into Italian football.

      Or perhaps you simply don’t understand.


    • The human mind has an extraordinary capacity for delusion or for ignoring inconvenient truths…….
      Yes Cellino has (for the first time) intelligently chosen a capable young manager and to a degree backed him in the summer but im sorry suggesting that Cellino has been good for Leeds is so wrong its on a biblical level ;
      1/ He has manipulated transfers out of the club of our best youngsters
      2/ He has insulted, abused the clubs players and loyal staff
      3/ He has created a raft of court cases that have cost the club millions (millions that should have been spent on transfers)
      4/ He has consistently dragged this club through the mire with his unsavory behaviour
      5/ He has insulted the fan base in various videos and has openly admitted hes here to make money (you can make money out of the club in the premiership but to get promoted from the championship requires investment)
      6/ He has consistently sacked our managers out of hand and employed the wrong ones in the first place thus destablizing the club (Monks contract ends at the end of the season)

      In terms of this discussion, of course i want Rob to be right but i think we are right to be cynical……….i think there will still be significant punishment on the way


  11. Crimson Avenger

    Speculative, Rob. No basis in fact. The FA will do what it does, regardless. TOMA, maybe. Again, speculative. But at least it gives you column inches. Long may it continue.


  12. I think it’s known as the “Pax Romana”, and very nice it is too


  13. Could it be as simple as:

    1) Cellino is happy with how his new team is running the club and by this I mean Monk as coach and Mansford chief executive and therefore does not need to be involved as much hence silence. He was equally as quiet when Adam Pearson was here as well.

    2) Could Cellino’s lawyer issued a gave order over the FA case meaning nothing can be said until final findings?

    If you look at Cellino’s full history in football you will find that as mad as he is at time there are also periods of long silence and normally when he feel comfortable with the team in place managing things.


  14. Leeds Lover

    Rob, love ya articles, and when the facts ain’t surfaced yet you add great humour however,

    I agree with Biffa and Crimson Avenger, sell for 50mil or make 4 times that with promotion, which is, at this moment in time, and given we continue with good results, not far off.

    There’s a saying, the longer a jury takes to deliberate, the more chance of a not guilty verdict.

    Also, both the FA and FL (Shaun Harvey) hate both Cellino and Leeds that much they’d be chomping at the bit to punish both, then laugh over their G&T’s………………..then Cellino steps up with his appeal.

    Anyone stop to think that Cellino may have gone quiet cos he’s finally learned about English football and how it’s run?

    I like Cellino, I love it when our owner stands up for himself and Leeds United against the corrupt FA & FL, especially crooked Shaun Harvey

    So, is Cellino selling?……..those question have been bouncing around since Flowers and Co, Red Bull and other rumours were doing the rounds.

    Radrizzani was seen at the QPR game, way back when, so a rumour cropped up. Italian press say something without facts and the English media bounce off it like a super ball, only changing a few words and sentences.

    Cellino has invested a lot of money this season on players, with more to come regarding our loanees.

    Rob, respectfully old bean, would you sell a majority stake in Leeds for 50mill, or take a chance on a bigger prize if we get promoted?

    I’m looking at it as a continual bouncing rumour untill something concrete and factual happens.

    Cheers Mucka,

    Leeds Lover.


  15. I think you credit the FA with too much common sense and goodwill towards Cellino and LUFC. I fear a points deduction, and wonder how that would compare with similar transgressions by other clubs.


    • Arsenal were fined 60,000 for the same thing in the Callum Chambers transfer.
      Also its a joke that the police are investigating Cellino for thr journalism sting. He just said if you invest in a club you’re entitled to money from the transfers which is totally above board.


  16. Some of the few high points of cellinos stewardship were getting rid of gfh and of course bringing in Garry Monk. On another matter,could anyone who has a problem with Alex Mowatt just p–s off and don’t come back? On an entirely different matter altogether, if anyone would care to type in “Baghdad Bombing Hoax” you can discover the truth about these hoax news stories and False Flags.


  17. hi rob. with that your opinion you feel the F.A might have come to a go quietly agreement with cellinio,but now if reports that now cellinio
    has now saying LUFC are not for sale according to the Italian press
    this will start to test the F.A.S patience as other clubs will start to
    question why the delay.
    if this above is true cellinio is walking on thin ice as the F.A will come
    under great pressure to act and peeing them off will not go down
    well and they have unlimited powers and could hit us even harder if
    they assume we are taking the micheal.
    The longer this goes on is not good for our club in my opinion.
    cheers rob


  18. rob forgot to ask, earlier posters keep saying that until cellinios appeal
    has been heard basically nothing will happen?
    1./ I thought the club L.U.F.C did not contest the findings of the mcormack transfer and pleaded guilty.

    2./ cellinios original guilty charge was appealed by his lawyers but on
    review was still found guilty by the F.A. Therefore guilty.
    So I am correct on this case we are now totally in the palm of the F.As
    hands as to the severity of the charge they will hand down?
    Can you clarify that as you read it is the same take as I have come to?

    Regards Glenn


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