Leeds Manager Garry Monk Reacts to Rumours Linking Him to Norwich City – by Rob Atkinson

Monk laugh

Garry Monk, just after our question about Norwich, and just before he started rolling on the floor

Leeds United‘s bright young manager Garry Monk has been mentioned speculatively in various parts of the press, regarding a possible move to Norwich City in the near future.

Ever keen to keep our finger on the pulse of the club, Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything put the matter to our manager directly: “Garry, is there any truth in this?”

Sadly, for once our intrepid team has had to admit failure – as Mr. Monk appeared to be experiencing some difficulty in responding coherently to our enquiry. We were able to decipher only a few words amid an otherwise unintelligible mixture of snorts, guffaws and – we regret to report – somewhat ribald laughter. The only phrase we can reliably convey from our conversation with Garry was “Oh, my aching sides”, before he lapsed once again into what we can only describe as amused incoherence – although it’s possible that he may also have said something along the lines of “not after what Becchio told me for (deleted) sake”.

We do feel that, on balance, Mr. Monk’s demeanour was such that any move to Carrow Road could fairly be described as “somewhat unlikely”. We remain determined to obtain a more definitive statement from Garry, when he’s managed to get up off the floor, regain his breath and take life seriously again.

8 responses to “Leeds Manager Garry Monk Reacts to Rumours Linking Him to Norwich City – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Just a thought, Rob: if Garry Monk appeared in your gallery of Leeds heroes, below, would you use the photo of him above?


  2. Rick Duniec

    nice one – 🙂


  3. 1st players, now managers, Norwich do have a hard on for anything Leeds. Who knows they may just fancy a dodgy mafioso owner.


  4. NickB(50yrsLU)

    Well, I’ve just looked up Alex Neil, footballer, on Wiki, and underneath it had the names and photos of five connected people that googlers also looked up, namely Alan Irvine, Gary Rowett, Paul Lambert, Owen Coyle, and, a certain Garry Monk. So it must be true. After all, for most of the season Chris Wood was described by Wiki as a former Leeds player, and he will be ! I may just have dreamed it, but I vaguely recall Wiki describing Massimo as a former embezzler. I reckon Garry would roll on the floor at that too.


  5. Exile in Holland

    Thanks for that Rob, made my day


  6. If as I suspect we get the cliches like “the lads gave their all but we can look back on a successful season and aim for automatic promotion next year” after scraping a draw or narrow defeat v Norwich on Saturday. They can have him as long as he takes Barrow and a few others. No wonder Charlie Taylor didn’t sign another contract. Hope I’m wrong but I cant see it.


  7. Eeee Rob, you are a one, you had me going there for a minute, keep ’em coming.


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