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Leeds Now Linked With Totti, So Can They Finally Get Maradona? – by Rob Atkinson

Maradona – will he finally realise his Leeds United dream?

According to certain media sources, Leeds United are planning to tempt 42 year old Francesco Totti out of retirement to fire them to promotion. The speculation follows hard on the heels of suggestions that fellow World Cup winner Gianluigi Buffon could be in line to replace Kiko Casilla in goal, as Leeds seemingly look to experience for next season’s Championship campaign.

Given this apparent non-ageist policy, Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything is now asking the $64,000 question: is it finally time to make good on the ambition, dating back to the mid-eighties, of bringing Diego Maradona to Elland Road?

They say that any winning team needs a strong spine and, with Buffon in goal and the attacking partnership of Totti and Maradona, we’d only need a legendary centre-back and maybe a holding midfielder of the same ilk, and we’d be cooking with gas. Franz Beckenbauer owes Leeds United a favour or two after his pivotal role in the 1975 European Cup Final, so maybe he could slot in alongside Liam Cooper, allowing our shrewd transfer team to capitalise on the market value of Pontus Jansson. And Beckenbauer, a sprightly 73, could also act as a defensive mid, although surely our own David Batty could do a job there despite his relative inexperience at only 50 years old.

These are exciting times for Leeds United as they seek to exploit the potential of geriatric footballers the world over. Could Diego Maradona really be the jewel in our promotion crown at the age of 58?

Only time, and possibly TalkSport Radio, will tell.

Leeds Manager Garry Monk Reacts to Rumours Linking Him to Norwich City – by Rob Atkinson

Monk laugh

Garry Monk, just after our question about Norwich, and just before he started rolling on the floor

Leeds United‘s bright young manager Garry Monk has been mentioned speculatively in various parts of the press, regarding a possible move to Norwich City in the near future.

Ever keen to keep our finger on the pulse of the club, Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything put the matter to our manager directly: “Garry, is there any truth in this?”

Sadly, for once our intrepid team has had to admit failure – as Mr. Monk appeared to be experiencing some difficulty in responding coherently to our enquiry. We were able to decipher only a few words amid an otherwise unintelligible mixture of snorts, guffaws and – we regret to report – somewhat ribald laughter. The only phrase we can reliably convey from our conversation with Garry was “Oh, my aching sides”, before he lapsed once again into what we can only describe as amused incoherence – although it’s possible that he may also have said something along the lines of “not after what Becchio told me for (deleted) sake”.

We do feel that, on balance, Mr. Monk’s demeanour was such that any move to Carrow Road could fairly be described as “somewhat unlikely”. We remain determined to obtain a more definitive statement from Garry, when he’s managed to get up off the floor, regain his breath and take life seriously again.

Steve Clarke for Leeds? Yes Please! – by Rob Atkinson

Steve Clarke - next up for United hot-seat?

Steve Clarke – next up for United hot-seat?

Rumours are growing and becoming more solid by the minute that Steve Clarke, former manager of West Brom and before that assistant to Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool, is currently “in dialogue” with Leeds United regarding the newly vacant Head Coach position at Elland Road. A quick trawl through the saner end of the Leeds Twitter newsfeed reveals that this would be a highly popular appointment. This blog shares that opinion, and will be getting extremely drunk in celebration – should Cellino be able to pull off such a coup.

Make no mistake, Steve Clarke ticks all the boxes for “ideal appointment” under the current regime in LS11. Well used to the role of Head Coach and apparently happy and comfortable with that title, Clarke’s coaching credentials and club pedigree are impeccable and command respect. In our current position, Leeds United could hardly ask more or better than someone who has worked well and successfully with the Special One, not to mention the legend that is Dalglish. Along with the apparently “imminent” (God, how I hate that word) signing of Adryan, the appointment of Clarke would salvage a hell of a lot out of what has been a miserable time for the Whites since a slightly fortuitous win over Middlesbrough.

The buzz around the internet over the past couple of days has been that Cellino simply has to get this next appointment right. It’s very difficult to argue with that assessment; there is a season to be rescued and some faith and belief to be restored among the most important people of all: the Leeds United supporters. In Steve Clarke, Cellino might just be looking at the candidate who could form the cornerstone of his reign as President/Sheriff/Duce of Yorkshire’s premier club. If there’s a definite chance of getting Clarke, where else should he realistically look?? Massimo should move heaven and earth to secure this man for Leeds.

For Clarke himself, Leeds could be the kind of club that offers him a real chance of becoming a living legend. Get United back to the top, and he’ll be revered as the Messiah, remembered forever. It’s that kind of club, with that kind of support. If he’s as sensible as I hope and trust he is, he’ll nail down the terms of reference for his role at the club before he signs anything. It seems he’s better as a coach than as a spotter of transfer targets; Clarke and Salerno could just be the dream ticket under President Cellino.

Please, please – make this happen. It feels right, it sounds right. It hits the back of the net as the most goal-bound rumour I’ve ever wanted to emerge as a fact. Clarke – one nil!!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Mirror Reports Brazilian International is Latest to Quit Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

Brazilian midfield genius Embargo - leaving Leeds

Brazilian midfield genius Embargo – leaving Leeds

In yet another Elland Road exclusive, the Mirror can disclose that the latest high-profile star to turn his back on the troubled West Yorkshire giants is expected finally to depart the club today.

Your Sensational Soaraway Mirror (Ed: is this soaraway thing OK, or is it already in use??) has been keeping a close eye on developments at Leeds over the past few months, and has been able to keep their long-suffering fans up to date with what is rapidly becoming a summer of humiliation for the once-mighty “Lilywhites” (check if this is actually Leeds, or just Spurs or someone – Ed.)

Only yesterday, we reported the latest in a series of embarrassing cost-cutting measures, with players being required to bring packed lunches, wash their own kit, pay to train and hire the stadium for home matches whilst coughing up for travel and overnight stays on away trips. Your ever-reliable Mirror* has also charted the inevitable departures from the club, faithfully reporting the exit of Ross McCormack to Newcastle, Norwich and Fulham for a fee of £6m, £8m and ten MILLION pounds.

Now, in the most worrying development yet, the Mirror understands that the transfer of Embargo, a tricky Brazilian international playmaker, is set to be confirmed today, in the latest shattering blow to the crisis-torn club’s already slender hopes for the coming season. The burning question is: how much more are the worried fans of Leeds United actually prepared to take??  (Ed: could we stretch this to a double-page feature – really take the piss? Who is this Embargo anyway, has he figured in the World Cup??)

With the loss of Embargo, the Leeds midfield options look to be severely limited. In an interview which took place yesterday in the head of our Chief Sportswriter, Oliver Scum, ex-Leeds star Eddie Lorimer stated: “It’s ridiculous. We were going to build a team around Embargo, and now he’s going – and we’re not even being told where.” (Ed: maybe ditch this bit and make up a Norwich connection??)

Whatever the outcome of this summer’s wheeling and dealing, it seems certain that, for Leeds United – shorn of their world-class, globally celebrated Brazilian midfield genius Embargo (Ed: steady on, old boy – we don’t even know who he is yet) – this is going to be a long, hard season, culminating in relegation, bankruptcy, administration and flats being built on the site of a demolished Elland Road. (Like it, like it!! – Ed.)

Yes, it’s party time at the Mirror. Help us celebrate folks – buy tomorrow’s paper with its 28-page pullout on “The Death of Leeds United”. Yippee!!!!

* Mirror: means of seeing everything back-to-front and the wrong way round.

Alessandro del Piero for Leeds? It Could Actually Happen – by Rob Atkinson


del Piero – Leeds-bound?

All of those Leeds fans devastated by the Football League’s refusal to confirm the loan transfer of Andrea Tabanelli may just find that there is some consolation in the pipeline.  We may actually have our Italian signing, after all.  His name?  One Alessandro del Piero.  Now that would be something of a coup – and those mourning the loss (apparently) of Tabanelli could cast off their funereal garb and don some happy clothes.

This could just be one of those stories that go with the territory of having a minted owner.  We’re going to get rumours with our King of Corn, just as the likes of West Ham did with their King of Porn.  But then again, it might just be true – and it might happen even if Boss Brian McDermott isn’t all that keen.

Sports Direct News are reporting that Leeds United’s prospective new owners want to make former Italy international Alessandro Del Piero their marquee signing.  The player will be out of contract in September with current club Sydney FC in the Aussie League.  At the age of 39, this wouldn’t only be a playing deal; del Piero would also have a coaching role at Elland Road.  But a player of such undoubted world class might well have a contribution to make on the field, even at such a venerable age.

On the craziness scale, this probably scores at least a 9.5 – but with the way things are likely to go under the legendarily eccentric and hands-on Cellino, it’s unlikely to be the last bizarre link of some evening star to LS11.

Watch this space…

Radebe Backs New Consortium Leeds Bid? – by Rob Atkinson

As rumours go, it’s got a lot going for it. Highly attractive, incredibly exciting and with that soupçon of believability about it. Could Lucas Radebe, the beloved Chief of Elland Road really be heading back to the club as part of a UK group with takeover ambitions?

It’s difficult to imagine anyone who could be more welcome back at the centre of things at Leeds United than Lucas Radebe. He’d be a natural target for any serious consortium looking for a fan-friendly figurehead whose whole-hearted acceptance by supporters would be guaranteed. The rumour runs that this consortium have already had talks with fans group LUST, that they see a pivotal role at the club for Radebe, that they aim to guide United back into Europe – even that (and this is where the timescale seems unfeasibly short) they intend to back Brian McDermott’s recruitment plans in January. Surely things can’t move as fast as that? Or could this be the major investment, described as “close” by Salah Nooruddin last month?

McDermott apparently is seen as integral to the group’s plans, and they’re making the kind of ambitious noises that will have any Leeds fan sitting up, panting eagerly and begging. Lucas might be their ace in the hole, but it would have to follow that there are also substantial resources behind any such bid.

Of course at the moment it’s just a rumour – it’s not even been officially denied yet, and hasn’t stirred more than a ripple on Twitter. But it is a particularly attractive rumour, entirely because of the link with that man Radebe who so many that love the club would give their eye teeth to see return home in glory.

Could it happen? Given the timescale being talked about, we’d be liable to hear more pretty soon if this really is a goer. Watch this space – and fingers crossed.