Happy New Year 2018 & MOT to Leeds Fans Around the World – from Rob Atkinson

Happy New Year!

2017 has seen our great club move out of the darkness and back towards the light that has been at the end of a long tunnel for many years. It’s been a year of progress off the field, with new ownership and the re-acquisition of Elland Road. There has been consolidation on the pitch, with the signing of some exciting talent, and signs that we have a squad with the potential to be competitive at the top end of the Championship. All in all, on the whole, taken all round – it’s been a good year.

2018 is the first full year for this new Leeds United. It can be the year when the modern Whites era really takes off. If the trend continues of progress on the field and increasing crowd numbers in the stands, we can have high hopes of real success. Who knows if 2018 will see Leeds return to the top? But we’re having a go, and – even if this is not our year, we can construct a solid platform to get back where we belong in 2019, the Centenary Year for Yorkshire’s Premier club.

A very Happy New Year to all readers of Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything the world over – and indeed to all Leeds United fans and lovers of this great game, wherever you may be. Let’s hope 2018 brings us all everything we would wish for ourselves and our loved ones – including a certain football club in Leeds 11!

18 responses to “Happy New Year 2018 & MOT to Leeds Fans Around the World – from Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Dare we dream Rob.Happy New Year!!! M.O.T.


  2. David Smith

    Yes I suspect in truth we will have to be patient a little longer, but these are very exciting times for our club & whilst I’m not expecting much in the way of player acquisitions in January, next season could be even better. Happy New Year to you & yours Rob! MOT


  3. kevinmichael1938

    Has i am Leeds United fan for over 40 years now especially I have supported them Since i was 6 years old. I like to wish you a joyful happy new year.         Best wishes.               Kevin. 

    Sent from Samsung tablet.


  4. Rob,

    Happy New Year and here’s to more great blogs for 2018.

    2018 to bring

    1.Jay Roy Grot hat-trick against Newport.
    2.Back breaking shift from Lasogga to the end of season
    3.U23 Youngsters breaking into the 1st team
    4. Kemar Roofe enroling on a body building course


    • Excellent post MH, and done with some taste. 4 wishes are more than the usual ration and should be enough for anyone – so I’m glad you stopped there 👍


  5. Hi Rob. As a Scottish mate of mine said to me today, let’s smash the granny out of 20018! (yeah, well, I’m still trying to work that one out too). Unlike a lot of Leeds fans though, I’m not expecting promotion this season. In fact, I wouldn’t want it. To my way of thinking, we shouldn’t be going up half-cocked. I’d much rather march into to the Plastic League (sorry, Premier League) with a squad that can kick some ass – in style – and stay there.
    But that’s going to take a little time. And if that happens to be a year or two from now, well, so be it. Just a thought: we won the FA Cup in its centenary year (I know ‘coz I wuz there). Wouldn’t it be sweet indeed to win promotion in our centenary year? I appreciate why many amongst our ranks are impatient. We’ve had to put up with a helluva lot these past years. But look at it this way: revenge is a dish best served cold. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride…HNY MOT x


  6. Hear, hear! And a happy, MOT, New Year to you and all Leeds fans.


  7. Life is LUFC

    A very happy New Year to you and yours Rob.
    I would love this season to be Leeds United’s year but like you I suspect we could be looking at next season.
    However I have enjoyed this season so far and will go on enjoying it come what may.
    I’ll carry on waving my scarf fro my armchair, giving them hell if they do something silly but still love them all at the end of the game.
    Carry on with your blogs they are an education and I really enjoy all you have to share with us, not to mention your good old Yorkshire wit.
    As my Yorkshire Passport says…..”On’t 6th day God created t’rest of t’ world and as he was running out of ideas, he created Lancashire.”

    I hope the author does’nt mind me sharing that bit o wisdom.
    Happy New Yaer.


  8. Hope we take this league by the scruff of the neck in 2018 all the best for the year ahead to one and all MOT


  9. Christopher Senior

    I too hope for better things for LUFC in 2018. The developments in 2017 were a step in the right direction but the owner needs to invest more to progress. The team has some quality but they need more and better support .. Taylor and Cook would have been good in the current team.
    MOT in 2018 fingers crossed. 🙂
    Christopher, Perth Western Australia, a supporter since my Father took me to ER for the first time to see the great John Charles play on his return from Juve.


  10. Chad nooky

    Two years ago Leeds were heading for another lower half finish with gates at 22,000. Going into the new year the average crowd is 32,000 + and for consecutive seasons we are in the promotion mix. We have an owner that has established a professional approach and engaged with the support. Steady progress all round and reasons to be optimistic for the year to come. MOT Rob and have an excellent new year.


  11. Howard Mackey

    Happy New Year from Lancashire Rob and to all your readers, very funny Life is LUFC made me smile, all the best.


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