Huddersfield Release Rob Green, Plotting Raid for Leeds Keeper Wiedwald? – by Rob Atkinson

Felix Wiedwald – is “The Cat” heading for the kennels?

Just when Leeds United fans were thinking that humiliations inflicted on them in recent years just can’t get any worse – could near neighbours and Premier League superstars Huddersfield Town now be setting their sights on United’s German goalkeeping sensation Felix “the Cat” Wiedwald? Surely the board wouldn’t be daft enough to allow such a mistake to be made – and yet stranger things have happened, with the Elland Road club having lost jewels from their crown on previous occasions when local rivals have come a-hunting.

Cast your minds back over the past few seasons, and you’ll see that Barnsley were at it, somehow persuading United to sell Alex Mowatt for a paltry £500,000. Mowatt went on to shine in the ranks of Oxford United as a loan star – what a clanger Leeds dropped there.

And it was Barnsley again, some years earlier, paying a significant sum for prolific front man John Pearson. Really, we’ve been shown up far too often, and to lose a genius like Wiedwald now to the Terriers would be a bitter blow indeed. But with Rob Green moving onto pastures new and less obviously canine, there may well be room for “The Cat” in the Huddersfield kennels, as they gird their loins for another gloriously grim battle against relegation.

Town fans just love to put one over on Big Brother from up the road, so you can be sure they’ll be clamouring for their club to make this deal happen. And, with their Premier League trillions burning a hole in those Premier League pockets, Huddersfield are unlikely to be put off, even by an asking price of £10 million, if Leeds were to hold out for something approaching Bundesliga veteran Wiedwald’s true value.

We’ll just have to sit tight, rely on our illustrious neighbours to cut us a break – and hope like hell that this one doesn’t happen.

25 responses to “Huddersfield Release Rob Green, Plotting Raid for Leeds Keeper Wiedwald? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Haha, ‘nice piece!


  2. Nice one. I presume you were the wrong side of a couple, when you wrote this? I like the idea of “the cat” in with those annoying, yappy terriers…


  3. Kevin Weston

    Probably not as far fetched as some of the players/fees that have been linked to us recently!!


  4. Philip of Spain

    Wiedwald The Wizard acrobatically throwing himself towards premiership glory.His trapeze like saves still amaze me.Will the German get the German,I bloody well hope so.


  5. Barnsley must be kicking themselves after the clanger they dropped in letting PH join their rivals. His record at Leeds proves he was the only man who could have kept them up.


  6. gerrycwmbran

    Today please!


  7. Life is LUFC

    Go for it the Terriers do not be put off by the chaps above, you’ll be getting more than you bargained for with the Cat……..well it might work!


  8. Love it needed that 😂😂😂😂


  9. Well written but inaccurate – Felix has had a nightmare season! If town were trying to get their hands on BPF it would be a big blow but I’m sure 99% of fans would welcome a move for Felix to town.


  10. Jim its satire. See page 94 for a full explanation !


  11. Is Jim a Terrier?


  12. Anyone sick of liberalism and having their intelligence insulted? Then have a look at this,…


  13. Phew! HUD’s now turning their attention to Karius. The cat is staying at Leeds!


  14. BTW. Any thoughts on this whole NFL investment thing that seems to be the next big thing in the UK including the SF 49ers input with Leeds and the Fulham owner’s proposed purchase of Wembley Stadium? Do you know anyone who actually professes to follow this weird egg chasing phenomena?
    In my experience only strange trophy hunting, vicarious glory mongers claim to like it. I.e “yeah I’ve always been a big Cleveland Clams fan. It’s just coincidence that they have won the last 25 Superbowls and I’ve never travelled outside of Devon ”
    Arf! MOT


    • You’ve said it all about gridiron for me. Never understood it, never been interested in trying to understand it. It’s all about the money for me, though at least it’s one of my two favourite American cities.


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