Marcelo Bielsa “To Sign Leeds United Contract Tonight” – by Rob Atkinson

It’s happening – Marcelo Bielsa will be the next Leeds United boss. I’m purposely avoiding the terms “manager” and “coach” as being, at this stage, too precise. But the implications of this appointment are that Bielsa’s stringent conditions and requirements have largely been met. In those circumstances, the continuing presence of Victor Orta notwithstanding, “Boss” seems like the best word to use.

The information is reliable, having been tweeted by the famously ITK journalist Phil Hay. So, United have got their man, a stellar appointment to put every other occupant of the Elland Road hotseat, possibly since Terry Venables, firmly into the shade. We must hope that the club intends to be fully honest and open in their dealings with Bielsa; they certainly weren’t with Venables.

Much more on this to come, obviously. In the meantime, we must wish our new Boss all the best, getting right behind him from Day One. This could and should be a pivotal moment in the illustrious history of a club approaching its centenary. From here, the only way should be up.

Welcome to Leeds United, Marcelo Bielsa. May you meet early with the success we all wish you.

16 responses to “Marcelo Bielsa “To Sign Leeds United Contract Tonight” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. mark winstanley

    i have just cum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To the concluzion of weeks of heartache and worry that there really is a god.

    mighty whites pride and joy of my xdreams

    a special massiar has dawned , yra boys unite in pride, southend sellouts feel the deppened voice this is our life centurians almigthy whites ,come one come alkl, wwe will battle and destoy, moses chap011. verb ls 🙂


  2. At last we can breathe again Rob.
    The best thing for me is that he has looked at everything, and studied the squad in great detail watching hours of videos.
    He means to succeed, and not just “be happy to be here, at LU”


  3. On paper an excellent appointment and highly welcomed my the majority of fans. Whether or not his coaching approach will thrive in the championship may depend on getting the right players to get the best out of his style of play. There has been significant press speculation that Bielsa has a liking for Vydra. If that is the case it will be interesting to see the level of our recruitment now. I suspect for what it is worth, that our owner is really going to throw the kitchen sink at achieving some form of success in 18/19.
    Hugely excited and optimistic that we are at least wisely speculating to accumulate.


  4. Thanks Rob for being the journalist that broke the news I’ve been so ravenously awaiting. The appointment almost feels religious. I was at the England friendly last week and Elland Road was rocking, packed to the rafters, cheek burning flame throwers on the pitch-side & flags galore. The noise was thunderous. It gives me a glimpse of what we can all make Elland Road again in the near future. I really hope ‘Boss’ is the jigsaw puzzle piece we so badly need. It’s been missing for some time and I hope Tim Vickery is wrong about our boss, that his methods will still have a great impact on the English game. Its a mad experiment. One which hopefully ends in flame throwers in the Prem next year, with Elland Road rocking. If we want to keep him as fans we have a duty to help him fall for our crazy club.


  5. Any news Rob?


  6. Tim Campbell

    Like most Leeds junkies, I am experiencing a high at the minute, akin to the time I was administered morphine during last hospital visit. Unfortunately when the morphine was taken away, the pain returned. I use this analogy because all too often as long suffering Leeds fans we had the bottle of morphine dangling above our hospital bed, with the numbing effect of no more pain, only to have it cruelly taken away from us, leaving us facing reality and facts once again.
    This appointment is different on so many levels Rob, as you have been at pains to point out to all who would listen. The key here isn’t simply the coaching skills Biesla will bring, as exciting as those may be. No the key is what other little treasure chests will be opened through this appointment. His reputation alone will attract a calibre of player that was previously beyond our grasp. This opens up an exciting opportunity for the club that MUST be availed of. Of course we are talking money, and big money, but our Italian Stallion Radz appears to believe it can be achieved through Biesla, and surely must back him to the hilt.
    Trimming the squad will be crucial, this will not be the year to carry any deadwood forward with the club. The next few weeks will be exciting, as our expectations are finally realised, and quality, YES REAL QUALITY players come to our great club.
    The days of unmet expectation are at an end, a new dawn has broken above LS11, no more impotency, this is Leeds United on Viagra!!😁👍


  7. king sniffer

    One thing I’d like to mention; the much maligned Orta needs some kudos for his part in this. Let’s hope that he and Bielsa can now work together on the transfer front. Here’s to a level of anticipation we haven’t seen for many a year! MOT


    • Agreed. It seems he went for this and got it over the line. Likely also that he’ll have to cede some of his areas of responsibility to Bielsa, or at least defer to him in those areas. Quite selfless, seems to be determined to do what’s best for LUFC, past mistakes notwithstanding.


  8. Well Rob we finally got our man. At the risk of sounding naive do you think that he will be the man to finally get the best from the existing players or conduct a complete clean out and attract better players. Somewhere in the middle would be my preference as I have seen so much potential in so many players last season that I would love to see what they are actually capable of with good management and better players around them. Obviously we need to spend some real money but imagine if he could re invent some of the potential talent already there. Youngsters notwithstanding he may even make Orta look good 😁.


    • If that’s naïve, then I plead guilty to naïveté. I think we’re bound to recruit significantly, but there are also players in the current squad I’d expect Bielsa to improve – Saiz and Alioski, for example, maybe Roofe if he stays. Then there’s Klich and how he might be a good partner for Forshaw. And so on. This is the middle way for me, add to what we have whilst improving those existing assets (and pruning some dead wood). In other words mate, I think you’re spot on – MOT


    • This has become a Worldwide story, and has pushed us
      into the spotlight for a good reason!
      It is of course early days and anything can happen, but it should be a blast.
      Too early to get carried away but I have been smiling all day.
      His time at Lille was a disaster, but let’s hope he has learnt from that.


  9. Life is LUFC

    One down just the players to sort out now.


  10. Yes,yes and yes again! There’s a team on the box right now playing in all white and they are superb. They are currently beating a team in red 3-2. Pass and move magic. I might be having a premonition. I might be a bit tipsy but by crikey I’m excited! SUPER LEEDS! SMILEY BADGE ! SOCK TAGS ! Etc


  11. Wow! Welcome Marcelo. I can feel the buzz from exile in sunny Leicester. Massive appointment for a massive club. Only positive vibes. Watch our Pep . MOT


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