Man City Hotshot Set For Leeds United Move – by Rob Atkinson

Despite interest from other prominent Championship clubs, it appears that Pep Guardiola’s deep respect for Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa will see another of Manchester City’s young tearaways link up with the Whites for a season at Elland Road.

Lukas Nmecha is a strong, powerful speed machine with an eye for goal. Coveted by many, he should prove to be a real asset to whichever club can lure him away from the Etihad for the duration of this campaign. Leeds appear to be in the mix for young Nmecha, 19, and the links between Bielsa and Guardiola could see United clinch a deal.

It would appear also that Nmecha may not be the only late-window arrival at Elland Road, with a hectic and exciting few days in prospect next week.

But first… Stoke City on Sunday. Watch out for a match reaction and talking points here on Monday.

12 responses to “Man City Hotshot Set For Leeds United Move – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Developing the prospects of Man City and Chelsea rather than our own doesn’t sit well with me.
    I’d only consider the loans of players who we have the opportunity tof sign permanently


  2. It doesn’t matter whether you can sign loan players ,what matters is getting back to the prem league. If City loan players and they help the cause then job done. City have recently sold a few loan players Ennis Unal being one ,they stipulate a buy back clause of double the price paid. Roberts and Garcia would also be immense for Leeds. I’ve been going to City for 40+ years . Leeds were always the game to look forward to , all these pony clubs getting promoted. The Prem needs Leeds, Mint supporters great club . Hope you do it this season


  3. Really not bothered about developing players from the current top Prem clubs if it helps achieve promotion. It only concerns me when clubs in the Prem loan players to other Prem clubs then stipulate they cannot play against the owning club. This effectively gives the top clubs another half squad of players potentiallly taking points off their rivals. This just skews the competition further in the top clubs favour. Nice words from Nige and I would be more than happy for Leeds to accommodate a couple of quality City players in our quest.


  4. Come on Rob I’m buzzing! Get blogging!
    “Every man jack of this Leeds team is now turning it on” (David Coleman BBC Leeds vs Soton 7-0 1972). All good. Virtually same line up but diff formation to last year improvements everywhere. Yes Stoke were poor but …I thought prior to the game that Stoke would boss it but Leeds could sneak a result. We mullered them!
    Early doors and all that cobblers but many reasons to cheerful! MOT


  5. Rob, I seem to have lost contact so I’m posting this message just so you can notify me of new posts


  6. My parents call me cunt face.


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