Head Coach Report: Marcelo Bielsa

A thorough analysis of the philosophy and tactical approach of Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa.

7 responses to “Head Coach Report: Marcelo Bielsa

  1. I’m the deluded bastard who thinks I can get you banned from NewsNow, even though you’ve been continuously there for years. I’m too much of a coward to provide legit contact details, though.


  2. Thanks for posting the article. It gives a good insight into Bielsa’s tactical thinking. Genius subs from Bielsa last night. Actually pleased that Swansea gave Leeds a real fright. I didn’t want to get carried away too soon.

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  3. Manston White

    Shhhh. Most managers won’t know this as they read the DailyFail


  4. Mike Durham

    Excellent article Rob ; I saw a similar report on Paul Heckingbottom’s tactical vision recently…it was a blank page

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  5. Rob, thanks for posting this (much in need of editing – e.g. ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ etc) analysis of Beilsa’s system…

    Any ‘winning’ system of one football team will be analysed by opposition managers with a view to its destruction – we saw this when Leeds was destroyed by Millwall last term.

    Opposition managers identify the strengths of an opposing team and set up their side to eliminate those strengths – for instance, Swansea identified Phillips as the key to Leeds’ game play and closed him down.

    However, the cleverness of Beilsa’s system is that it is not dependent upon individual players. Beilsa’s system is close to the World Wide Web of Tim Berners-Lee wherein if one element in a system is removed, other elements come into play to ensure the system continues to work.


  6. Chris Winter

    Thank you for reblogging my article Rob. I’m quite intrigued to know the Leeds United fans think of him, his style of play and the way he approaches the game. Its a shame what’s happened to Leeds over the last 15 years and it would be great to see them back in the premiership and even more so with Bielsa.


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