Could Yaya Toure REALLY Sign for Leeds United? – by Rob Atkinson

We’re very nearly at the point now when we can knock all of the transfer talk on the head, at least until January. It all comes to a halt on Friday, and the word is that Leeds will be bringing at least one new face in, many tipping Chelsea’s Izzy Brown to arrive on loan.

But there exists another interesting (to say the least) possibility, with the news that free agent Yaya Touré, late of champions Manchester City and still a stellar talent, has passed a medical in London, prior to a move to a mystery club.

Yaya has let it be known that he’s not concerned with earning megabucks, and is more interested in a challenging project. It’s well-known that anybody who goes to Leeds, and is instrumental in the awakening of that sleeping giant, will be accorded lifelong “Legend” status. So, from that point of view, the move is not only possible, it would undeniably fit the bill for both parties.

Yaya would be immense for Leeds United – if he joined up, you might as well deliver him to Elland Road as a bargain bundle to include the League Championship trophy. Whether or not English football’s new Godfather, Marcelo Bielsa, would see him as a good addition to his squad has to be another matter – and, as we know, Marcelo knows best.

But Yaya Touré is still world class, he’s cheap (ish) and he’d be an amazing coup even for a major club like Leeds. It’d be a capture in the same class as that of Gordon Strachan thirty years ago. I’d like to think that this is one of those unlikely rumours that actually has legs.

17 responses to “Could Yaya Toure REALLY Sign for Leeds United? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Thinlizzywhite

    Something special if that came about.


  2. Interesting!


  3. Kal Sandhu

    Simply amazing that I had been thinking the same thing about Yaya join LUFC.


  4. Dream on


  5. I doubt he would come to Leeds, but it would be an amazing signing.


  6. Jack Thompson

    hope to god this happens, not only would he help us get promotion, hed probably help us survive in the prem.


  7. Paul dolby

    it’s amazing that toure
    and Leeds are even mentioned in the same sentence a player of his calibre in a Leeds shirt WOW but any Leeds medical would surely be in Leeds not London which makes me think its a london club not leeds
    keep the faith


  8. Philip of Spain.

    You Wish,Rob!!!!


  9. Life is LUFC

    So that’s what you have been doing for the last few weeks……dreaming the dream and what a dream:-)


  10. Life is LUFC

    I’m still asleep and will stay that way until the end of the season….I’m afraid to wake up.


  11. Graham Atkinson

    Brilliant foresight, as usual Rob, I seriously hope you are right. In any case, Leeds do already have a good squad, but, as I see it, with this man in charge the play offs may well be construed as a failure. Top two is what all the massive LUFC fanbase want, and I believe that both the Chairman, and the head coach have this completly on board.
    I personally think with a couple of quality signings, we could actually go up this season, and THEN, the money to stay there will come in. The “Giant” has awoken ???


    • It’s been great so far, if we can just get these three points against the Smoggies, then have the chance for two weeks to do some more work on learning how to play Bielsaball – then you never know. This lad Izzy Brown on loan from Chelsea could be important between October and the next window in January.


  12. ian macintosh

    ” PLEASE “….M.O.T.


  13. Peter Rollinson

    Rob something completely different. What do you think about doing a blog about the current whereabouts,and what they are doing,of the players who played for Don Revie. It would mean a lot of work for you I know but just an idea


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