Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything Registers Three Millionth Hit – by Rob Atkinson

Somebody, somewhere, reading this or some other recent blog post on Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything, will become the three millionth hit on my labour of love. Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything has progressed from humble beginnings, when articles attracted maybe a few dozen readers, on through several successful years where one article topped 30,000 hits all on its own.

Because of the demands of other work, I cannot now devote as much attention to what is still a one man operation. That’s why each successive million hits has taken longer to achieve, with this third one dragging on, seemingly for ages. But here we are at last, with that three millionth hit imminent. Maybe the fourth million will be easier and quicker, especially if Leeds United can achieve the higher status we’re all hoping and praying for.

Whatever happens in the future, I’m grateful to everyone who has ever clicked on an article in this blog, to all those who have written in with their viewpoints on various issues, for the debates, both serious and funny, and for those who have supported this undertaking financially. For every hit, right from number one up until that golden three millionth, and for those yet to come, I am profoundly thankful. A blog is nothing without readers and clearly, I have the best of the best.

Onwards and upwards now for both blog and club. Marching On Together.

20 responses to “Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything Registers Three Millionth Hit – by Rob Atkinson

  1. MOT indeed Rob, keep up the good work!


  2. James wright

    Fantastic job
    Keep up the great work
    I read every article with 100percent interest and funnily enough..agreement
    If only there was more!
    Here’s to the next million and beyond
    Best regards


  3. Johnny Bangkok

    Well done Rob. Enjoy your posts and please keep up the good work! So glad we are finally seeing team performances worthy of your long service to the cause!


  4. Aussie Dave

    Thanks Rob for the quality you produce. Keep up the great work.


  5. Gerald Hobbs

    Congratulations Rob! Simply the best LUFC Blog!
    Here’s to the next 1,000,000!


  6. Philip of Spain.

    The reason for your success Rob is your unadulterated love for Leeds United, which shines through every time a blog comes out.The love you also show for a certain team on the dark side of the Pennines and in the depths of jellied eel land also endeers you to the faithful.More!!!!


  7. Reality Cheque

    Proof indeed, if proof was needed, that Leeds United always bring more!
    Great posts Rob which make a refreshing change in this age of “twitter”ing and WUMS. Thank you so much for all your time, effort and hard work. ALAW


  8. Peter Rollinson

    Three million Rob, really !!! Fantastic achievement. Keep up the good work, I read all of your blogs with pleasure and agree with you on 99% of your comments. The other 1% is’nt worth bothering about !
    MOT Rob


  9. Great stuff Rob & hopefully Leeds will be awarded a penalty before you get to 4 million 😭😭 MOT WACCOE


  10. Looking forward to your blog the day after we are at last returned to the promised land.Great stuff Rob you entertain as well as inform, best blog on the net many thanks.


  11. howard mackey

    Fantastic Rob i enjoy everything about this site ,coming from the dark side of the Pennines and being a seventy five year old i still come and watch our beloved Leeds,well done lad.
    Regards H.


  12. thanks very much for your views on LUFC as well as other things its always a real pleasure to read them all MOT


  13. You are one of the only truly witty bloggers out there. Always a pleasure Rob. All the best from Michael in Brighouse. Your hatred of the south supporters scum is refreshing too!


  14. Always a good read Rob. Looking forward to your thoughts on Leeds’ enevitable 2021 Champions League triumph!


  15. 3 million, I remember how giddy you were to hit a million .. don’t know where you find the energy me old mucker..
    P.s the EFL is bent as fu*k


    • Cheers Mr O – long time no hear, hope you’re OK and enjoying Bielsaball 🙂


      • Mr orange

        having MB in charge is like a breath of fresh air.. hope your ok too mate, season is looking good so far and fingers crossed we don’t get too many injuries and we’ll have a good shot at going up..


  16. Life is LUFC

    Sorry Rob I have been away for a few days.
    I really enjoy reading your words of wisdom. Have I made it 3m for you yet.


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