Former Whites Skipper In Blistering Attack on Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

Kenny Burns praying for justice for Notts Forest

Former Leeds United captain Kenny Burns has added his voice to the chorus of disapproval over Kemar Roofe‘s late equaliser against Notts Forest at the weekend. Leeds had been trailing for most of the game, despite dominating play, when Roofe struck with time running out to secure United the point which was the least they had deserved. But Burns was unhappy, and has been quoted as saying that Forest were “robbed”. I use the term “has been” advisedly.

Burns, of course, served Forest with some distinction in the late seventies, before sealing a move to Elland Road in a £400,000 deal in 1981. His main claim to fame in the white shirt is helping get Leeds relegated in 1982, and it would seem that he’d rather forget his time at United, preferring to adopt the “whinging ex-pro” role for the Nottingham local rag. In this capacity, he has apparently set himself up as judge and jury with a Notts Forest bias, bleating at length about what he clearly sees as cheating.

The man at the centre of the row, Roofe himself, remains unrepentant, pointing out that it’s the referee’s job to spot any infringements and rule accordingly. It does seem rather ironic that those of a “Tricky Trees” persuasion, including it would appear Sky TV, should be squealing about robbery, when their team almost blagged three points from a game in which they’d been totally outplayed.

But there you go. As anyone would confirm who saw Burns play, he may not be the best judge of fairness on a football pitch. Chalk up another professional Leeds United hater who’s just had to suck it up since last Saturday. The very best of hard cheese, too.

This blog will be keeping a close eye on future words of wisdom from Kenny Burns – particularly in the wake of any situation where Notts Forest benefit from a debatable ref call, like this one, for instance. But – being all too familiar with the blinkered hypocrisy of the Burns type of pundit – we won’t be holding our breath…

26 responses to “Former Whites Skipper In Blistering Attack on Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

  1. This man Burns had one of the worst attitudes I’ve ever seen from a Leeds player. His lazy, don’t-leave-the-centre-circle display when playing up front at West Brom in the match that effectively got us relegated in 1982 had to be seen to believed. He just left Terry Connor to run his socks off in the cause, which he always did. I have nil respect for Burns as a player… or a pundit.


    • That’s how I recall it too. Well said.


    • I sat behind him at the very next game as a starry eyed kid when we opened our division 2 campaign at Grimsby and he was suspended.
      He was so rude to my dad and I when I asked for his autograph.
      Never liked him since


  2. Robert Parr

    Kenny Burns, wow! How Scotland have managed to win nothing without him, we’ll never know! Wait a minute…….
    What a let down after all the great Scottish players that have performed at Elland Road. Most of the players got what it was about playing for our great club and have remained forever attached, but he was never Leeds, he was a Clough-ite through and through.


  3. ‘Burns in Hell’ as far as I’m concerned! Leeds outplayed Notts Forest and should have had a win. If there was any cheating involved it was Notts Forest playing anti-football. The anti-football tactics that opponents are using against Leeds – ‘parking the bus’ and relying on set piece scenarios – are cheating fans out of enjoying a proper game of football. Leeds has to get out of this Demi-Mond league!


  4. Burns was another player who came to Leeds when he was wellpast his best . I remember the night we were relegated at West Brom as one of the worst in the clubs history and Burns was in the thick of it.
    Interesting that someone of a Forest persuasion reckons Leeds always choke when in sight of promotion. A bit rich I would say but people like Ken are best ignored in my opinion.


  5. I don’t recall Forest fans thanking us for there promotion from League 1 in 2007/08, after we got deducted 15 points and they went up by default.

    They have spent a lot of money with very little quality to show for it, just taking out their frustration on Cloughies favourites.


  6. I have no doubt that Burns will reckon that the mighty Burton Albion simply MUST have cheated to be 2-1 up ( at time of writing) of course, it might just be they’re poor with a worse than poor manager. Karanka .. rhymes with ???????


  7. Burns could do with a bit of choking himself, on those Pies he’s putting away.

    He was overweight even when he played for us, never looked fit.


  8. Thinlizzywhite

    Lest we forget … we are Leeds …. so the only dirty, cheating team to grace a pitch world wide … and I’m proud of it!


  9. I had to laugh at the article that referred to Kenny Burns as a Forrest LEGEND.

    I can think of a few words to describe Burns, however LEGEND isn’t one of them.


  10. Mark Grost

    Who is Kenny Burns, don’t remember him in a white shirt actually playing for us.


  11. another ken talking shite. who would have thought it ?


  12. Kevin Mcgarrigle

    We’re so “not famous anymore” we’ve got forest fans watching our under 23’s just to comment about cheating.
    I thought there was a law against stalking😂😂😂

    Come on now, it was Forests cup final


  13. If anyone would care to look up Kenny burns sticking the nut on Richie Powling its on YouTube. What a cheeky b—–d he is calling out Kemar Roofe. This from a bloke who used to saw his studs in order to make them stick to his opponents legs when he was sliding in. Perhaps the Scottish blimp should keep his drunken ramblings to himself. His mentor clough had a cheek too as anyone who’s seen the World In Action episode will see. Its on YouTube now from what i gather and well worth a watch. He should have been thrown in jail.


  14. Life is LUFC

    The way the football media and pundits and LEG ENDS are carrying on you’d think this was the first ever hand ball in the game of football.
    Perhaps the management team at the club full of deadwood should also ask for an appreciation from the Ref’s union to visit their, oh god you cannot call them players but you get what I mean……just as Kinnear did for the Leeds players. The Ref’s decision is final……live with it, Leeds do every week. The fans have their say for a couple of hours, take an asprin and then get on with life.
    No need to add opinions on Burns there are plenty above to choose from and much better than I can think of too.


  15. Steve Clark

    Before Kenny Burns criticises Leeds United he should remember that during his time at Leeds in the early 1980’s he got more out of the club than he put into it. Under his captaincy Leeds lost their place in the top division. The club has very little to thank him for.


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