Leeds Loan Star Brown: Izzy Making the Bench for Stoke Away? – by Rob Atkinson

Given that Leeds United’s loan signing from Chelsea, Izzy Brown, successfully negotiated 90 minutes of a development squad match today, scoring a brace to secure victory, many will be wondering if we might be about – at long, long last – to see the talented midfielder involved at first team level for the Whites.

It’s an intriguing question, especially insofar as next Saturday’s fixture at Stoke is concerned, as Kalvin Philips will be serving the last of a three match ban. Against that, the eleven that started against Derby probably all deserve to retain their places. But the bench for that game was seriously inexperienced – so is that where we could see Izzy Brown starting off on Saturday?

My guess would be that, given Brown’s own “almost there” verdict after his second string appearance today, it’s reasonably likely that the lively midfielder will be involved at least as a sub against Stoke. And that would provide a great new option for Marcelo Bielsa, depending on how that game is going.

Brown’s imminent first team availability is well timed, with the second half of the season well under way, and the prospect of other returnees such as Bamford, Dallas, Douglas and Berardi perhaps a little further down the line. The received wisdom amongst United fans is that squad reinforcements are urgently needed – and yet the squad has coped magnificently with the rigours of the campaign so far. The appearance of Izzy on the bench at Stoke could herald the spectacle of a United squad pulsing with strength in depth for what will hopefully be a run-in to the Championship Title and automatic promotion.

Fingers crossed, whatever happens with Izzy Brown next weekend, for another three points at Stoke City. But, however that goes, the return of a few injured stars as well as the fresh dimension offered by Brown and the likes of emerging talents Shackleton and Clarke surely bodes well for the immediate future of Leeds United.

12 responses to “Leeds Loan Star Brown: Izzy Making the Bench for Stoke Away? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Thinlizzywhite

    Let’s hope he can make an impact and bolster the squad. However, as seriously inexperienced our bench was as you say; they whooped Derby with an outstanding performance.
    A sad whinging bunch they turned out to be no matter what you believe morally on the spying issue.
    Interesting to see Frank Lampard all but calling Andre Villas-Boas an outright liar. He needs to shut up now before he burries himself … quite funny really to see Bielsa as the one coming out of this with the most integrity in my opinion.


  2. It looks as though David Wagner formerly of Huddersfield could be looking for a job. He has got an unfashionable club promoted from the Championship, should Frank be looking over his shoulder?


  3. Brown on the bench is a deffo possibility. I thought Forshaw looked a bit vulnerable after recent performances but he was superb on Friday.
    Therefore I think the starting eleven will remain.
    Although I suppose that could change depending on any intel reported back to Bielsa from whatever bit of wasteland Stoke train on.LOL. MOT


  4. Reality Cheque

    Fingers crossed indeed for Izzy Rob. What has seemed like an ill judged gamble for so long this season may just prove to be a masterstroke by Orta who is attracting his own legendary status as his recruitment strategy begins to bear fruit big time.

    I do remain rather concerned about Bamford though Rob, (who Bielsa stated in his pre- Blackburn presser, was due to return early in January). We are of course in mid January and Bamford is not yet appearing in U23 games as a precursor to making the first team. Lets hope his injury nightmare is coming to an end for this very talented lad who is desperate to re-join the team and contribute to our push for promotion.


    • I think maybe the situation at present, with Tyler Roberts fit and ready, and with the unexpected quality of supply from wide areas, enhanced by young Clarke, we may feel we have the luxury of affording Bamford the luxury of full recovery time. I still think he’ll play his part in the run-in, and that would be very, very good news as this boy is a consummate finisher. If you haven’t seen it already, Google his goal for Boro at Sunderland last season. Exquisite.


  5. Tim Campbell

    And with the Coup de Grace being Casilla in goal, we have every right to be optimistic in the run in to glory. I hasten to add that it would be a wonderful epitaph to the bravest Leeds fan we had, young Toby!! MOT😔


  6. Reality Cheque

    Whilst we are in the transfer window and rumoured to be seriously pursuing “team strengthening” I seriously hope that our club will also recruit a much stronger, experienced and formidable legal representative who is capable of challenging the relevant football authorities who are “now investigating” an incident which did not involve the commission of any “offence”

    So far we have heard calls for a re-match, points deduction, hefty fines, touchline bans etc., from Derby County staff and Sky Sports employees.

    Whilst our Chairman has sought to defuse the furore by meeting his Derby counterpart at the earliest opportunity and apologising in person and giving assurances that Bielsa and his staff will be reminded of their duty to act within the standards of integrity upon which our club has been built, our Chairman needs to ensure that he protects our club and its employees from those amongst “the powers that ” seek to yet again set a precedent against Leeds United by meting out a totally disproportionate or indeed unjustifiable punishment without fear of it being vehemently challenged by Leeds United Football Club.

    As promotion to the Premier League becomes a realistic possibility for the first time in many years I would also like our club to become as defensively strong off the field as it has become on the field. Leeds United can no longer allow itself to be bullied and discriminated against by the football authorities.
    We are no longer run by discreditable people like Bates, GFH, or Cellino and should therefore become far more prepared to stand up against blatantly inconsistent and unjustifiable punitive actions against us by the powers that be.
    The most recent and clear example of this inconsistency is when Pontus was banned and fined whilst within weeks a player from another team wasn’t even charged and at very least warned regarding his future conduct.
    Rant over Rob. ALAW


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