How Trash Media is Giving an Undeserved Platform to the Clueless End of the Leeds Support – by Rob Atkinson


The Leeds United purveyor of clueless rubbish – now with own media platform

One of the worst things about any Leeds United defeat is venturing on to social media afterwards and having your senses bombarded by the witless comments of the knowledge-free element of Leeds United’s online support – those armchair experts who are suddenly sure that they know far better than Marcelo Bielsa and that, into the bargain, they are somehow equipped to do a far better job, be it in player recruitment, tactics, selection or coaching. The easy thing to do, of course, is laugh at such brainless rubbish, as well as at the overgrown spoilt children who spout it. But the time after a chastening defeat is a raw and uncomfortable interlude – perhaps it’s better to stay away from Twitter, Facebook and the other mouthpieces of the terminally idiotic, and concentrate on more informed sources instead.

Sadly, though, even that course is not free from its irritant factor. Because, over the past year or so, it’s been noticeable just how many of these “news sources” seem to consist largely of websites that spend far too much time trawling the gutter section of social media, and recycling the arrant nonsense to be found there as some sort of reportage. So, you get headlines like:




Rubbish like that will always get the clicks, of course, which has to be the sole reason for quoting such uninformed, nay, brainless sources in the first place. But it’s all so dismally disappointing, and moreover it’s incredibly depressing that so many so-called fans will provide such material in the first place, when their first and only function is to support the team. The point is that, before the advent of social media, the ramblings of such ignoramus fans would only bother those unlucky enough to live with them, or perhaps share a public bar with them in those difficult early post-defeat hours. But now, everyone can tell the world their idiot opinions and, as if that were not bad enough, there’s some eager hack ready to take such bletherings down, for quotation and recycling as “news”. That’s such a crock, I can hardly bear to write about it. As if it’s not bad enough having that IQ deficient has-been Robbie Savage foisted upon us. At least he once played the game, or at least his own version of it.

I exempt Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything, of course, from these very salient and all too relevant remarks, along with various other highly reputable Leeds United blogs, and even some from other clubs too. The problem that I’m targeting – and I’m entirely sincere about this – is the consequence of the knee-jerk reaction merchant, who simply goes onto Twitter or Facebook to vent some spleen, with no thought or intention of being taken seriously as news – and who then finds him or herself quoted as some sort of authority, even when they’re calling a respected footballer some childish name, or otherwise making solid gold asses of themselves. You’re always going to get that, sadly – the real guilty parties are those who lazily reap these worthless comments wholesale and retail them piecemeal, simply as clickbait. It’s deeply annoying – and God only knows what the professionals must make of it. The fact of the matter is that what some herbert in Bramley thinks is not news – but it’s being presented as such by cynical opportunists, along with the collective lack of wisdom of the dimmer end of Leeds United’s (or any club’s, for that matter) support.

It appears, though, that trash media will be with us for as long as there are enough clueless so-called “fans” to spout their rubbish into the ether – and that’s likely to be forever, as we live in the age of instant and unconsidered opinion. It’s almost enough to make you miss the days when the worst problem of this sort were the sad little legion of pub bores. At least, with them, at the cost of a pint of perfectly good ale, you could if you so chose empty your glass over their thick heads and douse the problem that way. Maybe some virtual equivalent of that drastic option would be a useful next step for those who seek to improve the Internet and online news experience.

I’m honestly not putting the knock on thousands of football fans out there with perfectly valid views – it’s just that those fans seem to be both in the minority and ignored by the said trash media, who only want the laughably extreme views – because that’s what gets the clicks. Every now and again, you get somebody sensible being quoted, or maybe a knowledgeable ex-pro – but it’s becoming rarer, because so many “news sources”, the online equivalents of the Sun or Daily Sport, choose this easy, lazy option of scraping the social media barrel and giving a voice to those who would, quite frankly, be better off with laryngitis.

Let these opportunist websites do a bit of honest work, for a change, and switch to seeking quotes from the clued-up and not the clueless. And let the rentagob “fans”, who seem to think they know better than a world-renowned coach like Bielsa, stick to the pub where they belong. And may they end up with those well-deserved and nobly sacrificed pints right over their empty heads.

17 responses to “How Trash Media is Giving an Undeserved Platform to the Clueless End of the Leeds Support – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Social media encourages slack brained fuck wits for one powerful reason: it makes money out of their complicity.


  2. Been thinking for a while that some Leeds fans should be banned from Twitter, look at them today, is BPF really better than Kiko??? The mind absolutely boggles at some of these inane (and insane) comments


  3. Chris Wheeler

    It’s not just social media but the pathetic cheap shots from the biased Sky commentary team about our loss due to “Bielsa wasn’t able to spy on Norwich” hahaha aren’t we so funny. The only surprise for me this weekend was the EFLs failure to announce a spy gate update an hour before kickoff

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  4. Neil Taylor

    Too true Rob – don’t do social media and all the other rubbish although guilty of reading all things Leeds United can’t help it been a drug for over 40 years – MOT.


  5. What is strange is the timelines on these tweets. A large proportion are posted during the 90 mins I’ve noticed and there’s always the possibility that their latest target could redeem themselves. Why anyone would want to sit watching the game on telly poised over a laptop is beyond me. Just watch the bloody match and enjoy it,or endure it. We all know who has played poorly but these halfwits want to be first with the news. You are bores of the highest order.


    • Jonathan Atha

      Up at 4.30 am to watch the game here in Australia and found myself thinking at halftime just how many of these players will be deemed unfit to wear the shirt over the next few days. Turned over to watch the Leeds rhinos getting towelled up by Warrington. Perhaps the cricket then? Afraid not. Windies kicking our butts there. Bad night all round but you are perfectly correct as usual Rob. It’s painful enough losing a big game like that but worse when clueless morons help to rub it in.
      P.S. Thank goodness for the England rugby team 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


  6. King of Spain

    Thanks for expressing the daily shitfest I endure when I go to newsnow>leedsunited here in exile in the US. Thank god for decent blogs like yours, and the better LUFC podcasts. One good thing about not being within 6000 miles of ER every match day is I don’t have to listen to Robbie Savage, or go into Smiths and see the shite press spouting their anti Leeds bollocks. I am not panicking, nor is any White who knows his football onions…most importantly nor will Bielsa.


  7. Gerald Hobbs

    Put simply – on the day Norwich played OUR game better than we did! They played up the pitch, were quicker to every ball and stifled everything we did! Move on to next week – and learn by it!


  8. A lot of fans are still angry after the transfer window disappointment.
    It was a real cock up, and we were desperate for a good performance to show we did not need the 3 players ‘better than the ones we have’ to take us up.
    We ended up with Real Madrid’s 3rd choice goalkeeper,
    and a boy for the U23’s.
    I never expected anything from the window (seasoned Leeds fan!) and I was not disappointed!
    Victor said last week that recruiting players was 60% of his job.
    I know it is difficult with little money to spend, but if we do our traditional slide down the League, we’ll not be too surprised.
    However, I feel confident with a good shake in training, and Kalvin back in midfield we should bounce back.
    Being a Leeds pessimist is less painful, knowing or history.
    Have we the mental strength??
    In Marcelo we trust!!


  9. Having lived through Bates, GFH & Cellino, the moaners and pessimists we right.
    The ‘he saved our club’ brigade allowed those blood suckers to survive – some longer than others.
    These owners bought our club (including Radz), for their own benefit – not ours!!


  10. So true Rob, it winds me up that even after a win some of the stories dwell upon the one player who contributed less.
    There really is an element of our ‘fans’ who seem to enjoy slating players. I think of the recent treatment of Philips and Cooper who even though making mistakes gave 100%. An attribute we appreciate at Leeds.
    We’re still joint first. Let’s March on together


  11. Bang on as usual.


  12. Life is LUFC

    I would like to add another aspect of today’s media and especially those who get articles on News Now, so all the usual suspects are covered, are the words used when an up and coming match is thought to be a game changer/table changer…….CLASH really gets me annoyed and the other week one of them managed to incorporate STICK THE KNIFE IN. There are many other individual words used and you do not need me to name all of them but they all encourage mindless actions by some of the population. The knife one really should have been D listed, in today’s society that weapon is causing untold misery and has no place in any publication.


  13. Leeds, The Universe, Life. Hi Rob. These are the reasons I find myself reading the blogs. For one who wishes social media was never invented, for one who loves stimulating conversation face to face with like minded people who are blessed with a natural aptitude to discuss and debate the complex issues of life itself I cannot believe I get embroiled in this .
    You would think reading these contributions would be inspiring, a feeling of belonging, a pick me up but most of all a rallying call. Alas, far from it. Insults, character assassination, soul destroying, utter contempt and rejection. All this elaborately entwined in foul, vicious and often obscene adjectives. The really sickening thing is that these are our own fans and the very same who delight in ridiculing Millwall.
    With this lot we don’t need the FA or the EFL or the media to destroy our club, we are quite happy to do it ourselves. Much as I try to be positive, I cannot help fearing the backlash these so called fans will vent on the coach and club should we fail. Are they so thick and stupid to realise that we all want the best. Put these peoplef in the boardroom, let them spend a week with the coach the training staff, the physics, the PLAYERS and they would completely change their tune by realising just how much EVERYONE wants the same success but more importantly that it is just NOT THAT Easy. Sixteen games to go and I will not cave in and neither will those guys on the pitch


  14. Grenville Hair

    Twitter rubbish is just white (sic) noise can’t say i care or take any notice. More concerning is absurdly biased punditry. Watched the game on TV and Don Goodman was practically punching the air with joy. And he’s not even the worst offender. It’s nearly half a century since we dominated English football for the one and only time – it is the mainstream media that maintains the ‘it’s OK to hate Leeds for no explicable reason’ narrative. The club shoots itself in the foot all right but that hardly explains it


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