Football League Effectively Confirms That Nutting Leeds Players at Elland Road is Quite Acceptable – by Rob Atkinson


Tim Krul takes matters into his own head after Saturday’s Leeds v Norwich game

It is expected that, in line with the Football League‘s permissive policy on headbutting Leeds United footballers, Norwich City goalkeeper Tim Krul will face no further or retrospective action after his final whistle dash to the halfway line, where he “appeared to lean his head into Bamford’s” as tempers ran high.

Normally, this is the sort of aggressive action that could see a player booked or even sent off – and Krul had already been cautioned for a flying elbow into the neck of Tyler Roberts during the first half. But now the Football League have confirmed that, following the precedent set when Brentford’s Sergi Canos nutted United’s Ezgjan Alioski during a match at Elland Road back in October, it is perfectly alright for visiting players to butt anyone they like, as long as the target is wearing a Leeds United shirt.

Football League spokesman Lee D. Shater observed “Yes, this is normally the sort of thing we’d take a dim view of, of course it is. But we have to administer discipline according to precedent, and quite clearly the Brentford incident went unpunished, so Mr. Krul is in the clear as regards to this one”.

When asked by Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything if this wasn’t effectively declaring open season on Leeds players, and laying them wide open to being headbutted willy-nilly, Mr. Shater confined himself to the cryptic statement “Quite frankly, we couldn’t give a toss”. Tim Krul himself stayed true to the native Dutch meaning of his surname, “pig-ignorant”, and declined to comment.

Former League Chairman Alan Hardaker, 107, is still dead.

15 responses to “Football League Effectively Confirms That Nutting Leeds Players at Elland Road is Quite Acceptable – by Rob Atkinson

  1. You can add stamping on players faces too Rob.
    Tyrone Mings = “No further action will be taken as officials saw it”!!!
    Cooper got a 6 week ban, and caused no damage at all!!


  2. Keith Britton

    Ha . Love the Hardaker ending. He REALLY hated us didn’t he.


  3. Thinlizzywhite

    Tbh … passed being able to raise my indignation. We are disliked by all and must live with it. ‘Twas ever the case and ever will be.
    I’m a Leeds supporter and wear my leper’s badge with pride.


  4. I thought Krul was Dutch for twat. He’s certainly coming across as one, I’ve just read he reckons his bunch of inbreeds won’t lose another game, good luck with that c’mon Ipswich.


    • There’s a thing I call post Cup Final syndrome that often affects teams who have run their knackers off against Leeds, causing their form to dip next time out. That might be too much to expect in Norwich’s case – but, hey. Fingers crossed 🤞


  5. Reality Cheque

    Be patient Rob, I am pretty certain that at least eleven Championship Club’s owners are penning a detailed letter of complaint to the EFL on behalf of Leeds United as we speak.

    Surely the importance of honouring the Championship Club’s Charter would never allow our rival’s owners or the EFL to turn a blind eye to such blatantly aggressive behaviour in the full glare of Sky’s all seeing cameras?

    Unless our Board start to question the EFL/FA’s blatant discrimination of Leeds United, and it’s players, based on the ever increasing mountain of evidence concerning the inconsistent severity of punishments received, we will continue to be seen as “a soft touch” by” the powers that be” Rob.


  6. What a tit Tim krud is anyway. He deserted Newcastle when they went down as he didn’t want to play in the championship then he gets discarded in Holland and ends up in the err- championship. He should have walked after the foul on Tyler and that bloke who got motm for them should have walked too,his first yellow should have been his second. Are there any decent refs left?


  7. Life is LUFC

    I had a look on Google for the meaning of the name Krul. Amongst the few that came up was URINAL……so the FA are taking the PI$$ !!


  8. Why our club does not submit a request to the EFL to please explain why every other club that’s seems to replicate incidents we have been fined for or band, do not receive the same punishment is this not bringing the game in to distribute or un gentlemanly conduct. One of the main rules they skid out when LUFC do any thing wrong. They look more and more corrupt every week they are a complete joke yet all the other clubs look the other way or at least most of them do


  9. When is Radz gonna show some balls and make a complaint about the undeniable anti-Leeds bias? Sick of it getting promoted is hard enough! He just keeps his wallet sewn up and says nothing.


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