Fan Successfully Trolls Media With Fake Leeds Striker Injury Claim – by Rob Atkinson

Social media meltdown predictably ensued after a picture did the rounds showing Leeds United’s top scorer Kemar Roofe wearing a brace on his left leg. Various gullible news sources picked up on the story, speculating that Roofe could be out for the season, despite the fact that neither the club nor the more reliable journalists have made any comments or statements.

It does appear that the “injured Roofe” image may be an old one from his early season injury layoff – the rationale behind this, and the reason I feel I can confidently dismiss the “Kemar out for season” rumour is that another picture, see above, showing Roofe without the leg brace, and apparently dating from yesterday, would seem to confirm that all is well. The picture appeared on Roofe’s Instagram account yesterday so, unless Kemar has had a spectacularly disappointing 24 hours, we can happily ignore what is probably a piece of mischief by some bored kid.

So, hopefully, all is well – and the only downside is that various ill-informed and over-eager “news sources” have ended up with egg on their faces.

Which is actually quite funny…

16 responses to “Fan Successfully Trolls Media With Fake Leeds Striker Injury Claim – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    Season getting really exciting now Rob, really relieved that we have someone as experienced and talented as Bielsa as our head coach to keep the lads calm, focused and organised. Great that key players are coming back from long term injuries to allay any fears concerning widespread burn out in the run in.

    So proud to be a Leeds United fan witnessing our club’s progress on all levels under the amazing tutelage of Marcelo Bielsa


  2. Life is LUFC

    With you on that Rob. Anymore of these lively last few minute games and Leeds will not have a fan left….we will all be flat out with heart attacks, strokes and apoplexy 🙂


  3. Always the hard way for us, Rob!


  4. Don’t you just love supporting Leeds


  5. Reality Cheque

    It appears that our worst fears have come true Rob and that just as Bamford has finally returned and is endeavouring to get match sharp, our leading scorer is crocked. I sincerely hope that as and when Izzy Brown makes his first team debut that it is not at the immediate expense of Klich or Forshaw being crocked.

    Bielsa is always confident of “finding solutions” to every injury setback and it is absolutely amazing how we have sustained an automatic promotion threat all season despite a staggering injury list, so lets keep the faith rob whilst promotion remains a realistic and mathematical possibility.

    I do wonder whether Bielsa, (in light of this season’s experience), will be tempted to revise his theory that squads usually have up to 4 key players absent through injury or suspension and be prepared to increase the size of his squad for next season. Get well soon Kemar. ALAW


  6. Keep positive Rob. Precautionary scan only at the mo.
    Probably a canny double bluff by Mr Bielsa.
    Goals run all through this team so no probs.
    For once the results didn’t help this weekend but we can’t do much about that. Wilko’s promotion went to the wire as well so don’t head down to the canal just yet! MOT


  7. I’ve been convinced that we would be promoted this season since we beat Stoke in the first game. So far, there has been nothing to change my mind, if Roofe is indeed out for a while, even for the rest of the season Bub will find a way 😉 BRING ON THE CHAMPIONS is what I say ! ! !


  8. Ooh, just noticed something else that points to promotion, Shaun Harvey is standing down at the end of the season, he must have realised his dream of keeping us in the FL is over.


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