Leeds United Contribute £200,000 to Shaun Harvey’s FL Leaving Do – by Rob Atkinson

Shaun Harvey – disappointed and calling it a day

At long last, the Football League investigation into the so-called Spygate affair has been concluded, and it can now be revealed that the delay in considering and pronouncing upon a relatively simple matter was caused by an almighty internal wrangle within the Football League.

It turns out that the matter was pretty much done and dusted some time ago, with the League reluctantly concluding that, as no specific rules had been broken, it was not possible to impose a points deduction. Instead, the League had to settle for dressing up the matter of a man standing on a public highway and looking through a wire fence as “a breach of good faith”, enabling action under regulation 3.4 – but even this has proved problematic.

A League spokesperson confirmed that the League was struggling to make even the “good faith” provisions stick due, he said, to a number of far more serious breaches during the time that Spygate had been current. “We’ve had blatant diving, clubs clearing one penalty area of snow but not the other, clubs reneging on transfer deals at the last minute, all sorts of stuff going on. But we had to do this to Leeds, because it was the only way we could get them. And that was a very cruel blow to Shaun Harvey, who had been determined to deal a fatal blow to that club’s promotion chances”.

It appears that Mr. Harvey has indeed taken the outcome of Spygate very hard indeed, as he had hoped it would be instrumental in keeping Leeds United down in the Championship. So depressed is he by the thwarting of his dearly held hopes, that he has now announced he’ll be stepping down at the end of the season. “Shaun is a broken man”, confirmed our source. “He feels that he just can’t go on, so he’s going to retire to a smallholding in Little Sodbury. We at the League feel that the least we can do is to give him a good send off, so we’re fining Leeds enough to send him off in style”.

When it was pointed out that two hundred grand was quite steep for a leaving do, we were told “We’re pulling out all the stops here, because Shaun really needs cheering up. So we’ve booked his favourite acts, Kylie, Jason and we’ve even arranged a personal appearance by Shaun’s hero Frank “Fwankie” Lampard. I imagine they’ll be commiserating together”.

Leeds United’s only comment was “We’ve fully cooperated with this whole fiasco from start to finish, and all we can say is that we’re satisfied with the outcome. It’s well worth a couple of hundred grand to get rid of that oily little sod Harvey.

Frank Lampard is a bitter, thwarted little man.

13 responses to “Leeds United Contribute £200,000 to Shaun Harvey’s FL Leaving Do – by Rob Atkinson

  1. If Karma exists, and I hope it does, Shaun Harvey will be the worm on the pitch that puts its head up from the turf that deflects the ball into the net that ensures Leeds win the Champions trophy!


  2. Reality Cheque

    Great post Rob, and bang on the money, (pardon the pun). I suspect that the 200k “present” will be small change compared to what he is likely to receive from Sky Sports in recognition of the mega millions he saved them by signing off the long running contract to broadcast multiple EFL matches. Indeed, our ever humble Mr Harvey today boasted how proud he was of what he had achieved at the EFL as he announced his retirement plans

    Now let’s get right behind Bielsa and the lads, focus on the football as we race towards the finishing line, with our points tally intact and buoyed by the return of several key players. ALAW


  3. pietrovito

    If Leeds United pay that ridiculous amount to the EFL ,,I will bitterly be upset.Fair play they say what a joke ????? What about your employees Match officials fair play to all your member’s including Leeds United you the EFL are a disgrace and Corupt organisations how dare you charge anyone with that when your organisation is Number one culprits of that very charge….I hope Leeds United and the rest of teams that you have dished out your fair play to Find you £200k


  4. Was Lampard acting in “good faith” when he wrongly accused the “spy” of carrying bolt cutters thereby raising the hue and cry against Leeds. No mention has been made of how quickly the police were there – even.quicker than if you stopped for a picnic on the verge outside Menwith Hill. A set up?


  5. Gordon baxendale

    Hi, Rob, could we not start a crowd fund today inordrer to show the total support for our beloved club!!!


  6. Unfortunately the odious toad is probably after the Premier League CEO job, so his and LUFC’s paths may cross again!


  7. Life is LUFC

    Now if he was retiring to HELL i would pay for the ticket myself along with his little helper from Derby…..Pinocchio (his nose grows every time he opens his mouth)


  8. Good article again Rob but joking aside, why did we apologise to the EFL and meekly accept this huge fine? It should have been a warning and 10% of that the robbers! Wish Radz would show some for once and appeal or refuse to pay.


    • I agree, but I feel the club just wanted to draw a line under the whole thing and refocus – whereas the League were plainly dragging things out so as to cause maximum disruption. Amazingly, even some unlikely media sources could see this.


  9. Ian Pearson

    the last time i saw Derby county,s training ground it was next to the council tip, i think it would have been more productive looking through there


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