Sheffield Wednesday Play Their Hearts Out for Leeds United and a Derby Day Draw – by Rob Atkinson

Wendies hold Blunts to keep Leeds in second place

It was the third Steel City Derby scoreless draw on the trot, much to the deflated disappointment of the Sky TV commentators who required a Blunts win to see Leeds United drop out of the Championship top two.

Instead, they saw a gritty if punchless performance from the Wendies, who managed to blunt Sharp’s cutting edge whilst stifling the threat from elsewhere in the away team’s attack. The whole game was more perspiration than inspiration and, in the end, a draw seemed a fair result.

For Leeds fans, this was highly satisfactory, putting a two point cushion between themselves and the play off pack. Once again, the Whites’ fate is in their own hands, and their challenge must now be to reproduce the Premier class performance that saw West Bromwich Albion sent packing last Friday evening.

There was some amusement, too, in listening to the morose men behind the mics as they strove to take some comfort from what was a disappointing night for them. All in all, as goalless draws go, this one put the cherry on the icing of one of Leeds United’s better weekends.

15 responses to “Sheffield Wednesday Play Their Hearts Out for Leeds United and a Derby Day Draw – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    Hopefully, (after putting Bristol City and Reading to the sword on the road), our clean sheet defence will be able to blunt the Blades at ER and leave Bamford, Hernandez, Klich, Roberts, Clarke, Alioski and perhaps Izzy Brown to clinically do the absolute business up front and really get up the noses of our admirers in the Sky studio. I’d settle for that, wouldn’t you Rob?


  2. Uncle Dave

    I was somewhat dreading the result of this game but a draw will do for me. dont know if youve seen the latest comments from Mr Keneth Burns Rob? He says he cant see past Norwich and Leeds for the automatic promotion places. Funny that, as not so long ago he was saying we would fade away and wouldnt last the course? Maybe he had got things muddled up and he was thinking about his diet a couple of months ago.


  3. Excellent, probably the best result we could have wished for, wendies out of the playoff picture and the Blunts starting a bad run (hopefully) 😁😁


  4. Maybe, just maybe the Gods are beginning to shine many of our players have found their true potential which just proves Bielsas genius. He see what we do not, he gets into the players minds and brings out the best. Biggest proof of that is Cooper. What a transformation and could have been driven out of the club. Izzy Brown will come good, I can feel it . So many pundits could end up looking complete fools.


  5. I predict a shock when Rotherham do a smash and grab raid this Saterday.This game looks a home banker on paper, but as the saying goes football’s not played on paper.


  6. Jon Stanhope

    Hey Rob, long time no comment…still reading your soundbites with anticipation and enjoyment all the way from NZ.
    Back over in UK in April with another group of Kiwi Footballers and will be visiting the Brentford game in London with the hope that it has Bournemouth 1990 written all over it !! Instead of Kamara to Chapman imagine Hernandez to Bamford !! Bring it on !! Always M.O.T from NZ !!


  7. As always a good read Rob. After Friday, it was another disappointing evening for some of the Sky commentators. It made me laugh seeing their hate for Leeds coming out so clearly! Commentators are expected to be neutral, but when Leeds are involved, they turn to moaners, if Leeds are riding the wave. It is clear that these commentators aren’t normal.


  8. Jon Stanhope

    Sure it will be….1990 England get WC Semis and Leeds got Promoted…..could it happen again ?? Keep the faith people….its coming home !! Maybe see you in the fountains in Trafalgar Square waiving our scarves ! Keep up the great work !


  9. Yes, what a great weekend of results.
    Leeds United 4 WBA 0
    Brighton 1 Udderfield 0
    Portsmouth 5 Bradford 1
    Sheff Wed 0 Sheff Utd 0
    Only one bad result, SCUM 3 Southampton 2 with Southampton denied 2 penalties. There’s a surprise.


  10. howard mackey

    Good result for us Rob, we want the boys to play like they did on Friday when we go to Bristol ,and every game thats left after that.. and we will be home and dry, can you do me a favour Rob could you remove that picture of Theresa May off your web page ,i keep thinking its my wifes Mother come back to haunt me. M.O.T.
    Regards, H.


  11. howard mackey

    Ok Rob ,i just thought i would ask ,enjoy rest of your day. I will still read your articles M.O.T.
    Regards H.


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