Leeds Owner Radrizzani in Blast at “Unacceptable” Bristol City – by Rob Atkinson

Tax-dodging Bristol City owner Lansdown

Bristol City, in common with many smaller clubs that have ideas above their station, appear to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder where Leeds United are concerned. This has manifested itself in a couple of ways this season – one laughable, one really quite contemptible.

Looking at the more ridiculous aspect first, Bristol City, in the shape of their tax-dodging majority shareholder Steve Lansdown, actually called for a points deduction for the Whites in the matter of a chap standing on a public highway and watching some alleged footballers (hey, these are Derby County players we’re talking about) training in plain sight. A heinous crime, or so the more desperate Leeds-haters alleged.

The irony is, of course, that Leeds escaped a points deduction, despite the pouting of Lansdown, Derby County coach Fwankie Lampard, and others – while Leeds have now, in effect, deducted six points from the potential seasonal totals of both Derby and Bristol City – which is deeply satisfactory.

The most recent example of the Bristolians’ dislike of all things Elland Road, though, is more troubling – and has incurred the wrath of United owner Andrea Radrizzani. It appears that Bristol City have gone back on their word over some family area tickets which were bought and sold on the clear understanding that children in the party were Leeds United supporters.

When it was noticed that the family’s sons were wearing Leeds United socks, however, the party were ejected before kick-off, having made a three hour trip from Cornwall after being told that it was fine that the lads were Leeds fans.

On hearing of the situation, Mr. Radrizzani pulled no punches:

It seems that Bristol City and their owner are understandably held in less than high esteem at Elland Road, following the ridiculous call for a points deduction, a failure to cooperate with a Leeds United documentary crew, and now this shoddy treatment of fans who were ejected from the ground despite reassurances that they’d be ok in the City family area. Bristol City’s stance is described as “unacceptable” and, indeed, you might even ask whether the Ashton Gate club have acted in good faith, the omission of which, as we’re all too well aware, carries a £200,000 penalty. Well, it does for Leeds, anyway.

It’s good to know that our owner is prepared to make restitution to this family for their bad treatment at the hands of another Football League club. Radrizzani has acted promptly and admirably, just as you would hope. Which is more than can be said for Lansdown and his twice-beaten club, May they sit and sulk impotently until we meet again.

Then again, as Andrea himself puts it: what else can you expect from a club like that? Well done, Leeds United. And, as for you, Bristol City, thanks for the six points, but otherwise – shame on you.

14 responses to “Leeds Owner Radrizzani in Blast at “Unacceptable” Bristol City – by Rob Atkinson

  1. That Radrizzani, he’s one of our own 😍 as for the tax-dodger 🤡 the bloke’s despicable. He also owns the Brizzle rugby team, they got promoted and now he wants promotion/relegation to stop, how convenient 🤣


    • He lives on one of the channel islands and tax dodging isn’t the only crime the rich and powerful get up to there. Anyway,the only thing interesting about that pokey little club was when you could see that tower block used in Only Fools And Horses. If Robbie Reid would rather play for Cardiff it says something about Bristol City.


  2. Reality Cheque

    Absolutely disgraceful to pick on two young children who had travelled for 3 hours intending to have a family outing watching Leeds United. Cowardly bullies of a club. Thankfully we have a true gent owning our club who values the fans and football family.

    Another 3 valuable points taken from a major promotion rival Rob and thankfully, clean sheets have re-appeared just as we enter the home straight of this marathon race for promotion

    Incidentally, Rob just imagine if we were in the Champions League rather than just the Championship this is how we have fared against the other 6 rival clubs currently occupying the top 7 places in the Championship;

    Norwich City Won 4-3 on aggregate
    Sheffield Utd Winning 1-0 after away first leg
    West Brom Won 5-4 on aggregate
    Middlesbore Drew 1-1 on aggregate (Won 2-1 on away goals)
    Derby Won 6-1 on aggregate
    Bristol City Won 3-0 on aggregate

    This just puts into perspective the miracles Bielsa has worked with last seasons squad and just imagine if injuries hadn’t decimated our squad all season and robbed us of key plays for months like Bamford, Brown, Beradi, Roofe etc., etc,.

    I guess it also demonstrates how worthy Champions we would be providing we sustain our current form in the run in Rob. ALAW


  3. George Wride

    Marching on TOGETHER
    Can we we play Bristol city every week just dont wear Leeds socks will leave in draw.g


  4. Great point you make re the ‘acting in good faith’. Ejecting youngsters who hold valid and officially obtained tickets is despicable. The EFL should hold this chairman to account but I won’t hold my breath.
    It seems to me this action was acted out of spite because Leeds didn’t get the points deduction Lansdown demanded.
    Typical actions of a pompous bully.
    Pay your tax like the rest of us have to or confine your business interests to the Chanel islands.
    Hope the lads have a great day out at Elland Road courtesy of a classy Radz.MOT.


  5. Uncle Dave

    Wouldn’t it be great, if after all we’ve been through as a club this season, Bristol City, Derby and Notts Forest all failed to make the play offs? They are surely the 3 who have stuck the knife in to us more than anyone else. Deluded Forest fans are always calling us “Dirty Leeds”. By a long way, they are the ‘dirtiest’ championship club this season, so far. Yellow and red cards counted? Mr Kenny ‘The knowledge’ Burns club are top of the ‘Dirty’ tree. Add Leeds United winning the championship and waving to Uddersfield as we go up and they slump down? and im as happy as Larry. ( not Larry Lloyd )


  6. It’s a pleasure to have a great owner of our great club. Mr. Radrizzani what a gentleman. You showed Lansdown up. Shame on you Bristol City.


  7. howard mackey

    An absolute disgrace how they were treated,it must have been someone who was sat near by who complained, i hope they are proud of themselves .
    It must be bad enough being removed for doing nothing wrong but when you have paid to be there its absolutely disgraceful , you can bet there was some cheering to add to the embarrassment of it all, i truly feel for them all and i hope they a day to remember when they come to Elland Road. M.O.T
    Regards H..


  8. This is even more despicable than Fwanky making up wire cutters in spygate! I have called Radz for being a tightwad in transfers but he showed class about this. Could you imagine Bates or Cellino doing that? I can’t imagine how humiliating it was for the Cornwall family another enemy we owe one.


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