LUTV: High Time Leeds United Reached For the Sky – by Rob Atkinson

LUTV, the Whites’ very own dedicated online TV channel has massive potential to be a worldwide success, given the club’s rapidly growing and endlessly fanatical global support. It would be difficult to overstate this potential even as things stand but, with a more ambitious approach, the Sky would literally be the limit.

As we stand, the service is sometimes ok, sometimes so-so – but, all too often, it goes down completely or suffers from annoying buffering problems. It’s not the sort of thing which is good for customer relations; people for whom the chance of seeing their heroes play “live” are paying good money, and they are all too often being left frustrated and disappointed as their screens freeze while their blood boils.

The answer, surely, is to emulate some of the other clubs with followers all around the globe, in seeking a superior technology as a platform for broadcasts. I’m not au fait with the commercial issues surrounding the broadcasting of a club channel as part of a Sky TV package, but it does seem to me that there is a vast and growing market out there made up of far-flung fans desperate to see anything to do with Leeds United.

It must work for the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, or they wouldn’t be there on the Sky Sports menu. If it can be a success for them, so it could be for Leeds – especially when you consider our owner is a TV mogul in his own right.

So come on, Andrea Radrizzani, let’s get our act together like the big club we are, and fly Sky high. You know it makes sense – certainly better sense than the current hit and miss service we’re all having to make do with. I’d be a willing subscriber, and I’m certain thousands around the world would be queuing up to hand over their hard-earned cash for a decent product that doesn’t leave you gnashing your teeth and tearing your hair out.

I’ll watch this space with interest.

6 responses to “LUTV: High Time Leeds United Reached For the Sky – by Rob Atkinson

  1. howard mackey

    Something wants sorting Rob its no good as it is ,i used to subscribe to it but i got let down too often,thats why i listen to Radio Leeds in my garage the only place that i can reception, if i cannot get to a game .M.O.T.
    Regards H.


  2. Frank Field

    I love Leeds United from Florida and never want to complain about anything. I am prepared to pay a measly 5 quid a game to see every game live even if the video is not top notch and the audio sounds like The Daleks having an argument occasionally!!
    Having said that, ESPN + stream every game that Sky cover in the championship and their picture and audio is absolutely perfect!
    All this for 3 quid per MONTH!
    My main point here is that my American wife, jokingly comments with lines like this, “Ha, LUTV stream I see, they really must get better, it’s embarrassing for the club!”
    She is of course correct and if ESPN + can have a perfect service almost everytime, why can’t LUTV??


  3. I thought S*y was already a dedicated Leeds United channel 😉😉 we seem to be on there every week!!


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