Looks Like Samu Sáiz WILL Return to Leeds. Good Thing or Bad? – by Rob Atkinson

Sáiz – stick or twist?

Few players in recent history have divided opinion among the Leeds United support quite like Samuel Sáiz, the mercurial Spanish playmaker with the ability to thrill and frustrate in equal measure. Sáiz had his moments in the United line-up this season but, by common consent, he hasn’t been quite the player he was before his ban last season for a spitting incident. And then we discovered a possible reason why.

It seems that Samu was under pressure to get a move away from Elland Road due to domestic circumstances, with both the player and his pregnant partner wanting to quit English football in favour of a return home to Spain. The situation was reminiscent of Tony Currie’s dilemma 40 years ago when, in order to fall in with his wife’s wishes, he was forced to accept a move back to his native London and signed for QPR.

Currie subsequently admitted that he had regrets over the move and it would seem that Sáiz is not finding his loan switch to Getafe a completely happy affair. The Spanish club, according to reports, may now opt against making the move permanent, against a background of Sáiz failing to become an automatic selection, or even a regular starter. If the permanent move does not materialise, then Sáiz will return to Elland Road, and we’d have to see what happened next.

On the plus side, Leeds could be welcoming back a potential match winner, but the other side of that coin is the odd rumour that Samu may have been thought of behind the scenes at United as a disruptive influence, on and off the field. In a squad where team spirit is so vital, as so clearly evidenced during the 4-0 thrashing of West Bromwich Albion, the introduction or even reintroduction of a fact that could destabilise things may not be a risk worth taking.

There’s also the question of whether the initial problems leading to Samu’s loan departure still hold true. If so, United might have an unhappy player on their hands, clearly another situation best avoided.

So, what do we think? Would Sáiz be welcomed back with open arms, or would it be a case of “thanks, Samu, but no thanks”? For what it’s worth, this blogger leans narrowly towards the opinion that Sáiz is a risky and probably unwilling option and, as such, is probably best left alone to find the best move away he can secure. But I’m well aware that some would sharply disagree. It does rather look as though, however unwillingly, Sáiz may well be returning to Leeds, at least for a while, so the question of what to do with him is a pertinent one.

As ever, your opinions are most welcome. The question is: the return of Samu Sáiz: Yea, or Nay? What’s your answer – and why? Over to you.

24 responses to “Looks Like Samu Sáiz WILL Return to Leeds. Good Thing or Bad? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I was sorry to see him go Rob, and if he really wanted to return that may happen.
    He is our player still, but I feel Marcelo would prefer to move him on.
    We don’t need the squad disrupted, if he returns against his will.
    His performances, since he left, have not been good, so we may be stuck with him?
    It’s a lot of money to write off!


  2. howard mackey

    I would have him back i think he is a good player, but like you say has he still got the same problems which made him move away,And are the rumours correct about him being disruptive, its a tricky one ,but i do think we have missed him in certain games.M.O.T.
    Regards H.


  3. Mike Riley

    Nay! Trouble and disruption. Jack Clarke is due back. let’s keep on keeping on.


  4. Reality Cheque

    If her indoors was unhappy living in England then Samu had little choice but to return home to his native country. I speak from personal experience Rob having emigrated to Spain with my family to enjoy our retirement in the sun. However, my missus found it too difficult to be too far away from our children and grandchildren so we returned after 3 years.

    Clearly, Saiz never bought into Bielsa’s training and strict fitness regime so always carried as many pounds as last season. That being the case he was no longer a team player and couldn’t even use the language barrier as an excuse given that the majority of our coach staff are Spanish speaking.

    Despite the adulation and appreciation of the best fans in the world and the amazing upturn in performance under a world class head coach, Saiz decided that returning to Spain was a better option than contributing toward putting Leeds United back in the Premier League. You make your bed and you lie in it. Personally, I was as devastated as anyone else that Saiz left Rob, but Bielsa has pulled so many rabbits out of the hat this season and transformed both our first team squad and U23’s into players who are very capable of delivering promotion without our former talisman.

    We are a club looking forward with excitement and belief Rob so lets just embrace the players who are proud to wear the shirt. ALAW


    • I totally agree. Samu thrilled me at times, but his failure to buy into the Bielsa revolution made it a lot easier to take when he headed out of the exit door.


  5. John James Parkin

    To be fair he does have a lot of quality just didn’t seem to care towards the end of his time with our squad and that is baffeling to me as a footballer with a chance to stake a claim to a championship you would take it but his personal reasons must have overpowered his career motivations so if he doesn’t have any motivation to help lufc to win the league why would we want him back? We are leeds, we are together, we are the army that marches on together. Hope this season is the one we return to our rightful place 1st in Premier league MOT FOREVER


  6. If there are no buyers, terminate his contract. He couldn’t wait to pull his new shirt on, even before his loan was official. Good luck and goodbye to an obviously disruptive presence is my humble opinion, our thanks for a good 20ish games out of how many he played 😊


  7. Berlin White

    Don´t think MB would want him back, therefore no.


  8. Having thought this out for 1 hour Rob, I say no to much of a show pony thinking he’s better than what he is unlike Pablo a team player who ooozez class.


  9. KeithMilburn

    Definitely not, his wife rules, what she says goes, she wanted to return to Spain to Persue her rather tacky Reality TV career. Couldn’t give a toss about Saez and his exciting new career in English football with a club of the stature of Leeds united. Good riddance, “All for one and one for all”, MOT.


  10. Nick Bickel

    No thanks, Rob. In his last dozen games, he reminded me of a certain left back who also decided to leave quite recently. I think Kalvin Phillips is more valuable to us, and especially to squad unity, than that prima donna. His spitting tantrum deflated us for many weeks afterwards; we can’t afford to carry people like him. Besides, if we go up, we should be aiming higher (than his 4’10”!).


  11. Definite ‘no’ from me. His heart wouldn’t be in it. They say never go back; well in this case it would be a forced return, and I can’t see how we’d get a happy, productive player back in the squad. No!


  12. It’s a no from me, I thought that on his day he was a great gifted player. For me it comes down to, he left his team mates in the lurch in the middle of our season, he didn’t care what happened with the rest of our season, so I don’t care what happens to him. I also think that the Bielsa training didn’t suit him, too much like hard work.


  13. Anne Davies

    It’s a NO from me, wasn’t interested latterly and I don’t think that will change.
    If he ends up coming back, contractually, send him out on loan to a League 2 club lol


  14. It’s a no from me, i think the old saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” applies in this situation


  15. We called him a football genius now no-one wants him! Well i say yes! He has the ability all he needs is a Bielsa boot up his ass to get him in line. People can change and i think we should give him a chance. On his day he matched Pablo too good a talent to abandon. If despite this he cannot be a team player then maybe best he go but i still say i’d love to see him back. Leave the wife in Spain Samu!


  16. Much as I loved his play at his best, I have to come down on the “no” side on this one.

    He’s not focused on the crest on the front of the shirt.


  17. Respect all you fellow whites saying no but i truly think Bielsa could change his attitude. He usually likes distance with players but maybe this once if Saiz returns he can coax a new found vigour hope it’s not wishful thinking.


  18. Valencia want him now think it was wishful thinking on my part. I keep hearing he was disruptive but not actually seen any evidence but the claims must have come from within the club.


  19. Didn’t know that Rob. Way Forshaw has performed he hardly has a right to criticise others but sadly can’t see Saiz playing for us again.


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