Hillsborough 30 Years On, Tribute to Liverpool From a Leeds Fan   –   by Rob Atkinson

Hillsborough: 30 Years On

The bodies laid out on the hard wooden floor
Motionless all, side by side
Robbed of their lives and let down by the law
Give us justice, they silently cried

They came for the football, their heroes in red
Part of a jubilant tide
Who guessed such a day could end up with them dead?
Give us justice, they silently cried

In loud expectation, with glory the goal
They’d sung and they’d shouted their pride
Now shrouded in silence, each newly-fled soul
Give us justice, they silently cried

Betrayed by their guardians, those officers high
While the hacks and the suits squirmed and lied
With family and friends left to ask how and why
Give us justice, they silently cried

Inquest proceedings, foul slurs in the press
The guilty with so much to hide
These innocent victims with naught to confess
Give us justice, they silently cried

And what of the mothers and dads left behind
The sisters and brothers beside
Though months and years passed they were never resigned
Give us justice! they angrily cried

Through decades of struggle, they kept up the fight
Their arguments oft set aside
Yet they never lost hope nor extinguished the light
Give us justice! they angrily cried

Pouring scorn on the tabloids, exposing the Sun
Sharing real Truth far and wide
Politicians and journos and chiefs on the run
Give us justice! they angrily cried

Banners and flags on the Kop all those years
Venting the fury inside
Pressing their point through the veil of their tears
Give us justice! they angrily cried

At last the truth spoken, the guilty revealed
The living and dead unified
In one voice as they ask for their scars to be healed
Give us justice! they angrily cried

Seven and twenty the years that had passed
A lifetime of justice denied
The ones who were lost could be peaceful at last
With the families who stood by their side.

RIP – You’ll Never Walk Alone


Rob Atkinson

20 responses to “Hillsborough 30 Years On, Tribute to Liverpool From a Leeds Fan   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Howard Mackey

    From a Lancashire Lad who has supported Leeds United for fifty four years and who knows many Liverpool fans they will be very moved by your poem ,well done Rob.




  3. Liverpool born and bred fan here I left the area many years ago but like anybodys home town It will always be a big part of you.

    I just want to say a very big thank you for your very very moving tribute fantastic stuff mate and the very best of luck to you and your great club
    really do hope to see you back where you belong.


  4. ‘Fine sentiments, Rob! All decent fans will appreciate your thoughts. An verse about Kelvin Mackenzie and the shit stirring Sun may have been risky but it would have been fun.


  5. Arrrgh: The Sun and ‘fun’; what was I thinking? Sorry!


  6. I always visit the anfield memorial when in the area and have taken my daughters. I’m Leeds forever but this touches everyone. Love reading your comments but this time you’ve moved me to tears.


  7. Pete Clarke

    Always sad. Saw it with my own eyes. You’ll never walk alone, Marching on Togethet.


  8. Aussie Dave

    You make me proud to be a Leeds fan. Thank you Rob for I will always remember the wonderful response from the Anfield faithful the day we drew and clinched our first ever League title. Respect is earned, they have it and so do you.

    MOT – You’ll never walk alone.


  9. Nice one Rob


  10. Very moving Rob, always brings me to tears when I see anything about this tragedy. After all this time justice must be done, SY Police, scumbag journalists, anyone involved should be hung, drawn and quartered. MOT YNWA


  11. Robert Parr

    Rob, I am born and bred a Leeds lad, but my dad is a died in wool Evertonian. Many years I have taunted him for being a fan of ‘Liverpool reserves’, but on that day and since, we have always wanted to see justice for the 96, as any true football fan would. Great article that sums up all our feelings.


  12. Reality Cheque

    96 angels greeting their legend Tommy Smith at the pearly gates then all sitting down to watch Salah’s worldy of a goal on Heaven TV

    A fitting tribute Rob to those 96 fans who never came home


  13. Life is LUFC

    Another heartfelt tribute from you Rob, it’s really lovely and very honest.
    Such a tragic needless loss of lives.For ever in our thoughts, those that died and those that survived and those left behind.


    • I actually got a Facebook comment after the Tommy Smith piece, saying “This is a shameless scouse love-in”. Waiting for that guy to comment again 🙄


  14. RIP the 96 fans that should have come home. The despicable authorities let you and your family’s down. The innocent 96 will never be forgotten.


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