“Terrible Site”, “Click Bait and Little Else” – Leeds Utd Fans Rubbish this Internet “News Source” – by Rob Atkinson

HITC hack

Your average HITC hack

Many Leeds United fans seem to have had enough of one particular Internet site that purports to be a source of news, but relies heavily on ambiguous headlines quoting nonentities from the world of Twitter. The site concerned is HITC, who appear to be bang to rights on a charge of publishing any old rubbish under sensationalist headlines with no discernible attempts to back up their drivel with hard information from authoritative sources.

It’s not immediately clear either exactly what HITC stands for – well, clearly they stand for making a fast buck by publishing clickbait, but I was meaning what do the initials stand for. I did have a quick peruse of the site in an effort to find out, but my eyes started to bleed after five minutes, so I decided I’d just write something by way of parody, to expose the formulaic nature of their “reporting” and the paucity of any real content.

So what do the initials HITC stand for? It’s over to you, gentle readers – feel free to give me the actual answer, if you can find it – or feel equally free to make outlandish and insulting suggestions along the lines of Horribly Ignorant Tosh Creator (only better than that).

Thanks for reading. Bear with me here, I’m horribly nervous about Friday and Monday, and I need to distract myself. Be kind. MOT!

17 responses to ““Terrible Site”, “Click Bait and Little Else” – Leeds Utd Fans Rubbish this Internet “News Source” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. DonallDublinLUFC

    I understand the initials stand for Here Is The City. Maybe should be Hoo Invented This Crap (see what I did there!!!). Sorry!


  2. It’s obvious innit?? HITC doesn’t stand for anything, it’s an anagram of shit but they can’t spell .. simples 😁😁😁


  3. Mike Riley

    Hapless Informer (of) Total Crap.
    Yes – Friday’s matches (Come On Forest!!) are taking the edge off my creative edge too – but it’s the best so far!!! (sunmitted). Do I win £5?


  4. Reality Cheque

    As you know from previous posts Rob, I certainly share your dislike of HITC and its pretty obvious that nobody connected with the site are or ever have been bona fide Leeds United supporters and are just simply WUMS

    Definitely share your anxiety regarding Friday and Monday’s games Rob and its important to just take each game as it comes and concentrate on our own performance. There’s 12 more points at stake so plenty of room for more twists and turns but Marcelo Bielsa will ensure we prepare properly and stay calm

    It could go right to the wire but the best case scenario would be if we win both games and the Blades only draw theirs we could be promoted before our final home game versus Villa kicks off! (What an atmosphere that would be at Elland Road)

    I can’t believe how many Blades fans are bleating about losing TWO key players to injury when Leeds United have maintained an automatic promotion bid despite suffering long term injuries to key players of almost epidemic proportions all season long

    Dare to Believe that it is our time Rob MOT


  5. I believe HITC is the abbreviation for ” Here is the City”, but it gives a truer impression if you substitute ‘crap’ for ‘city’. Other internet sites to avoid are those with ‘Futbol’ in the name.


  6. HITC
    Here in the city


  7. Keith Cohen

    It could be Horrendously Insulting Twitter Churn but I believe it’s actually Here Is The City? I certainly agree with your thoughts on it though! I really think we’ll be fine this Easter weekend 🤞


  8. If you use this (https://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Championship/Leeds+United) aggregator for your LUFC news (like I do here in Aus) then you can turn HITC off and save the eyes from some of the inevitable bleeding. You can also highlight this blog to see the more quality offerings


  9. We’ve all been dragged in at one time. You’re sitting there scrolling down NewsNow and you see the headline “Leeds Fan Favourite Set To Leave” or something like that. Then you click on it only to find they’re referring to Ekuban signing for some pokey Turkish club. They get you again at the end with more clickbait like – ” You Won’t believe what George Foreman looks like now”. So you think ok I’ve got a few minutes spare so I’ll have a look,25 pages later theres still no sign of George Foreman. The “This Is Futbol” site is pretty appalling too. They’re constantly referring to people “drooling” over Leeds players. Very strange. I recommend that these proponents of fake news be dragged out of their houses in handcuffs and put into jail.




  11. Conor Maher

    Hugely inflammatory Total Crap.


  12. Conor Maher

    How I’m Totally Clueless.


  13. Horribly Ignornant Terminally Corrupt.
    BTW. Well done Spuds for finally getting to a champs league semi final about a hundred years after the mighty whites did the same.MOT.


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