Leeds Utd Have Goalie Plan B if Gianluigi Buffon Deal Falls Through – by Rob Atkinson

Promising youngster Peter Shilton

The internet is currently abuzz with rumours that Leeds United are looking to secure the services of goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, the 41 year old Italian World Cup Winner who has just been released by Paris Saint-Germain. The deal for Buffon has been regarded as unlikely, given United’s second tier status, but now some bookmakers are quoting odds as narrow as 5-2 against the legendary keeper signing on the dotted line for Leeds.

However, should the sensational swoop fail to transpire, it is believed that United are looking at alternative targets in the geriatric goalkeeper market, with the name of Peter Shilton being bruited about. Shilton, at 69, would be at the top end of the age range even for a keeper – but armchair experts are rating him a possibility and “certainly better than that clown Kiko”. The signing of older players is becoming more common since Derby County took a punt on 74 year old former England left back Ashley Cole (after being turned down by Kenny Sansom).

When approached by Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything for a comment on the likelihood of him joining United’s promotion push, Shilton confined himself to a cryptic “I don’t think Tina would be too happy”.

Former Sheffield United keeper William “Fatty” Foulke is 145.

22 responses to “Leeds Utd Have Goalie Plan B if Gianluigi Buffon Deal Falls Through – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Haha! Well, at least, some old transfer news is better than none!


  2. Robert Parr

    Very funny Rob.
    There’s a track by Big Big train called ‘ Fat Billy shouts mine’ all about William ‘fatty’ Foulkes. Warning: It sounds like old Genesis!
    Peter Shilton is an anagram of Sport: He let in.


  3. Life is LUFC

    Is it April 1st ?


  4. 81/2mill for Clarke is a joke what to the 20million we was asking and if he goes then goodbye don’t want him on loan his heart won’t be in it


  5. Reality Cheque

    Thanks for brightening up our lacklustre transfer window Rob

    Actually it will make a change that our key players are missing most of the season due to arthritis related injuries rather than the run of the mill serious muscular injuries that plagued our entire season last time out

    I am reliably informed that Bielsa’s main demand in relation to Thorp Arch modifications was a new “Carer’s Wing” complete with en suite wet room facilities for our less mobile senior players

    Keep the hilarious posts coming Rob


  6. What’s happened to the QSI takeover / investment? Same old, same old.


  7. Eee Rob, you are a one, fair tickled me that ‘un.


  8. Still better than Peacock-Farrell.

    I am still baffled by Kiko Casilla wanting to leave.


  9. Ha ha.Nice one!
    I’m ignoring the YEP and the usual click bait sites from now on as you’ve obviously got the inside track on players that Leeds have absolutely no chance of getting.
    I’m pinning my hopes on Maradona , Asa Hartford and James Milner. BTW England are deffo gonna win the Cricket World Cup.


  10. Life is LUFC

    Now do not quote me on this one but Karen Bardsley could be our next Goal Keeper and why not, backed up as No2 by our very own ladies No1 goalie, whom I believe is Harriet Coles whom I believe is the correct lady.. Please
    do not be offended if I have this wrong I am trying to get to grips with our ladies team and would love to be corrected.
    I have just looked at Leeds United News Now and there appears to be a feeding frenzy about the entire currents men.s team and who could be exiting and coming in. Blimey Rob even April 1st cannot be the excuse for this.
    Well done England ladies how wonderful to see to you did not lower yourselves to the standards of today’s opposition team. You all deserve a medal for that alone.


  11. John Bennett

    … And with all the u/8s Academy players currently pushing to break into the first eleven our squad should boast a good balance of youth and experience, plus an impressive average age. Thanks for keeping it real Rob, I’ve seen some crazy stuff this summer like Frank “sing me a song” Lampard going to manage Chelsea – now that is crazy!


  12. Great article Rob. Even at his age i’d have him over Kiko and BPF! He might just have it in him to help us get promoted, long as he has cocoa and early nights!


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