Gary Neville Has Successfully Forgotten 2010, Leeds and the Beckford End – by Rob Atkinson

Gary Neville, part owner of League newcomers Salford City FC, has reacted instantly to his team’s Carabao Cup first round home draw against Leeds United. Neville, third in his own family in the coaching stakes, tweeted “Welcome back into my life Leeds United, it’s been 15 years”. Clearly, the stress of club part ownership – or maybe his regular spats with fellow Sky pundit Jamie Carragher – has taken its toll on poor Gary’s grey matter and memory, as it was a mere nine years ago that third tier Leeds went to Old Trafford to face Champions Man U in the FA Cup third round. United made history by beating their old rivals 1-0 that day, with the home team including one G. Neville who could only look on as our Jermaine slotted home the winner in front of the Beckford End. Perhaps Gary has just been trying to forget…

It’s not the first gaffe that has come back to haunt Neville. He is on record as saying that no decent manager should ever lose 7-0. Naturally, he then proceeded to lose by precisely that score as rookie manager of Valencia, something that must have been hard to swallow even for one with as big a cakehole as our old friend Gary. Apparently, he was too speechless with shock to protest his subsequent, ignominious sacking.

Still, we’ll take his welcome back tweet as cordially intended if not factually accurate. The tables will be turned from that famous January 3rd cup shock in 2010, in that Leeds will be two leagues above their opponents, rather than two leagues below. It should be quite an occasion, anyway – maybe yet another live TV appearance for Leeds, and certainly an early highlight in the League career of Salford. Let’s hope that Gary Neville enjoys this one just as much as that other cup tie which he seems to have forgotten all about.

Welcome back into our lives, Mr. Neville. It’s been NINE years…

8 responses to “Gary Neville Has Successfully Forgotten 2010, Leeds and the Beckford End – by Rob Atkinson

  1. get one for yourself son

    They can see your wicked grin on Mars here’s to another memorable season


  2. Haha! ‘Good point well made, Rob. However, I get a bit confused by the Neville family – Gary, Phil, Tracey, Neville! – as they are over British sport like a rash. Nevertheless, whichever one is coaching the Lionesses in the Women’s World Cup at the moment then I’m cheering him or her on.


  3. Life is LUFC

    Eee, your that sharp lad tha’d better watch tha does’nt cut thee sen. Good one Rob, Oh and I’m not taking the Michael out of you I was brought up like what you should be….in good old Yorkshire.
    He’s not to to good at thinking things through is he! First rule of being a public mouth piece……make sure you do not finish up with egg in/on your face. Better still keep your cakehole firmly shut.


  4. Philip of Spain.

    For someone as rich as him you would think a smile would come in handy now and again!!! His managerial career was a dream. Like you say Rob, his memories not great either.


  5. God, I’m dreading this bloody tie. The usual media MU acolytes will be all over the financially doped Salford.
    It’s just their luck to have drawn the biggest side they could meet at this stage of the cup.
    If Leeds win then of course that’s no big deal cos we are a championship club. If we lose then it’s more grist to the mill for the ‘false class of 92’ and their never ending brilliance.
    I just hope we put out our strongest possible team and win the damn game. MOT.


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