Leeds Now Linked With Totti, So Can They Finally Get Maradona? – by Rob Atkinson

Maradona – will he finally realise his Leeds United dream?

According to certain media sources, Leeds United are planning to tempt 42 year old Francesco Totti out of retirement to fire them to promotion. The speculation follows hard on the heels of suggestions that fellow World Cup winner Gianluigi Buffon could be in line to replace Kiko Casilla in goal, as Leeds seemingly look to experience for next season’s Championship campaign.

Given this apparent non-ageist policy, Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything is now asking the $64,000 question: is it finally time to make good on the ambition, dating back to the mid-eighties, of bringing Diego Maradona to Elland Road?

They say that any winning team needs a strong spine and, with Buffon in goal and the attacking partnership of Totti and Maradona, we’d only need a legendary centre-back and maybe a holding midfielder of the same ilk, and we’d be cooking with gas. Franz Beckenbauer owes Leeds United a favour or two after his pivotal role in the 1975 European Cup Final, so maybe he could slot in alongside Liam Cooper, allowing our shrewd transfer team to capitalise on the market value of Pontus Jansson. And Beckenbauer, a sprightly 73, could also act as a defensive mid, although surely our own David Batty could do a job there despite his relative inexperience at only 50 years old.

These are exciting times for Leeds United as they seek to exploit the potential of geriatric footballers the world over. Could Diego Maradona really be the jewel in our promotion crown at the age of 58?

Only time, and possibly TalkSport Radio, will tell.

24 responses to “Leeds Now Linked With Totti, So Can They Finally Get Maradona? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    My main concern Rob, is the amount of penalties we will concede by causing opponents to trip, (aka dive), over our player’s walking sticks, crutches or wheelchairs

    You know as well as anyone Rob just how little encouragement match officials need to award penalties against Leeds United. ALAW


  2. exactly my thoughts………lovely to be link to legends but given their ages is it really practical…….I mean you cant help suspecting Casilla for example went to leeds expecting a glorious stroll in an easy 2nd division and was shocked to find out how competitive it was. Id prefer young hungry players with potential who could stick around


  3. Life is LUFC

    NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Don’t you dare bring that Pre madonna man to our club even if it is a silly season joke……….just do not even think about it.
    Rob if you are bored go out for a walk, who cares if it is raining, just clear your head of these nightmares. I’ll be glad when the real season starts and you have something real to think about. I am very seriously worried about your mental health :-)::::


  4. Tim Campbell

    Rumours abound Bielsa has asked for major ground improvements before the start of the season. Top of his list is an electrified fence around the 18 yard box, to either keep the opposition out, or Casilla in. 😉


  5. Joking aside Rob. Just what is the club’s intention on strengthening?
    It took Radrizzani and the board what seemed like an eternity to keep Bielsa at Leeds. The latter has very carefully assessed the potential and ability of his squad, and with hindsight and his experience now of just how tough this league is, has recognised that he needs to bring in two or three well proven additions to carry us through. I also believe he has taken into account those on the fringe of the first team and also one or two who are not far away. As for us, the poor fans who really and justifiably feel totally dismissed and ignored, once again, we have not the slightest idea of just what the hell is going on. Clarke, Phillips, Roofe, Forshaw and even Jansson all linked with possible departure, Clarke for sure. BPF laying down the law, with Cassila a liability. Is the club in such a pitiful state that we cannot buy or secure on loan just ONE decent, proven striker with the ability to score consistently, or strong defender, or a good keeper????????
    Another season of unbelievable injury problens, or the disgraceful bias decisions of officials and the contempt of the EFL towards us. surely cannot be repeated, or am I being totally naïve. All this is either true, OR there is something going on behind closed doors that is really going to get us excited. I am NOT holding my breath. Once again, the silence coming out of Elland Road is deafening


  6. I’m just hoping we can persuade Carlton Palmer to don the shirt again- class !


  7. I don’t think Bielsa would have signed up for another year without some commitment for serious squad strengthening.
    Having said that , after watching another depressing England cricket defeat I think adding Mitchell Starc to our our attack would complement Totti perfectly.MOT


  8. Grenville Hair

    Off topic i know, but i can barely contain my despair at Leeds giving Jack Clarke away for £8m plus add-ons. He is transparently the most gifted player the club has produced for 15 years. Another season and his value in the championship would have trebled. Just shows how utterly desperate Radrizzani is for money. A very sad day but bizarrely alot of fans think it’s good business. When Spurs sell him to PSG for £75m in 2021,they might think again. This will come back to haunt us. Only Leeds sell their best players for peanuts – because there is still no real money behind the club. Financial Fair Play has nothing to do with it. You sell your best players when you’ve maximised their value.


    • I’m afraid I’m in the “good business” lobby. The lad wants to go, and that’s almost decisive on its own. I also think that, in terms of winning promotion, we have better assets on the books in KP and Shack, I’d hate to lose either of those. In the region of £10m, a sell-on clause and first dibs on any loan out from Spurs, that’s a decent package for what is at the moment basically an impact sub who lost his impact after his wobble at Middlesbrough.


  9. GrenvilleHair

    Naturally I hope you’re right Rob, we’ll see. Incidentally, and back on topic, I believe Marco Tardelli was yesterday spotted in the Wetherby Whaler carrying a pair of Patrick Platini boots…


  10. Life is LUFC

    According to HITC Leeds are now in the market for Marquee’s……are they going to be out up round the Leeds goal so that the opposition balls cannot get in and Casilla cannot get out, or, end of match party’s ?


  11. I think 10 million for a player who has played 20 or 30 times is too good an offer to turn down. With FFP etc we simply cannot over spend at the mo and that kind of money is most welcome.
    I’d certainly prefer to have kept him but Shackleton looks the part and may have even more potential.
    I just want Leeds to get some players in soon to put a stop to the silly season stories that are doing the rounds.MOT


  12. All this is down to scrooge AR. He’d have accepted 5 m£ for Clarke! Why do we always sell off our best assets for peanuts? A full season of Clarke on the wings may have been the difference. May as well tell Eddie Gray to lace his boots on! What a price such a genius would command.


  13. Thinlizzywhite

    God, loving the banter on here. Ridiculous transfer stories are worth it just for this. Nice publication Rob.


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