No Need for Leeds to Worry About Spygate-Obsessed Lampard at Chelsea – by Rob Atkinson

Fwankie and Marcelo, student and master

It’s the silly season, and the media’s favourite target, Leeds United, is – as usual – the subject of ever more ridiculous attempts at sensationalism designed to sell gutter rags or attract clicks on gutter websites. Among the more laughable lately have been the suggestions that United are after various superannuated Italian football pensioners, along with the perennial line that always comes out when a club with a Leeds chip on its shoulder signs a player. Yes, you know, the angle where said club has “beaten Leeds United to the signature” of whoever. Invariably, it’s one of the rare players we’ve not been linked with, have never heard of, and wouldn’t touch with the proverbial bargepole.

That mention of pensioners brings me on to the subject of Chelsea, who are hotly tipped to snatch media darling Fwankie Lampard from the clammy grasp of Derby County. The media line being peddled here is that Lampard’s move to Stamford Bridge would result in him having a Spygate-provoked tantrum at the merest suggestion that Dirty Leeds might have a Chelsea player under the covetous gaze of their transfer market binoculars. Fwankie just would not allow this, screech the media, because, you know, Spygate. And Bielsa. So it won’t happen and Leeds are doomed, these desperate hacks smugly conclude, before settling down to lick Fwankie’s boots and judiciously selected parts of his anatomy.

All very petty, all very predictable. And all, as usual, completely untrue. The fact of the matter is that any Chelsea player good enough to excite the interest of Bielsa would simply not be available. The reason for this is that Chelsea are subject to a two window transfer ban that will see them having to rely, to an extent, on youngsters they’d normally have farmed out on loan to assist in their development. But now these kids will be needed by Chelsea, so there’s little chance of anyone worthwhile being made available, QED. The only remotely plausible bit of this media fantasy – that Fwankie would be spoilt and petulant enough to block a transfer to Leeds because he’s basically a bitter child – need not concern us. Anyway, the Tearful One is going to have bigger problems on his plate, happily enough, through being hopelessly out of his depth in the top flight.

Roll on August, when the silly season makes way for the actual football season. Not that this will stop the media hating and sniping at Leeds – but at least we’ll have the odd game or two to distract us.

Marching On Together

15 responses to “No Need for Leeds to Worry About Spygate-Obsessed Lampard at Chelsea – by Rob Atkinson

  1. My prediction is Frank Lampard to leave Chelsea before Boris leaves office.


  2. Frank is not bitter and Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-semite.


  3. Reality Cheque

    Relax Rob, with John Terry likely to be Lampard’s choice of first assistant, Frank will then be too occupied keeping his own missus under close watch 24 hours per day so he won’t have much time to think about anything else


  4. Life is LUFC

    And if the media bunch had two brains the other one would still be lonely.
    Shame John Terry was not with Fwankie at the Rams, distractions and living up to the Ram name and all that sordid business.


  5. Beware the ‘inverted commas’ but apparently the torygraph states that Costa has ‘agreed’ a loan move to Leeds.
    If this happens I’m quite excited. With 10 or 12 million to play with and maybe some good quality loans that should put the click bait bol*£#ks to bed for a bit (well 5 minutes maybe).MOT


  6. Chelsea’s reserves on loan last year didn’t work out too well so no loss if Fwank won’t let us have any more.
    I agree with all on here; a couple of quality additions then let’s concentrate on the footy….bring it on!


  7. Completely off topic but I’m watching Glastonbury and there is a big LUFC badge banner prominent in the coverage in the crowd.
    Liam G is doing his dad rock stuff. Bloody hell he’s doing Roll with it now. What cobblers! Where’s the Sabbs or Zeps gone? MOT


  8. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny. Lampard is an embarrassment:not only because he demeans himself by not having the balls to draw a line under his obsession with Leeds. He fails at Wembley in the glare of the football world and instead of being humble in defeat he declares to the world that his greatest achievement last season was beating Leeds United. What a testimony to the magnitude of this great club of ours. I am told by a reliable Town fanatic, a real Leeds hater that even in their first season in the Premiere, even when they beat the scum Reds, all you could hear coming out of the ground at full time was Town fans desperate to know the Leeds result.
    Lampard will not survive next season and his demise will be most welcome. I have NO doubt that we will experience another trumped up, rediculous, vindictive and petty accusation next season. NO doubt that the FA and the EFL are already plotting what dirty deeds they can come up with to derail our season again. As for the rediculous conclusion that we have been found out, that teams will be well aware and more prepared to deal with our breathtaking attacking style and our ability to make good opposition look ordinary, they must be terrified at the thought that we will have someone this season who really can put the ball in the net with consistency.
    I am not going to stick my neck out and declare that this will be our glorious year for obvious reasons, but what I do know is that it will be another great rollercoaster and I will relish it a bit at a time for a change and not get carried away. Easier said than done Rob. MOT.

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    • Agreed, Lampard has made himself a laughing stock. I bet you’re right that the FL have some nasty surprises in store for us, but we’ll just keep calling them out. Meanwhile, the sense of gathering excitement is palpable with just over a month to go. MOT!


  9. EFL can play their dirty tricks keep us at all costs but it’ll be played out in public. Sooner or later decent fans of our rivals will see them for what they are. Lampard as Chelsea manager? Best laugh all summer! He’s got NO chance of getting a CL place.


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