Ben White Would be a Double Your Money Bargain for Leeds at ANY Price – by Rob Atkinson


Ben White – limitless potential and a bargain at any price

Without any doubt, the revelation of the Leeds United season so far has been a young man called Ben White, a lad with no previous experience above League One level, having made zero appearances for his parent club Brighton. The challenge at Leeds for this comparative novice was a stern one. Signing on loan for the season, he came in the Elland Road players’ entrance almost as the iconic Pontus Jansson was making his exit with a shock move to Brentford. Among the United faithful, eyebrows were raised so high that they threatened to wind up on the backs of their owners’ necks. Teeth were gnashed and clothes rent asunder in biblical displays of grief and dismay. Pontus was gone, and we had this tyro no mark in his place, an almost comical proposition that had a section of the Whites support writing off Leeds’ promotion chances before a ball had been kicked. Oh, we of little faith.

Now, just nineteen games into a season that has seen White play every single minute of league action for Leeds so far, the doubters are having to gorge themselves on humble pie, to the extent that there may well be no room for the Christmas turkey in just a few short weeks. Mostly, they are happy to do this, because seeing this young colossus form a vital part of the Championship’s best defence has been a joyous experience. Bloggers such as yours truly have had to reach deeper and deeper into their bag of superlatives each week, and still it’s difficult to overstate just how integral to United’s success Ben White has been. I’ve seen him described as a latter-day Paul “Rolls Royce” Madeley, and it would be difficult around these parts to come up with a more flattering comparison than that. Others see a resemblance to Alan Hansen of Liverpool fame, still others point to the young Jonathan Woodgate, who saw at first hand last weekend just what United and White could do, as his Middlesbrough charges were swatted aside 4-0.

My own view is that White, who will doubtless face far sterner tests than the Boro men managed to set last Saturday, may well end up in a category entirely by himself – he has the potential to become truly peerless. Ben seems to have the lot – skill, composure, tenacity and that innate ability to read the game which is given only to the special few. My nearest comparison out of all the footballers I’ve seen in my 44 years as a fan, would be Franz Beckenbauer, the legendary Bayern Munich and West Germany icon of the seventies. In fact, if you could just graft a bit of moral compass onto der Kaiser, who was not above a bit of skulduggery as Leeds United fans are only too well aware, then you’d have a pretty close match. Ben White deserves to be mentioned in such company, he’s simply that good. He can play for and captain England, he can lift a World Cup, he can win titles, cups and Champions Leagues. Absolutely nothing is beyond this lad.

All of which is why I would say to Leeds United: whatever else you do recruitment-wise over the next couple of transfer windows, move heaven and earth to get Ben White. There is no price too high to make his capture anything but a thief’s bargain; whatever you pay, you could at least double your money five years down the line. It’s a Rio Ferdinand type scenario, buy for £18m, sell for £30m plus – but the return would inevitably be higher still. Never mind Financial Fair Play; dig deep and do whatever you have to do in order to get this player.

You know it makes sense.

9 responses to “Ben White Would be a Double Your Money Bargain for Leeds at ANY Price – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    Obviously we would have to secure promotion to the PL Promised Land Rob, if we were to have a cat in hells chance of competing with the rest of Ben’s well publicised suitors. However, getting promotion followed by a QSI buyout to bankroll Bielsa extending his contract & buying new quality players could just persuade Ben to sign for Leeds.

    Last season at this stage we were all pinching ourselves and thinking that it couldn’t get any better, however Bielsa has ensured that the lads did not dwell on the heartbreak of last May and taken us to an even higher level, bagging 4 points more than after the corresponding number of games last season. Ben has contributed so much to our progression and it would be truly amazing if we secured his services permanently by getting promoted

    The one dark cloud hanging over our club at the moment is Kiko’s hearing. Has a date been set for his personal hearing yet Rob?


    • All I’ve heard is that there’s no time frame on the Kiko thing, not holding my breath for a good outcome though. For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s a good case for racist abuse, possibly one for silliness though.


  2. Fully agree , personally I think it will depend on this rumoured take over even if we go up …. without QSI money Leeds May struggle to out bid the likes of Leicester…. think about it, we would have what ? 100 mill maybe 120 mill budget and 35m of that allocated to getting Harrison and costa …. without QSI I can’t see Leeds offering more than 30m


  3. David Instrell

    Couldn’t agree more Rob. I first saw him pre-season at Guiseley and, straight away, knew we had someone special on our hands. We need to do everything we can to sign him.


  4. I’ve been a staunch opponent of loan signings since we started fetching in unfit rejects no better than our current players and got relegated from the Prem.
    The 983 subsequent loan signings have done little to alter my views until perhaps this season.
    Nketiah, Harrison, Costa and especially White have far enhanced our squad.
    The only downside is that wherever we end the season we will need to fork out £60M+ just to have a side as good as we have now


  5. Should we do it?–Absolutely! Will they sell?–Aye there’s the rub.

    I hope so, I’d love to see Ben White playing for the Whites for a very long time.


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