Are YOU a True Leeds United Fan? Find Out Here – by Rob Atkinson


The Badge and Bielsa – two articles of faith for true Leeds fans

As it’s become quite clear that my guidance is needed out there, in terms of what precisely constitutes a true Leeds United fan, I’ve decided to respond positively and offer my help, in the earnest hope that some deluded and unworthy folk might thus find enlightenment.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek opening paragraph, this is not a joke. There are far too many negative voices out there, and it’s well documented that the players are aware of this and have admitted they’re affected by it. The know-all “fans” behind all of the concerted discouragement seem to feel it’s enough to say “man up and get on with it”, rather than mending their own ways and rediscovering what the meaning of the word “supporter” really is.

I’ve taken plenty of flak for continually pointing this out, and I care not a jot. Because I do think it’s important that there should be voices on social media making at least some attempt to rally the troops and cut out all of the damaging stuff that threatens to help derail our campaign. Happily, I’m only one of quite a few spreading a more positive message. But I do feel that there are people out there, masquerading as Leeds fans, with a definite agenda aimed at keeping us from achieving promotion. Check out how many of the Twitter accounts are of recent origin. There are some opportunists about, seeking to recruit the unwary to their campaign of defeatism.

The fact is that our league position is only dodgy if the poor run continues. It’s down to EVERY #LUFC fan now to do their best to make sure this doesn’t happen. Get behind the team and cut out all the whinging and negativity. If you really are a true Leeds United supporter, you’ll get right behind this, now, when it’s most needed. It’s as simple as that.

#MOT to the Premier League #WGUAFC


17 responses to “Are YOU a True Leeds United Fan? Find Out Here – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Totally agree Rob, it does head in some of the SH1T I read online. Why do some of the morons think they have the RIGHT to call the club into question? Our ‘job’ as supporters is to SUPPORT and get behind the lads, not to try to tell Bielsa who should and shouldn’t be playing. If there are people who don’t like how OUR club, LEEDS UNITED, is run, let them go ‘support’ some lesser team. I’m off to vent my spleen to the missus – also a season ticket holder!


  2. I agree we are second so what’s the problem let’s go on a winning run again


  3. Pete Ervans

    Pete 10/12/20
    Totally agree, for Christ’s sake at this stage of the season and we’re still second !! Where the hell do think we’d be now if Bielsa had’nt stepped in………. Div 1 probabley……………… Life Long fan, always will be.


  4. Unfortunately Rob we will always have a moronic minority ( I will not call them supporters) who do not see the damage they are doing by the constant negative diarrhoea they deposit on social media platforms. They know better than Bielsa and could run rings round professional players in their own small withered brains, yet you can bet your bottom dollar they don’t remember when we really did have something to complain about. I have been a supporter for over 50 years and have witnessed some awful owners, Managers and players, the last two seasons have been the most exciting since the early days of O’Leary’s kids. If we do fail to get promotion they are too dumb to look in a mirror and will just say “told you so” .
    True supporters enjoy the ups and stay loyal through the downs.
    MOT – Keep the faith.


  5. Thinlizzywhite

    We have had our disagreements in the recent past Rob. Just to say yours is the only social media site I join in with, period. Yes, on your site I have voiced my concerns but I do completely agree with you on this. I am concerned Bielsa will walk under heavy criticism and I am worried anxiety from fans will affect player morale.
    I would love to see the team go out and just express themselves, enjoy some freedom and remember what it’s like to just love to play.
    Bielsa has taken average players and made them wonderful to watch. I want to see them play free of the shackles of expectation like on the first day of the season … I think that’s what Ayling was hinting at in his after match interview.
    Come on Leeds, We’re behind you. And no matter what, I’ve loved the spectacle over the last two seasons. Just play … and don’t worry, don’t stress, just show us what you’re made of.
    Yes Rob it’s all subjective … ELO? No chance Rob … Thin Lizzy all the way and at the end of the game there’s only one song I want to sing … THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN.


  6. get one for yourself son

    Leeds Leeds Leeds no need to digress the world has not stop turning around and the un slim Lady has not hit her final note..come May start to worry if need be… until then strap in


  7. Tony Thorpe

    Bielsa, ELO, and Thin Lizzy. All priceless!


  8. I can understand Radz’ irritation. He has done a great job. Ditto Bielsa, regardless of the outcome.
    Yet we have so-called fans on social media who cannot see that. They also complain that the players have no mental strength and then tear them apart on social media. Dumb, dumber, dumbest.
    I remember 73-74. Won the first 7 (& then the Scum parked the bus for 0-0), 30 games unbeaten and then a wobble. Mojo returned against Arsenal (h), players had seen that Liverpool were leading at half-time (think it was 0-1 at ER). Alan Ball described playing the second half as “like rolling your sleeves up against a Panzer division”. Leeds scored 3 in 5 minutes to win 3-1. Could do with some of that now. Did think the intensity was down against NotFor.


  9. Great article as always. Although you have your doubts believe most comments are from Leeds fans. Football is an emotional sport, its in our blood as is supporting our club and social media is the release we all need. Woke at 4:00 this morning lay there for 2 hours thinking about tonight.Come into work and read a calmer message like yours puts things into perspective. As for tonight the look on the players faces after Saturday’s final whistle proves they are hurting just as much as us. Totally agree Bielsa transformed average players and got them playing really well, just not getting the rub of the green. Only mistake was not getting a proven number 9 in during the summer. Brentford going to be tough but players will give 100% again, you know that. Maybe our turn to do what Wigan did to us at ER recently just to kick start things again. Whatever the result still be in the mix and still much to play for. Respect to all fans going tonight and all round the country this season!


  10. Rothwell in Oz

    Rob, I couldn’t agree more. Our support is supposed to be worth a goal and at the moment thanks to deluded ney sayers I am sure it is costing us a goal. I wouldn’t want to be in Patrick’s head on game day as he has an unenviable task and he , along with all the lads ( and the boss) need our support more than ever. MOT


  11. andrew hinks

    hi rob
    being a number one pessimist (a Leeds thing!) as seen to much failure & snatching defeat from the jaws of victory to often!

    i also go to sleep (or no sleep because of it!) whirring it over about the consequences for our great club in the event of the collapse continuing?

    i have voiced my serious concerns about our ownership again fleecing the fans, £39 & category A games (wigan/reading etc etc) & not investing in the playing squad & selling off all available to sell off, with kalvin mooted now to be off to wolves to pay for the abysmal helder costapacket’ probably in June?

    in the likely event now of failure even to make the play-offs for me as we simply dont do play-offs, never have, never will?

    every team who beats us celebrates like forest did, jeez you won 2.0 not got promoted!!! (we are always other teams cup final in this division) as we all know!) you are below us (for now?) yes we were poor on the night, have a terrible keeper (again) costing us points & seem to have run out of ideas if not steam?

    IMO some personnel changes are need to freshen things up tonight @ griffin park?

    Marcelo has worked wonders with these journeymen players but they have reached the zenith of there abilities IMO?

    we do not have the squad to compete over 9 months at the highest echelons of the championship no matter whether guiardiola or klopp was in charge, they’d do no better than Marcelo has done /is doing!

    BUT if the likes of arbuckle (Steve Evans) uncle Mort (heckingbottom) timothy claypole (christianson) & the hock et al were at the helm we’d be in lower mid-table or even a relegation battle, thats how farcical our club has been run having these ‘joke’ coaches? employed!!

    the same situation could be looming come august my friends if you continue to bait/heckle/slate/snide @ all players & coaching staff!

    i hate to think what the ‘social media pond life’ (you all know who you are!) would have made of 1982-1989′ teams & players if it was available then!!!

    we are up against it tonight historically/London/a referee probably nicely appointed to make poor decisions when convenient in the event we score first?

    we do have a unique & massive fan base all over the world so its time to all unite & get behind the lads/coaching staff NOW to lift them/cheer them/roar them on!

    we could be second bottom you know think about that??

    were 2nd top jeeez!!!

    c’mon LUFC lets win tonight, the team/fans & club marching on together!

    “keep fighting”

    (thanks dad!))


  12. Totally agree Rob. Ok we’ve all had a kind of sick feeling in our collective stomachs over the last few weeks. But hey. We are up there, not languishing in a “Warnock-Heckingbottom Finish 13th-15th” timewarp….Enjoy the football. Get behind the lads, and we will start winning again. And we might go up…!


  13. Life is LUFC

    Until the world stops going round, we laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate with you. kick every ball with you, run every step with you. We cheer you on, we hold our heads on near misses with you.
    All I want from you is to see you enjoying your game and doing the very best you can for yourselves and the club and that includes the supporters in the club. Marching boots are on, scarves at the ready, voice box well oiled and off we go.
    That is what real supporters do. Good luck and very best wishes to each and everyone of you. Your all hero’s.


  14. KR Henshall

    You are spot on, Rob.When a player makes a mistake, that is exactly the time for the fans to be chanting their name and giving them a boost. When Bamford scored his second v Millwall he actually covered his ears – meaning “I am not listening to the negative attitudes from you lot”. After last season’s heartache and stress, I decided to try to enjoy the ride this season, take pride in my club, which is finally being properly run, with a respected, nay revered coach and a backroom team bringing professionalism and pride back to the club. After providing a poor role model to my sons and daughter last season, I am trying to be better this season and encourage them to have the same belief, pride and passion for the football we are playing, wherever we end up.


  15. The only team that will stop Leeds being promoted this season is Leeds United. But whatever happens we will still support them MOT.


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