Daily Archives: 14/02/2020

Big Kev is a Project for Leeds, NOT an Unneeded Quick Fix – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United fans who hailed the signing of Jean-Kévin Augustin as the coming of the Messiah, a Saviour for our season, may have been well wide of the mark. For it appears that Marcelo Bielsa, lately under fire from our online Legion of the Clueless, nevertheless is quite clear about his priorities and unshakeably confident in the ability of his squad to keep a slightly misfiring Leviathan ahead of other somewhat lesser Championship beasts.

It never pays to second-guess Bielsa, who is inscrutable at the best of times. He knows what he knows, and he’ll disclose Informand intentions to others on a need-to-know basis, according to his own judgement. We can also take it as read that he is aware of and utterly unaffected by a growing impression out there in Twitterland that he is “stubborn”, among less kindly epithets.