Big Kev is a Project for Leeds, NOT an Unneeded Quick Fix – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United fans who hailed the signing of Jean-Kévin Augustin as the coming of the Messiah, a Saviour for our season, may have been well wide of the mark. For it appears that Marcelo Bielsa, lately under fire from our online Legion of the Clueless, nevertheless is quite clear about his priorities and unshakeably confident in the ability of his squad to keep a slightly misfiring Leviathan ahead of other somewhat lesser Championship beasts.

It never pays to second-guess Bielsa, who is inscrutable at the best of times. He knows what he knows, and he’ll disclose Informand intentions to others on a need-to-know basis, according to his own judgement. We can also take it as read that he is aware of and utterly unaffected by a growing impression out there in Twitterland that he is “stubborn”, among less kindly epithets.

2 responses to “Big Kev is a Project for Leeds, NOT an Unneeded Quick Fix – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    Merely being “stubborn” and single minded is probably more of an asset than a flaw in the modern day world of coaching professional football Rob.
    The main persisting irritation or confusion I have about our head coach is his “obsession” with fitness which ironically has historically led to his squads being burnt out and “unfit” to cope with the business end of the season

    Whilst I totally accept that the January window is very difficult as only players currently unwanted by their parent clubs become “available”,
    if Bielsa was so concerned that Augustin had only played 3 games in 8 months then surely that message ought to have fed back to Victor Orta as well as our owner who sanctioned the signing of a very highly paid player who under Bielsa’s strict regime was far more likely to spend many weeks playing for our Under 23’s rather than jumping into the trenches to give our almost 3 month long slump a desperately needed timely shot in the arm

    Many aging goal scorers continue to regularly hit the back of the net despite being less fit & mobile than in their younger years because of their guile, coolness in the box and goal scoring prowess. Yes our football is far more “exciting” under Bielsa but thereby paradoxically even more “disappointing” if we fail to achieve the goal our football richly deserves
    I sincerely hope that we can build on Tuesday night’s gritty performance and resurrect our season now that ironically only goal difference separates us from 4 very efficient in form teams desperately chasing automatic promotion

    Its become a very nervy & exciting season and as Phil Hay pointed out we have rarely been out of the top 2 and NEVER out of the top six under Bielsa’s tenure. Surely our possession & goal scoring attempts have to “click” in our favour soon Rob if our players can just be more cool, calm & clinical in the 18 yard box no matter how fast they ran to arrive their ahead of their opponents


  2. Thinlizzywhite

    Let’s hope he’s a project that comes to fruition quickly, or our stuttering front line finds their edge and starts putting otherwise wayward shots in. I don’t care which. It was good to see the lads rub Frank’s words back in his smug face and against the odds we remain 2nd … I wished for but didn’t predict that.
    I just love the football Leeds play … even when they are off form they are far superior to the opposition. I’ve never been one to sleight the team …. been a supporter for too many years to see the point in that … although as you know, I do like to offer my uninformed ten penneth. It’s what we fans do… for our sins.
    We should be bossing this league like we boss games. Just wish to hell we could score more regularly.Oh … and the intellectually challenged, ungrateful and unbelievably shallow “fans” calling for Bielsa’s head … just stupefied by that!


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