Are Leeds Haters Derby County About to Do Bielsa’s Boys TWO Massive Favours? – by Rob Atkinson

                            Derby County love to hate Leeds United

There’s no better motivation than self-interest so, while you’d never normally expect Derby County to be caught doing any good turns for Leeds United, the Rams’ next two fixtures present exactly that possibility.

The fact is that, if Derby’s season is to bear any fruit at all, then they will have to win points from games at West Bromwich Albion and at home to Brentford. From a Leeds United point of view, draws in those two fixtures would be almost as valuable as Derby victories – always supposing that the Whites do their bit and dispose of Stoke and Swansea. But, for their own aspirational reasons, Derby will need to go for the wins. Ambition is all, and the Rams, along with their bitterly Leeds-phobic support, will reluctantly set aside their morbid fear of doing United a favour, if the upshot is that they once more end up in the play-offs.

Derby’s rancid hatred of Leeds has always puzzled me slightly, with a tinge of amusement in there too. It’s largely a one-way affair, though last season’s play off debacle hardly warmed the cockles of United hearts as far as our view of those sheepish rivals was concerned. Possibly, quite probably, the animosity towards Leeds is down to the Brian Clough factor, as is so much else in the tripartite history of Leeds, Derby and Nottingham Forest. In those latter two footballing communities, Clough is revered as a god; Derby and Nottingham sometimes forget to hate each other in their shared adoration of Old Big ‘Ed. But Clough’s Brief tenure at Elland Road exposed the fact that, without his significant other Peter Taylor, Cloughie hardly emerges from the ranks of the ordinary. Unlike legends such as Revie, Shankly and Busby, who stood alone with their assistants in the background, Clough and Taylor were much more interdependent, the whole being rather more than the sum of the two parts. Maybe it was this exposure of their idol as being stood upon feet of clay that both East Midlands clubs find it impossible to forget or forgive.

Whatever the causes and history, Derby County, the club and its supporters alike, have cordially hated Leeds United for decades now. So how ironic would it be, a year on from that freaky, fluky night at Elland Road that saw last season expire in a White haze of misery, if it now fell to the Rams to butt our two main rivals out of our path, leaving the road to glory clear before us? Irony probably doesn’t do it justice, this would be Schadenfreude as cold and sweet as a classic Riesling, leaving a tingling aftertaste to thrill the jaded palate of any Leeds fan.

The cherry on the icing on the top of the cake, though, would be the chance to clinch promotion or even the Championship title itself on Derby’s home soil, administering that ungrateful serpent’s bite in the wake of the Rams having given us a reluctant leg up. Or is that simply too much to ask? Possibly it is, but a bit of gluttony for glory is understandable right now.

It all starts later this afternoon, with Derby’s visit to WBA. They should be fired up and ready to do or die. For once in a very long while, the blog wishes them the very best of luck, and a solid victory to build on with Brentford next in their sights. Come on you Rams!

Marching On Together

25 responses to “Are Leeds Haters Derby County About to Do Bielsa’s Boys TWO Massive Favours? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. mrbigwheels.

    Inspiring read…
    Outside the box thinking there…
    You’re making my day.
    Let’s hope those baa baas come out from the hedge back and into the field of play. ‘Come on you Rams!’.


  2. Life is LUFC

    I’m not tempting providence. Game by game and under our own steam.


  3. Cum on u rammms.. Hate west brom n brentford.. U owe us.. After we took that cloughy off u for a 44day respite.. Grrrr grrrrr


  4. Good post, Rob as always.
    I thought Brentford were a tad lucky with Charlton so hopefully Direby will have a good go at em.
    They can win both games as far as I’m concerned……as long as they come unstuck against us! MOT


  5. Much more likely I think for Derby to pull out all the stops against us and roll over sheepishly against West Brom and Brentford. Their unjustified vitriol towards the Mighty Whites seems to be the beginning and end of their clubs aspirations..


  6. king sniffer

    With you all the way on that one Rob. I think my liver has just recovered from the Derby playoff second leg. I started off on the beer, and ended up on port and brandy’s which I continued to drink at the same pace. Thankfully, they then seemed to block out my recollection of most of the game until I watched it again on Amazon’s Take Us Home which unfortunately cured my loss of memory, brought it all back, and resulted in another outburst of tears. My emotional wellbeing and my liver cannot cope with any sort of repeat performance. Should I just reserve a room in The Priory now? What am I saying; keep the faith and MOT we go!


  7. andrew hinks

    hi rob

    derby were & are abysmal, they were against forest also, so its down to us & us only i’m afraid as i don’t see derby having neither the firepower or desire to beat brentford aside from an ageing ‘shrek’ with his silly,smelly beard (too many of them around IMO?) plus having lost one of their better players to injury & another sent off so banned presumably?

    our next two games are our ‘Easter programme’ & we all know what happened here last time out so its simply down to us as the EFL are enjoying making us play catch up plus giving the ‘man with the cunning plan’ @ Swansea an extra days rest of course! (you know what i mean im sure!)

    if we cant get 10 points from the remaining 5 games we dont deserve to be promoted as its about results now thats all!

    yes i am the biggest LUFC pessimist out there probably but until it happens it hasnt!

    c’mon Leeds

    please dont mess this up as it will be more horrendous than last season IMO/

    ( a toast to your brother if we get up!)

    Kent white Since 1969!


  8. All those squandered chances could well come back to haunt us now as will Bielsa’s failure to get a fit decent striker in January. I’ve always been consistent where Bamford is concerned,I didn’t think he was up to it before he’d kicked a ball in the first team having seen him in the reserves with that other damp squib Izzy brown. I just hope Tyler gets the nod to start if not prove us wrong Bamford.


  9. andrew hinks

    even sky playing the recorded crowd noise “;Leeds are falling apart again” numerous times!

    just shows them for what they are

    keep it up you left wing proles & we’ll respond accordingly!

    probably Keith ‘der’ Stephens in charge of the background noise with don goodman on tenor saxophone! ..twats!

    on to Swansea & ‘the boyo with the cunning plan’

    c’mon the lads!


  10. Rob,
    OK, no favours from the Rams last night, but after our own thumping victory, I’m optimistic enough to believe we’ll be going up alright – without any unwitting outside helpers! Always with a wary eye, of course, on Brentford, with that superior GD…

    Incidentally, I’m glad you brought up the subject of Clough and his lack of solo success. I’ve been somewhat vilified on other platforms for gently pointing out the fact that without Taylor, Clough was pretty much a Mr Average. On his own, Clough TALKED a better game than anything else.

    Marching On – and UP – Together!


  11. That’s debatable to be honest,still missed sitters and flaps more than the Elland Rd post covid crowd. I don’t feel any loyalty to Bamford now and I’ll tell you why. Last night the cameras panned onto Pablo during the first half and he was in the stand getting animated kicking every ball. Now contrast that with Bamford after he was hooked at half time v Fulham sitting in the stand playing with his Mobile phone. We were only 1-0 at the time if I remember. That’s the difference between players who are care about Leeds and those that couldn’t give a toss. I can’t wait for him to go now.


  12. Reality Cheque

    Aye, Bamford outrunning Stokes back 5 in the 93rd minute to smash a fantastic volley past their keeper really underlines just how little Bamford cares about Leeds United eh Rob?


    • 🤣 This blog needs at least one Bamford hater to represent the nutty end of our support. At least I know Mick is 100% Leeds, which is something I’m not too sure about with certain others who have a go at our top scorer. MOT to the EPL 👍 💛💙💛


    • Its all about opinions though isn’t it? My opinion is that apart from the first 10 minutes the Stoke game was a training match and well done to Bamford for finally scoring. They’re seldom crucial goals with him though are they? I don’t “hate” Bamford i just question his ability and commitment. Remember he let us down last season with his diving and when I see a player sitting looking at his phone in the stand during a must win game then that’s indefensible. Any true Leeds fan must feel that we should be well clear at the top now but for all those missed chances we would be. There’s nothing “nutty” about wanting a competent finisher up front.


      • It is all about opinions Mick, and nowt divided opinion quite like football. But Bielsa is a bona fide genius – I’m giving Guardiola’s opinion here, not my unqualified one – and you have to acknowledge the decisions geniuses make, one of which has been to stick by Bamford. I’d counter by saying that any true Leeds fan will appreciate the selfless running our No. 9 puts in every time he plays. He fits the Bielsa plan and I firmly believe there is no better plan for LUFC.


  13. andrew hinks

    whilst i enjoy Leeds MICK ‘ columns/rants & we are all LEEDS of course!

    paddy B works his socks off always IMO & ive no grief with him looking at his mobile phone in the stand personally, yes he misses to many may do tomoz in wales BUT he’s a great team player & bar Tyler R all we have up top so as i write the bees have won @ abysmal derby & have a nice ‘sky sports’ rest till wenesday before us & WBA have to go again!

    WBA are one up @ BBURN so we need all to get behind all the lads tomoz & i dont care who scores at least the goals are being shared around now but i hope Paddy B gets to 20 by the end of the season of course!

    c’mon Leeds

    Andy hinks
    Kent White since 1969!


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